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He needs some catster luvin will you help me love him?

February 1st 2012 9:19 pm
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Oh we just recently met Pumpkin Latte
he is such a sweet little guy but he is not feeling well and he has lost an ear. He sounds like me when I was a wee tiny tot, only my ears were spared. Pumpkin Latte
and his family are new here. Oh and we do not have any zealies and catster will not let us use the gift card we had received urrrgh! We sent lots of love any way.
Thanks for sending them some love.


under construction but coming soon!

February 2nd 2012 11:47 pm
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Oh have we got a tail to tell! I love telling tails and this one is a true tail it involves a motor cycle dude, a Texas hurricane a burned out house, and one VERY brave courageous kitty. I even got some ducks in this story.
I hope you will come back to check it:
Our story unfolds with.
Mom and dad standing in the center of the shell of a burned out home on the Texas gulf coast with mom's sister and her husband. "Ooooh" mom said "look at that" "hey kittty kittty" said mom's little sister. "meeerrow" said the little gray be continued.


The Bird!!!

February 7th 2012 11:32 pm
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Oh no I did not forget we got a tail to tell, I am still working out the details but I gotta write about the bird! We got one you know that lives here in our house inside a little wire box. Well see I like to sleep in the towel closet in the bathroom, and mom likes to sit the bird in there if she has to leave home so he will not be acessable to us kitties. Yea moma put that bird in there while I was in the closet and she came in with him and closed the door (to shut out the kitties hehehe) then she let him out of the cage so he would have the freedom of the bathroom for a while.....then she looked in the towel closet to be sure Tiny was not in there....and I was there just hanging out. She closed the door right in my face! Then she told that bird "come on Abraham get in the cage" well he did not want in he has just gotten out. Mom had one hand on the door of the towel closet and with the other she reached for Abraham. By now I am ready to body slam that door cause we never shut the door when I am in there and now the bird is just loose on the other side. When she finally opened it the bird was all closed into his insisted I leave the bathroom.


Rising from the smoke it 's "smokey"

February 9th 2012 10:41 pm
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It was a cold, rainy deary November day on the Texas gulf coast. Four humans stood inside the shell of a burned out house and discussed what could be done to rebuild it.
The humans in this story are my mom and dad and mom's sister and her husband. Mom's sister and husband want to buy the house and make it a home for the family they want to have one day. The previous owners put it up for sale after it caught fire and burned. It would take a lot of money and some self labor for them to afford this home but they really want it. That day as they discussed what needed to be done they noticed a duck sittin very quietly on a sheet of ply wood, laid over what was left of the rafters in the house. "Hey look at that" my dad said "that duck is sittin on some eggs" All the humans looked up at the duck and that duck looked right back at them but never made a move. "Well" my dad said" she will probably hatch those ducklings before you are ready to start work" "anyway if not we can let her sit till they hatch" said my mom's brother in law. "oh look at that; kitty kitty" said my mom. As the humans looked down a very pretty loving and gentle soul walked in on four legs to the center of the burned out house and said "meerrrow" the she sat down and stared up at the humans. While the men folk talked about blue prints for the house and all the things they would need in order to get a loan, Mom and her sister loved on the ktity and talked to some neighbors about whose kitty it was. The motor cycle dude that lived across the street told them "yea that cat showed up here and I just been puttin some food out for it" mom's sister ask "so it is not any ones cat?" the man said "well I guess we all just kinda feed it and it does it's own thang" mom and her sister did not care for that but they could not take in another cat at this time and atleast the kitty had food, an outdoor shelter and people that loved it from afar. The kitty did not have a name and since it seemed to live in the shelter of the burned out house and it was gray in color, mom's sister said they would call her "smokey" like a gray kitty coming from the smoke of the fire.
As the months passed by work began on the house and the ducklings hatched and moved out to the bay waters with the moma duck, winter turned to spring and by January of 08 the humans had moved into their "new" house on the water. Mom's sister and her husband brought their two kitties two dogs to the new home and "smokey" moved across the street to live mostly with the motor cycle dude and was a regular visitor to mom's sister's house much to the disdain of their outdoor cat Lizzy. Lizzy completely refused to be a house cat she had lived with mom's sister and husband for over 10 years and they tried to make her a house kitty but she hated the inside. For a few weeks after the moved they forced her to stay inside but only till she they felt she would know this was her new home then they let her out and she never would come in again. Lizzy and Smokey agreed to disagree about who had the right away to the yard and neighborhood.
All was well until the day......
Come back for more this smokey kitty has lived thru some really incredible stuff you are gonna want to hear this it is about to get exciting!


she said yes! and my next story installement

February 13th 2012 10:41 pm
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With the help of some friends I got up the nerve to ask Charm to be my valentine and she said yes! I am doing River's happy dance!
Charm is so pretty I just wanna get lost in her pretty blue eyes.
Oh yea we are going to finish my story (see last diary) after valentines day cause now I got a date!


