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Please don't take them or move them

August 10th 2011 9:55 pm
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That is what I said to mom after she moved the towels that I was using. See my new pic? I love to sleep there, well mom was having company and I was in the guest bath in the towel closet, so she washed the towels and left a few for me then she put the fresh ones into the linen closet so she could hand them out to guest or lock me out of the closet and put the clean ones in there. So I went the next morning and found the clean ones in the closet and took a nap....oh awww I do love the smell of fresh clean towels there must be no better place for a nap.


Cat of the Month @ KCK

August 31st 2011 10:50 pm
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Hey yea wow that is ME COTM at KCK. I am so excited purring running jumping and oh bunny Kick that Nanner. This is a pawsome honor and I am so glad you choose me for this month thanks!
Milo I love you my twin friend, I hope your mom is feeling waaay better! I love the KCK COTM banner, it is so beautiful!
Looking forward to our KCK trip I gotta see where we wanna go and let you know when.
Tinister out !


hey come and go with us!

September 24th 2011 8:50 pm
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Hi my friends, the KCK trip this month is going to be tomorrow Sept 25 beginning at 2 p.m. Take a look at my page you can see we are going to the Redwood forest!
Hope all my friends will come on over to KCK and join us for the trip having my friends go with me will make it so much fun.


maybe a little more peace at last!

November 7th 2011 10:14 pm
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Day three of the feliway plug in and Ivey seems much more settled with us resident cats than she ever has before woo hoo maybe something is really working. That cat has on a calming collar she gets "relax" in her food. GNC makes it for pet smart to help kitties that are kinda freaky. She was getting lots of rescue remedy it stopped working.
Tonight mom only saw her chase moe once and little boy once and they were not bad chases. Maybe just maybe we are all finally getting used to each other and her chase just doesn't scare those other cats (hehehaha she don't scare me) anymore.
Tonight she smelled the tip of my crooked tail and I let her then we made eye contact and she looked away first yea! cause I told her to "keep walking" it really was almost a friendly greeting. Calie my sister is still beatin her up daily but it's not bad and now it is so crazy but Calie feels so tough, she even wants to beat me up, it makes her feel like such a tough cat, I just roll over and put my paws up and let her have her victory. I am so easy to get a long with.


I am a tough tiny tot

November 12th 2011 8:19 pm
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I am not really tiny at 16.5 lbs but sometimes I forget that. Tonight mom had the french doors to the balcony open (they been open all day is it real nice here) and she put a big black square thing in front of it to prop it open. This set of doors opens from the room Ivey cat has claimed as "hers" none of us have our own room so we I found the other cats hanging out there while she was downstairs, everycat was sniffin and investagatein things. I walked over to the door and STOPPED then stepped back an Slapped at that square thingy then sniffed it from as far back as I could then moe walked up behind me and I Jumped and mom Laughed, oh well I did not want to go out that door anyway so I left that room not sure what was so amusing. I wasn't scared but you can never be too safe cause a Tiny cat get hurt easy. BTW mom said it was only a book.


meow like a cat

November 27th 2011 9:10 pm
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That is what dad ask mom tonight. He worked today and mom did not so she had brought him some take out home for supper (she ordered it earlier when she had lunch) mom does not care too much for cooking. So she told dad not to heat it in the styrofoam and she put it on a plate for him to put in the micro wave and then she said you want this heated too? and do you want a drink too? Then dad said "what does a guy have to do around here to get some service, meow like a cat? MOL she told him "well yea and please look totally adorable with pretty blue tiny tot eyes, or golden moemoe eyes that always melts my heart." MOL dad has brown eyes he couldn't pull it off if he tried to.
Oh hey did moe slip in to my diary? no get out write about your eyes in your own diary.


watch cat!

