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Grandma's Dog

March 3rd 2011 8:14 pm
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Dear Diary
Mom is fighting sadness tonight cause our grandma, my mom's mom had to put her little dog of over 14 years to sleep. Mom loved "little bit" like her own furchild,we don't have any electronic pictures but when we get some we are going to put her picture on my page and them help grandma set up a dogster account so she can make a tribute page to "little bit". Please purr for her and grandma tonight. We were always nice to little bit when she came to visit and everytime mom went to see grandma little bit always got so happy like she knew mom was her human sister. Granma called tonight and told mom she had buried little bits shell near the well shed on the ole family farm where skids and alley are laid to rest at.


Little bit -grandmas dog

March 9th 2011 9:18 pm
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Dear Dairy

Mom is back home and grandma came to visit she still has some little bit scent but mom said little bit is gone to the bridge like alley did. She was laid to rest near skids and alley at the old family farmhouse out near the ole well shed. We have been talking to some of our catster friends about how to link her dogster page here in my Diary (thanks Athena and Zachery) but we still couldn't do it yet. Mom said she she cannot find the"create a link" line so she can copy the address into my diary. Anyway when mom finally gets it right we will post a link to her page so if you want to you can drop by and visit.
Gotta go get back on the castle moe's trying to to overthrow the current king (little boy)I want the top spot now anyway.


Mom that really hurt

March 13th 2011 12:22 am
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Dear Diary

We was playin at playtime tonight (it was wee morning here 2 a.m.) and mom was making the mousse run and the bird fly, I love love love to chase it I run till I cna hardly breath and then I hiss at the other kitties, while I got the catch in my mouth (yea I hiss around the mouthful) and give them an evil eye so they back off and I take the "kill' to my "den" well tonight mom was making the mouse climb up the cat tree cause that's the way moe likes to jump and scramble for it the best, then I ran for it at the same time and mom moved in some kinda way and stepped on my toes, yea! she did and I screamed and she jumped back, little boy left the room, calie hide (thanks for the help guys) moe came to touch my nose, boo looked like she wanted to touch my nose but when she got close....uhh she HISSED at me, what's that about guess my scream must have scared her. Mom was real sorry she gave me luvin and then we played some more so she couuld see I wasn't limpin or nuthin then we got treats and some fancy fest.
Any cat ever been stepped on like that?


mancats and moe's food

March 15th 2011 10:52 pm
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Oh my goodness I love mancats we work hard but we sure do know how to eat dont we guys, Yolo I am so ready for St patricks' day feast! Moe thinks I want her food (see her diary) well she has lil girl food I did n't even try to smell it tonight, the chicken we had over at the club was better than anything Moe got. Gootta love that silly lil cat she is so jealous cause she thinks I am mom's fav....well if the collar fits.. We are all ready to PARTY with Finney and everfurrycat on St Patrick's day.



March 19th 2011 10:14 am
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Hi my fellow catsters MANCAW cats and diary readers. If you get a chance please stop by here: and say Hi to Balina she is new to catster and wants to make new friends. We so remeber what it is like to not know anyone here. (yea we are still not good with the cyber links but at least you can find her if you have time.
thanks, head bonks and cheek rubs


I got my MCAW hat and spent the night with the bird.

March 20th 2011 10:41 pm
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Hey check it out I got my hard hat and I look like one real tough mancat........but I love my mom.
I spent the night with the bird yep mom put that bird in his room for the night covered him, turned off the light and told him "Good Night Abraham" She went to find all us kitties for the night as she alwasys does and found them all me. She had seen both callie and I just moments before and was so tired she just went to bed sure we were not in that birds room.

I met her and gave her Lots of heavy duty kitty luvin this monring and when she told dad "tiny is so luving today even more than normal" dad said yea he got locked in the room with Abraham and he was talkin bad bout cha this really I wasn't but was glad dad let me outta there early. Mom shut the door around 2 a.m. and dad got up at 4:30. MOm said she don't know if I just knew not to hurt dat bird or if I furgot about him or maybe she and Abraham just got lucky. I don't know too but I was glad to see the door open, I went stright to the towel closet and got some shut eye.


MORE than one way to re-direct

March 23rd 2011 11:03 pm
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Oh Diary my mom and Callie were having fits with the cyber link stuff for some reason it is hard for them to make it happen and I want to tell all my catster furiends that have dogsters how to find my cousin little bit. I want to re-direct you to her page with a cyver link, but.... anyway so I have a widget on my page of my cousin little bit. When you have time drop by and see her page and maybe you can make a new furiend, my grandma doesn't get on there much yet but mom is keeping her page updated. Purricate it if you can stop by and say hi, she has met Diamond and a few other dogsters there since she joined, we might just need to make her part of our family here on catster ummmm something to ponder. Thanks for listening when nobody else will.


Happy Birthday to me!!!

March 29th 2011 10:38 pm
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We had several birthdays in our family!!! And booboo was DDP again today!!! Time flies when you re having fun. We feel like we just found catster yesterday..we have made so many marvelous friends and we feel like a real part of this pawsome communitity. Mom got home late from her training for the breast cancer walk so she has promised we can all send out our thanks to everfurr one tomorrow. We got lots of pretty things on our pages from our catser friends, and mom let us have the whole afternoon on the balaconey she spent the whole afternoon with us. She said we can have a caturday real soon, oh we all love those days!


Mom, dad and catster

April 7th 2011 9:22 pm
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Hey mom said that tonight dad took her on a "date" to have dinner on the kemah boardwalk. She told him it was really nice and that they had not done this in a long time.
She teased him and said we used to go here all the time then you stopped loving me (she always plays with him like that) and he said no I think you just been to wrapped up in catster and didn't have time for me. Mom said no it's not that it's just the all the time I been walking and I don't spend much time on catster....but then she had said well.... maybe I do cause sometimes when I send a human text I almost say MOL instead of LOL and I almost tell people they are pawsome rather than awsome. MOL mom is so silly not all her friends love kitties like she does so they might not understand the lingo.
Hey what is a crazy cat lady? does any one know? We think it is the lovely ladies that are crazy about us kitties and if we are right then aren't there also crazy dudes?


Easter week end is over. Our surprise maybe tomorrow.

April 24th 2011 9:06 pm
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I hope everfurryone had a good Easter we been readin some diaries today, catching up on what we missed while we were off catster with computer problems and it sounds like a lot of kitties got some ham and even some easter eggs with catnip and cat treats, how cool is that. We had to say home by ourselves (with a cat care giver just checking in on us) while mom and dad had easter in the country with that's a fine way to say I love ya to the kitties....Mom and dad came home last night and I have been following mom everwhere. She left this monring for church and I looked down from the top of the stairs at her with a real deprssed look, but she went anyway. I keep running in to give her kiesses and head bonks, it makes me so happy when she is home with me. Callie said we get a surprise and she thinks it will be here tomorrow, Moe cannot know about it mom is doing it to make up for missing her DOTD and also cause we never got any easter are we orphans? It's furry exciting I can hardly wait to see what we get.

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