My date with Charm!

February 14th 2012 8:16 pm
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Tonight I had the best night, withCharm I took a fligth out to GA to pick her up so we could go to kemah. See I ask her earlier today and she said yes she would love to go. Wow she is a living doll when I got there she was all ready to go and looked like a super model kitty. As we had dinner and as I gazed into her lovely eyes,I knew my heart was lost and I will remember this evening furever! After dinner we watched the sunset and then we also stopped to ride the farris wheel and we walked through several of the shops then we finished off a great evening with a late night cruise and of course while we were cruising we just had to feed the seagulls!. It was such a great evening and Grace made it so much fun she said kemah was beautiful and it really is. The time got away from us so she stayed over at the Boardwalk Inn. It was a fantastic evening I had such a good time. I will pick her up and fly her back home tomorrow.


From homeless to furever home it 's "smokey"

February 16th 2012 8:09 pm
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Here we are at part two of Smokey's story if you want to catch up on part one then read it here .

Smokey never thought of herself as homeless kitty cause she had motorcycle dude that left food out of her and she had mom's sister that left food out for Lizzy and when she did she made sure there was enough for smokey too. Still there was something missing like the warmth of a human lap and the loving stroke of a human hand (well sometimes motorcycle dude stroked her head) The memory lingered of the one day when smokey had taken a car ride with mom and her sister. It had been a bright sunny day almost a year ago, the humans were working on the burnt out ole house when mom and her sister took a ride down to the drug store to get some sun screen. Smokey had been following them every where and so when they got in the car so did smokey! She just laid there on mom's lap and purrred the whole way there. Mom's sister sat in the car with smokey while mom went in to get the sunscreen and smokey loved on her then rode on moms lap all the way back "home" but there was no way mom or her sister could give smokey a real home. It made for a pleasant memory on the lonely nights while smokey lived on the streets. Smokey was so sweet and she just loved people she always beegged people to take her home and make her their own. Then it happened one really cold wintry day in January of 2008 smokey got a real home! Some new neighbors had built a house on the water just down the street from motorcycle dude and they fell in love with smokey the sweet little kitty that visited while their house was under construction and then kinda took up resident on the porch. When this couple found out smokey was a neighborhood kitty, they gave her a real home and they spoiled her like a kitty should be spoiled. She had a real bed and her own toys and a warm lap and the the freedom to come and go. The pawrents of smokey choose not to force her to stay inside since she had once been a free roaming kitty so they let her have that freedom. She never left her yard except when she went visiting see she still wanted to go see motorcycle dude and she wanted to visit with mom's sister. It was a purrrfect life and smokey was in kitty bliss. In September 2008 hurricane ike hit the Texas Gulf coast and people living in homes on or near the water were forced to leave. They took long car rides to stay in a hotel and some went to say with family. Smokey's pawrents had to leave their home for a day (it was a forced evacuation) so they put out lots of food and water and they left smokey on the top floor of her home What?! Why! They felt it would not be good to take her away from the only home she had ever known they worried about her stress and they felt she would be safe and comfortable in her home and they did not think the flood waters would rise that high. The windows were boarded up, and the bags were packed so they gave smokey luvin and promised to return the next day. They had left smokey to "hunker down" so she did and she was fine it was peacful and quite until the storm hit in full force...
Please come back to see the final chapter of smokey's tail "rising from flood waters"


my photo and news on the final smoky chapter

February 26th 2012 9:33 pm
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Hey everycat take a look at my photo of the KCK trip you can see I had a great time with these party cats! Bugsy caught me getting wild and crazy I even waved at the crowd of party cats while I did some dancing! MOL Thanks for my photo this was a very cool shot.

For those of you that have kept up with smokey's story, I wanted to let you know mom has promised she will help me complete the final chapter early one night this week. Remember we left smokey "hunkerin down" in the midst of a bad Texas Hurricane.