December 1st 2011 7:35 pm
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Scary stuff makes me grrrowww like a lil cougar.Like when someone on the little TV box screams, I Growl at the scary stuff, and when I hear music that freaks me out (most music does that I growl) So the other day mom realized finally that I am a watch cat, yea kinda like a watch dog only better. :)
I was settin on the bed with mom gettin luvin and I heard a noise mom could not hear so I began to growl and mom said "it's ok" but no I hear noise so I jumped down still growling and mom followed me (like I wanted her to) down the hall and the she said, "it's dad" no I don't think so I said so I growled louder and as the " stranger" came up the stairs I stared him down until... I ran the other way. MOL I was watching out for mom she just never made any effort to protect herself or me after I warned her. Dad said " tiny to come here" but I had to get over my fear of the "stranger" MOL in my mind that was a danger I heard and it took a few minutes for me to chill. Good thing I did not attack!


you gotta hear this ! check it out

January 7th 2012 11:28 pm
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Will we get a dog! Do I even like dogs?
Mom was walking with her sister and they saw a tiny little poodle looking dog on the the side of the street. They went to it and it was real tiny like cat size with a sweater on and it had a collar and a tiny leash (like a shoe string tiny) it was wrapped around his/her back leg, he was staring at the ground acting really confused. My aunt untangled the leash from his/her foot and he/she was still confused. They picked up the dog and it was really dirty and smelly mom moved the hair from its eyes and .....there were no eyes yep that's right. The eyes looked like mine did when mom saved me. My aunt said his eyes were gone and the lids grew shut. Mom said maybe not maybe they are like Tiny's were. No my aunt told her he is blind and "really this dog needs to be PTS :( MOm told her not to say that in front of the DOG she said the dog cannot hear her. Mom ask a other lady in the park (where they were walking) if she knew who's dog it was but she did not know. Mom and her sister took it to the car where my aunt had some dog food and water. Mom took the DOG and loved it (smelly dog and all) and when she put it back on the ground it wagged it's tired little tail and began to explore the area she had sat him on. Mom fed him and he ate good and then my aunt brought the water and he was very thirsty. MOm ask someone else if they knew whose dog it was but they didn't. Now what do with the dog that cannot see....well tomorrow mom is going to finish the story and let you know...did we get a dog? or what. Isn't this diary like a cliff hanger....hope you will come back tomorrow to hear what happens


you gotta hear this ! the ending is so cool!

January 8th 2012 10:38 pm
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Okay so if you need to catch up, check out my diary from yesterday.

So mom was feeding the DOG and my aunt was helping him drink lots of water, he was so thirsty.He seemed so happy and glad to have some help. Mom said to my aunt what are we gonna do with him. My aunt said I will take him home I guess and clean him up and tomorrow on the way to work I will take him to the SPCA (ours is a no kill shelter but old or sick animals are not always really "no Kill" very sad)
My aunt said they will probably put him to sleep and they should. Mom was thinking about what would happen if she were to bring the dog home to all of us, what would we do and what would dad say and of course can she take care of an old dog while she is at work.
Then the lady she had talked to earlier (member she ask her if she knew whose dog it was) came rushing across the park and she was saying "I found his owner!" There were two other ladies with her they had been looking for the dog and one of them said "oh, this is my mom's dog, he has been missing for several days we don't even know how long" then she said this dog is 20 years old (oh that is old for a dog!)She told them that it was first her dad's dog and that her dad had died 11 yrs ago and her mom would not let her put the dog to sleep. Mom said to her" well he is still eating and drinking and he seemed happy to have help" the lady said "he is 20yrs old and blind and deaf" Mom is glad that the dog's mom is refusing the have him PTS. So the little ole man doggie was reunited with the little ole lady that refused to have him PTS. The lady was so happy to have her baby back and the little dog was very happy to be with family. Not only that but the two ladies that took the dog back to his mom also took care of other "strays" that show up in their yard and they have them fixed and get the puppies adopted out.
Some humans are so very mean but on the flip side there are so many that love life even if it is animal life. Mom says "God bless those loving peeps"


kittenhood memories

January 30th 2012 9:25 pm
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Memories of when we first came here to our now home wow it was almost three years now, during that time, Wylie got a a new home, Alley got FIP and moma Ivey got the love of a family before she went to the rainbow bridge.
Me well I got BIG MOL mom thought I was gonna be her Tiny Tot and in my heart and hers I still am. Calie is a daddy's girl and moemoe well sometimes that girl really thinks she is a lioness, other times she thinks she is still a itty bitty kitty.
We were a rough looking bunch of homeless kitties but moma loved us anyway. It took lots of TLC and late nights, meds,(moma shoved meds in out mouths, ears, and drops in our eyes) forced (mom said assisted) feedings, and much bonding time for us to become the healthy loving kitties we are now. Sometimes mom misses our kitten days, it was so much fun for her watching us grow and kitten piles were so cute, kitten play time was a riot!

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