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tiny mighty moe

busted by mom

January 18th 2011 10:26 pm
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WE have this most pawsome toy mom calls it da bird and we all LOVE LOVE LOVE it so mom makes it fly around for a while and we try and catch it and sometimes we do but mom always puts it away in the closet after we have some playtime with it. So anyway the other night Tiny and I went to the closet mom had left open and made plans to get dat bird down. I told tiny to wait below and I climbed waaaay up on top and I found da bird then I knocked it down so tiny could grab it and run, well it got caught under some quilts and stuff so of course tiny couldn't get it out(realy he aint so tiny but he is such a BABY) so I was looking down at him from the top telling him to HURRY HURRY and when I looked up there was mom ooooh busted she made me get down and she put da bird some where...........we on know where yet, next time I will not ask tiny to help me sometimes I think the only thing tiny about him is his brain. It's ok mom loves him I think most of all.


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