Rising frm the Flood waters its ....."SMOKEY"

February 29th 2012 9:20 pm
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Hello constant reader...MOL mom reads Stephen King and he says that. Anymew I am happy to have constant readers and new readers. Please see part 1 and part 2 of my story if you are here as a new reader.

When we last heard from Smokey she was hunkered down in the midst of Ike. Mom and her sister and family were all together at Mom's house when they got the news that the storm had destroyed most all of the communitity were moms sister and family had made their home just 10 months earlier. It was many days after the storm had subsided when residents were finally allowed back into the communitity. Mom's sister returned to what was left of her
home It was devastating and neighbors and friends were still attempting to get in touch with each other and determine what was left of their homes. Mom's sister and family began to rumage through the structure
of what had once been a home to see if there was anything left to save. IT was sad to look across the street where smokey's family and once lived there was nothing left of what had once been home to smokey and her family. One of the neighbors made contact with the nice couple that had loved smokey and given her a home, they ask if anyone had seen smokey and when no one had; they let them all know they would not be coming back there was nothing there they wanted to salvage and there was nothing to come home to.They were going to start over somewhere no where near the water or the coast line. Sadly there were many families that lost their home and never came back. There were other families that began the process of rebuilding their homes over the water, everyone began to pick up the shattered pieces of their lives and start over. The destruction was so complete and heart breaking, mom's sister said she could feel more sadness in the weeks after the storm than she did when she first herd the news that her home was gone. Everything they had ever known except for each other and their furbabies was now gone. The quilts grandma guilted, the baby books. christmas ornanaments that had been collected since child hood this was just a few of the many items they missed, there was no material thing left . In the beginning they went here everyday for some reason it seemed like the thing to do. There was always little bits of their old life uncovered from the ground (later they would wonder why they looked for it) it just seemed right to try and salvage what they could and each day other people's stuff washed up on the shoreline. One day mom and her sister were working to clean up the destruction so they could rebuild and mom pointed out an intact roof that was way over on the other side of bay they could just barely see it across the bay and they were not sure what it was but it sure looked like a roof and they wondered if it was a house that had washed into the bay or if the roof and been blown off after the house was destroyed.
It was several weeks after smokey's house had been destroyed that mom's brother in law had stopped by to do a little clean up (they were going to rebuild one day) and he spotted..... a very skinny gray kitty! Wow where had that kitty come from? It looked like smokey so he talked to the kitty and gave it some kitty food
(kitty lovers carry it in the trunk of the car) then he went home to the temporary home they were living in until they could rebuild. When he told mom's sister about the kitty she was so mad at him that he did not bring that kitty home! he said "we don't need another cat" she said "it sounds like smokey" he said "no there is no way that cat survived the total destruction of that house" Mom's sister still had the number for the couple that used to be her neighbors so she called to tell them she was pretty sure smokey had come home! |They were very happy to hear this still they were not sure it was really smokey but said they would be down to check it out in two days. Mom's sister went out to the wreckage the next day and there was smokey! Waiting at the same house where she had first met mom and her sister almost two years earlier only now the house had been destroyed by water and wind rather than fire. Mom's sister just knew this was smokey and she talked to her and loved her and she called smokey's name and the kitty answered to her name. Then she fed her some kitty food and then she gently picked her and took her to be reuinted with her pawrents! The next day when mom's sister met up with her neighbors they were very tearful and excited to see smokey. They took her to be checked by her vet and they confirmed that indeed Smokey had risen from the flood waters to come home to her family. Many weeks later the roof mom and her sister had spotted was "banked" right near an old driveway of one of the destroyed houses and it has been determined to be the the steel roof that had once covered smokey's home. The general thought around the community is that smokey had managed to catch a "ride" on the roof until it "landed" on the other side of smokey's world, then she began to make the long journey back to the only place she had ever called home. We will never know all she went through to get back home but we know she did not give up on love and family she determined to live and make her way back against all odds to the ones that loved her. In the words of my friend Orange Ruffy she has once again come in from the cold.


I cry and I cry

March 5th 2012 9:37 pm
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I have cried many times tonight and I walk around with the shoestring in tow. I cry from the top of the stairs and mom comes running to see I am ok but why do I cry? I really want to play. SO now I have gathered the shoes strings and the foil ball in the hall at the top of the stairs, and mom just found them. It touched her heart finally now she will get off the computer where she was working and come play with us.
Do you get play time with your mom and or dad? I miss it so much if she doesn't make time for us.

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