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tiny mighty moe

smoke alarms

January 25th 2011 8:30 pm
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I think the noisey little deal mom calls a smoke alarm is really pretty scary. So we were having a nice night at home with mom, dad had gone to bed, booboo was outside (just on the balconey) little boy was on the paito, so tiny callie and I were in the office with mom. I was so comfy and cozy under the little desk lamp and mom went dwnstrts to the kitchen for a toasted bagel and ham. Wow while the bagel was toasting in the toaster that toaster is kinda scary too! (crazy thing POPS)then all of a sudden there is a LOUD ear peircing screech over and over, until mom got in the chair and pushed on the ceiling then it stopped then she said you silly kitties it's ok. Callie came out from behind the sofa like she wasn't scared, yea right, I ran up the stairs quick as lightening to get away from that awful thing. Now tiny a taken my spot under the light on the desk, brat, I popped him hard, and he popped me back, mom said "hey yall don't fight" I told her whatever as I left the desk top.


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