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I told her with my little blue eyes....

January 16th 2013 9:31 pm
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" I wanna live" this is what mom said my eyes said to her once she got all the "gunk" out of them the day she found me dieing quietly all by myself. I was in bad shape and if you know my got cha story then you already know that. All the time mom says to me "oh my tinytin you said "I wanna live" and I said "I'll help you"
She did help me live now she calls me her little survivor kitty. Mom is so amazed when she looks and me and remembers how I looked the day she found me. No one thought I would survive but "how do you like me now?" I am living proof that prayer and lots and lots of TLC can make the difference in life or death for some kitties.
"momma loves Tin tin"


whoo hooo!

December 13th 2012 12:12 am
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Finally we are plus members again and mom says she is going to let us on to play and visit like we used too, wow we have missed being here but it was really nice to have a little more mom time, we fear we might lose that time when mom starts up dating for us. IT was tough for mom to be here for along time after Boo and Ivy were gone so suddenly. Funny how that is when Alley died mom found this was the very place to be and wanted to be here all the time, Maybe she had more time to heal before she came here and with BooBoo and Ivey there were too many memories of their life here. Alley and skides were already at the bridge when we got here. Tonight mom went to Boo's page after we updated to Plus but it still made her cry...., sigh....
Enough of all that life goes on with us four kitties and mom has taken some new photos and new we can upload them to our page and we also have some pretty photos that were given to us we were not able to upload before we can get those up this week too.
Love yall and hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. We are doing well and looking forward to Catsmas.
Merry Christmas and God Bless.


Thanks for my DDP honor

June 2nd 2012 11:12 pm
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I had a great day and look a the cool photos I got thank you! Thanks for my comments and pawmails, cards and prizzies.
I spent much of my day napping in that towel closet again Mom had a friend over to help her clean and I didn't want to visit. Before she got her to help, mom was putting clean sheets on the bed in the guest room and Moe and I had a blast mom would love it if she could video us while she makes the bed. Moe left the "lump" under the sheet for a while mom finally made her get out.
I also spent some time playing with the new door stop MOL mom doesn't want me to play with them, I woke her up this a.m. at 5:40 to the music the door stop make when I smack it. Later today she wanted to nap after cleaning and I wanted to play with the door stop again this time the one in the room where she was napping MOL! she had to get up and put the blanket over it so it would mo longer make music.
Making the bed was the most fun today I wish we could change the sheets every day.


Yess! the door stops and the towel closet mine all mine!

May 29th 2012 9:49 pm
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Yes it is door stops I wrote about in my last diary I love them and tonight as Moe and little boy hid and watched ( they were skeered of the noise) I went to town on one of the new ones MOL tore the rubber tip right off then mom put it back on and placed rolled up rug behind the door I am looking for the door stop thingy! Little boy got brave when the noise stopped and came in to give ma smackey paw he has no sense of humor (whispers he is a scardy cat)
Mom had guest over this week end so she cleaned all the towels and put them in the closet then she closed the door so I could not get to them. Later that night her uncle said he reached for a towel and there was a large kitty with big blue eyes in there MOL someone left the towel closet open for me and I took back my space. Mom was up late washing a few towels so every hooman could shower the next day and I got locked out of the closet again. This morning before mom went to work she did the usual cat check and the tinister was in the closet sleeping on the last clean towel. Mom really needs to leave the towels for me and put some more in a closet of her own.


do you know what this is?

May 24th 2012 9:52 pm
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little tiny thingys and if I touch them they make a furry odd noise kinda like biiinng, ever since we first came here to our furever home we have loved to mess with them mom does not like it and no one else really notices them anymore. I still like them mom put news up almost every where because the old ones were kitten worn and weary, little boy started abusing them first when he got here way before we ever found our home here.
Tonight I found one of the new ones and as mom called to me to leave it alone I was so entranced with it I did not even pay any attention to her.
What are they do you know? have you found them in your house and if so do you like to play with them tooo? if you do play with them does mom or dad want you to leave them alone?


