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tiny mighty moe

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November 16th 2014 8:25 pm
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Hi wow it has been sooooo long!!!! Moe jumps softly from page to page and is so exited to be playing here in the community again.

We got locked out for a long time and now it seems like we are all back now yaaayy!!! MOm has added buckey's page but we need to up date it he is growing fast and now we got Gray kitty here too, he thinks he is mom's favorite, but mom said she does not have favorites.
We will be adding a page for him soon if it is really true we are free to play here agains.

Runs off and up the cat tree all excited


facebook and catster budies

February 2nd 2014 6:12 pm
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Oh I am so sad that cstster communitity will no longer be here there and all our pretty pages may be lost. We do not want to lose touch if we can connect with our catster buddiees else were.
Right now MoeMighty MOe is on facebook we have met lots of catsters there and there is a group of catster buddies there so we have reconnected with some of our friends there. If you are on facebook and have not connected with us please send a friend request to us we are here :

we will be here until they force us off mom is not going to take our pages down

kinda sad we never got a page up for bucky now any time we have to set up a page needs to be usedto attempt the pages we already have up.

love yaa


oh I wish it was not the end!!! of catster!!

January 16th 2014 9:03 pm
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We heard the tragic news today and it makes us all so sad we have made awesome friends and memories here. I hope we will not lose touch if you want to connect with on face book pawmail me . i have my own page under Moe Mightmoe over there. Not the same as catster but atleast we can stay in touch, and there is a group there for catster buddies

love all the catster kitties


new family member Buckey!!!

January 5th 2014 10:58 pm
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HI we have a been really busy here at my house my dad and mom's dad have both been dealing with some illness and mom has been busy now dad has rescued a kitten that was out by our back porch last month when it was really cold (like it is tonight). They were fostering him till he could find his own home, well that does not work out well and he is still here, dad said that's ok there was no way he was going to leave him out in the cold to die even if he has to live here..... so here we go again with a new kitty in our midst. Most of us are ok with him Mom and dad love him, little boy and I kinda play with him sometimes, even calie got carried away and almost played with him. Other times we all hiss and fuss at him. Most of all we are making the necessary adjustments. I put a picture of him on my page and when mom gets a few more minutes she is going to make a page for him.
Miss talking with all of "yall" hope every kitty is doing well.


can anyone help me??

September 28th 2013 10:09 pm
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Mom would love to have my catster CAT Of The Week Photo to put on my page and we cannot figure out how to get it can you help me?


whoa !!!! who is that cat on the home page in the COTW??!!

September 23rd 2013 7:11 am
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It's me Tiny Mighty Moe!!
Wow I am so excited !!! We had to do a double take and then a tripple take again, we were so shocked, mom found pawmails and congrats messagaes on her phone when she got to work today. We had not seen the notice that I had won COTW so she had to pawmail me and give me premission to jump up here and say thanks it's gonna be a great week.
The others here in the house are so jealous! Mom is at work so I gotta sign off. I will chat more later.
Tiny might MOe.


lover? what is really going on?!

September 3rd 2013 11:31 pm
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I have never been much of a cuddle kitty I play hard and allow some brushing around my face and I eat good. Lately I love to be loved on and if no one in the house is looking to love on me (cause now they know I don't care for it they kinda wait for me to ask for love) so now I greet them like this "mrr mrrrp meeeeerow" translated that's "hey what's up love?" I want someone to love on me all the time. This is my world and it's all about me. SO on the days I go looking for love and only get a little love, well I gently nip the hand (yea the one that feeds me) that has stoopped loving me to soon, and if that doesn't work, then I meeerow (loudly) and grab the shoulder or arm of the lover until the loving touch has resumed.
Mom thinks I am too cute then the other morning I work her up early for some love. Dad said mom really loved that and I should do it more often. mmmmmmmmmm mom said not so much.
For real dad thinks I am more loving as I grow up into and adult kitty. I don't know what is different but for me this is a big change.


catster friends and update on all of us

August 28th 2013 10:34 pm
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In my earlier diary it was so good to hear from so many of my friends. Mom has been busy with hooman stuff this past year and she has spent some time making little boy stop doing his nasty thing (he got real stressed and territorial) he is doing so well now with his collar and the plug inns we all kinda miss the outside world but we can still view it from upstairs on the kitty tree and the office chair so we bird and squirrel watch and mom tries to spend quality time with us too.
Really missing the old times when so many of our friends would get together and chat or pawrty for the evening.
WE are all happy healthy kitties our mom is feeling healthy and all her yearly exams and blood work all came back with good news. WE were glad to hear that cause we still need her to feed us for a long long time.
Purrs for my dad are requested he has been dealing some health issues for a little while. BTW I am an active oster in the diary land of caster MOL only made one entry and before that it was months before I made an entry I love it.
Tiny Mighty Moe out
Good night catster


is there anycat body there!!!!??

August 26th 2013 8:33 pm
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Hi so I was wondering if there are any of my friends around catster anymore. We have not been here to play much but the last two or three nights I jumped up here on catster just to see what is going on and met a few new kitties and talked with some kitties we never met before.
There were not many of my old friends very active so if you hear me holler then give me a shout and let me know you are alive and kicking. We are all doing well, and e miss all of yall and we hope mom is making plans to allow more time for us here.
If you hear me hollor and we are not already friends please friend me we love making new friends.


whoa!!! that was close

May 23rd 2013 11:22 pm
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I think mom did it but then when I got a good look at her eyes I could see she was just laughing at me but I did it all to myself.
Like I said earlier I love love love the cat nip and tonight when mom put it on the kitty tree I rolled and rolled and nipped at her fingers and grabbed her arm and then bunny/kitty kicked her and rolled whoa!! almost rolled right off the top of that kitty tree! Mom caught me and it made her feel better to think she was helping me but really I got this I am a kitty and we are quick on and off our feet.
After she "saved me" I gave her a look that said I was sure she tried to knock me off the tree but as she watched my eyes changed right before her as I realized the near fall was all me and she really thought she was helping me.
What is it about that cat nip that makes us so crazy

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