My Got cha day! for my friends that don't already know my- story.

May 19th 2012 9:31 pm
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I know many of our friends already know our story but we met some new friends this year so I told our story again here.
My fur mom was a stray cat (see moma Ivey's page) abandonded by her family and pregnant with us my human mom found out we had been born and told the lady taking care of my fur mom (moma ivey lived in a kitty colony on the streets) she wanted to catch us all and get us healthy so we could have out own forever homes. I was the first kitty she caught cause I couldn't see my eyes were infected and I had an upper respirtory infection so I didn't run from her and I was not with my furmom that day I was all alone (like no one wanted me cause I was so sick. My name's tiny but I am just about the biggest kitty in my family Little boy is now a little lighter than me. I am a little over 3 yrs old now and a healthy kitty it was not always like this when I was 6 weeks old they all were thinking I was not going to make it. When I was 8 weeks old the doc said I should have weighed atleast 2 lbs and I weighed less than 1 lb and I didn't wanna eat any more. Mom is so good and made me eat and drink with a sringe. She loved us, fed us, and tamed us then she prayed over us all that we would have loving kitty cat homes, only my brother wiley was adoped out we all stayed here in mom's house with the two kitties she alreaedy had BooBoo and little boy so there were six of us for a while but mom and dad have a big two story house with kitty trees and houses lots of toys and hidey places. In the three years since I been here, my sister Alley died with FIP, them Moma Ivey came here and died six months later and two months later BooBoo got FIP and died too. My mom wishes she could save all the kitties in need of help we are so glad she found us and kept us together. Mom helped the lady that had taken care of our fur mom get all the kitties in the "colony" fixed and returned to the "colony" so they won't have more kittens that need homes. There are only four of us now and the house still seems kinda mt sometimes We are all loved and well cared far and treated pretty much like spoiled little human children. We are very glad to be gotten and living happily ever after with mom and dad as a family.


please help! rehome them time is critical!

May 15th 2012 10:27 pm
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Hi my friends please check out calie's diary there are some kitties that are desperate for help finding a new home. This is so sad willow and his family really need our help do you know someone who needs the love and compassionate care of a kitty in need? Maybe you know someone who knows someone....
Orange Ruffy has more details on how you can help.


what about you and strangers

April 29th 2012 8:22 pm
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I do not like visitors of any kind into my home, it is really scary for me. Mom has tried since I was very little to get me used to other people but I just do not like visitors. I will come out and say hi if it grandma but no one else. I go right into hiding. The vet told mom when she first rescued us that sometimes the feral gene of the father just never leave the kitten no matter how much you tame them. No of us are really what mom calls feral really we have been her kitties as fosters since we were six weeks old ( the vet guessed out ages on our first visit) so we were never really feral and our mom was tame (see Moma Ivey's page),
Anyway after all that we are all still scared of strangers. This week end mom has the little ones over again, Moe got brave and came out to see them but she did not let them touch her. That girl is crazy to even take a chance with those little people.
Mom's brother in law (not much of a cat person) said to mom "are they that scared of people are they feral something?" mom just said yea they were born outside with one peeps to love them until I came along.
So how do you all do with visitors and what kind of start in life did you come from were you born into a loving home and adopted out or did you start out as feral and if you did, do you like strangers.


My Birthday! My pawsome catster friends.

March 29th 2012 10:22 pm
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Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. My family is so glad to be part of this kitty loving, caring community. Thanks for loving us and making feel so special on our special day.


I cry and I cry

March 5th 2012 9:37 pm
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I have cried many times tonight and I walk around with the shoestring in tow. I cry from the top of the stairs and mom comes running to see I am ok but why do I cry? I really want to play. SO now I have gathered the shoes strings and the foil ball in the hall at the top of the stairs, and mom just found them. It touched her heart finally now she will get off the computer where she was working and come play with us.
Do you get play time with your mom and or dad? I miss it so much if she doesn't make time for us.

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