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I was so sick and see Buckey page!!

February 15th 2014 8:39 pm
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HI all I have not been around much mom has been so busy with family illnesses and then I got sick too. At the end of the year I was so sick I did want to eat any more. Then mom talked to the vet and lots of caster friends on Face book and they helped her help me start eat again. Just as all seemed well about 1 month later I stopped eating again and this time mom ask the vet to assist feed me, they did it for one day and when I came home again I was ready to slowly start eating on my own! We still do not know for sure why I stopped eating all my test looked good except for they said maybe I have allergies so mom changed all of us to a a grain free food. The vet is checking to see about running some more test to see what is going on. I am doing well now. I in the midst of this Callie got what seems to be a UTI and so mom has been to vet with her several times, but I will let calie tell yall about that.
NOW for the grand new our new brofur Buckey has been with us since November and he has been free to mingle with us since the week after Christmas, mom just got his page up!!


Third times a charm

June 3rd 2013 9:29 pm
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Yes it is and I know I gotta write more diaries if I can just get mom to let me on here more often see she has been doing lots of stuff for herself not much time for us, we sure do miss our play time and cuddle time. Mom says she does too and she keeps saying she will slow things down but it hasn't happened yet. I try and steal some cuddle time anytime she get still long enough.
I got a DDP three times for the same diary I think the catster staff and watch kitties were on vacation but I am honored to have been in the spot light so much over the memorial day weekend.
Thanks to all my friends that celebrated with me!
BTW did you see my brofur is KCK's kitty of the week!?


wow what a day

May 20th 2013 10:00 pm
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Our got cha day was so grand thanks for celebrating with us our pages are decorated so pretty with prizzies and so many friends came by my diary and left kitty mails for us.
Tundra and family made us really pretty photos

I never like to see mom go to work but today I tried my best to stop her I was on her heals all morning and if she sat down I sat down or laid down on her. then when she was about to leave I got on the back of the chair in front of her and looked up at her so we made direct eye contact and said "MEEEOoowwww" I was really pleading and mom said she felt so bad to leave me. My dad was off work today so he was home but he says I am a big ole momma's baby. Does loving mom make me a baby? NO
We took a little nap with mom tonight when she got home and refused to let her get up. She is part of our "pride" and we all gathered around and smothered her with kitty love.
Thanks for celebrating we will be back later with a thank you diary we love "yall" we always love coming here where there is so much love,


news from the colony and our got cha day

May 19th 2013 10:24 pm
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Wow our got cha day is here it has been 4 years since we were taken in by mom as fosters MOL we made this our home. If you have not read our story then please check it out you can read it here I will not tell it here again since so many of our friends know it.
Today Mom got some news from the colony we came from. The lady that was our care giver there lost her job years ago and had to move away later Moma Ivey came to live with us and some of the colony kitties disappeared. All these year the care giver has gone back to feed the remaining kitties every time she can (the people living there do not like for her to feed the kitties and so she has to sneak in there.) Today when mom talked to her she said she has been going back most days except on Mondays when one of the humans is home early and she cannot go there when he is home. She told mom today there are still 3 kitties from the original colony there "baby" "garfield" and "scoundrel" they all still live there and now when she goes to feed them there two new kitties there. The kitty known as "scoundrel" is one of the kitties our Moma Ivey gave birth to in the last litter of kitties she had before we were born he is really feral and scared of people even the care giver cannot get to close to him it was good to hear news from the colony.

Thanks for visiting us today on our got cha day it is so good to have a real home dad says we are very lucky cause we have never really known what it is like to be homeless cause we were so little when mom took us in.


doing laundry

March 10th 2013 7:20 pm
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I love to help with the laundry and today as I lay on mom's bed she was in and out of the room sometimes to love on me and sometimes she just came through doing her "cleaning stuff" well when she came one time she had in her arms a big warm pile of laundry and she dropped it on the bed so I promptly tunneled my way deep into the warmth of it. THen as I lay there the pile began to get smaller as mom plucked piece by piece at it. I know this game she always does this so as the pile got smaller I began to argue with her and when she reached for yet another piece I said "meeerrrr!" and I slapped at her! Yup I did and she unhooked by claw from the towel and removed it any way. Next time she reached for a piece I said "meeeeerrreew!" and when I slapped her this time my nail caught on her finger. Really I didn't wanna hurt her but she was taking my laundry pile and I was not done with it yet.
Do you think I was to agressive?


a purring diary!!

March 7th 2013 9:48 pm
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That is what mine was and check out all my friends that purred in it and brought gifts and pictures:

Snug my newest friend left a fishbowl
Serna Honey angel girl dropped off a heart
Tate left a shrimp
Tigger, Tiny and Beauty left a shrimp
Meep and Bibi left a blue Ribbon
Tundra and family made a photo
Friday made a photo
Webees made a photo
KCK made a photo
thanks so much for the prizzies and pictures and all the pamails and cards.
Thank you to all of my friends that stopped by to purr and tell me about your loud purrs, it was so good to see all these friends:
Minko and family
Ingen and Novi
Griswold and family
Sleeper and Family
Lacey and Family
Tiny (kinda like me MOL)
Penelope that is a very cool little poem

DDP's are lots of fun, thanks for making it as great day for me


big ole loud purrs

March 5th 2013 9:28 pm
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I am called Tiny but I out grew my name and so did my purrs. Tonight I laid next to mom a she played on the computer and I was bird watching. Life is so good here I am a rescued kitten so I never really knew life on the streets I was only 4-6 weeks old when we all got here and mom's love is what I member the most. I stay close to her and I purr for her and I talk to her all the time and I stare into her eyes with love.
Mom always comments on my big ole purrs I purrs so loud if you get within two human feet of me you will hear some purrrrrrrsssss. What about you do you have big purrs and if so can your humans hear them from two of their feet away?


look at that kitty knock!

February 20th 2013 6:55 pm
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check out this video mom go today in her very own pawmail box.
He is a very smart and determined kitty.
kitty knocking

you are gonna love it


mom was so worried

February 17th 2013 10:08 pm
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and all for nothing. See it was way past time to trim our nails and I was sucha BEAR last time mom tried to do it without the help of a vet tech. Mom and dad did all the other kitties nails and there was not problems but her tummy was turning when it was time to do mine. Dad said "maybe wrap him in a towel" "or take him to the vet" well mom said "no" that would just have totally stressed me out and mom does not want to do that.

So she gently picked me up and took me to the bathroom counter and dad followed her in there, I was so good as she loved me and the held my paw with the nail exposed out to dad I PURRED while he took of just the tiny tips of my nails (they will have to do this again soon)
Since I was the last kitty to get trimmed, well we went from the bathroom to mom's bed and we were all hand fed some TREATS! Yes we got to eat in mom's bed. Maybe I will be really good next time they wanna do this. BTW all the other kitties they were really good too but mom kinda knew they would be it was me she was not sure about cause last time her and her friend tried this well I left my mark on her friends neck. But see here's the thing I love time alone with mom an dad.
SO how goes the nail trimming time at your house or do you just do your own like we were doing before tonight?


She said yes!!! and wow was I red

February 7th 2013 9:54 pm
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Yes !!! love is in the air and my lovely friend charm said YES she will be my valentine again this year I am so excited we had such a wonderful time last year. and charm is so pretty I can hardly talk when I am with her.

Now why was I RED? well I didn't get notified Charm said yes and I am just finding out. Then in addition to that my mom is painting her bathroom and some of the walls have a red tint to them and I went in to check it out while she was painting ( I like to be part of everything she does) and I "loved " one of the walls she had just painted. My mom was so freaked she chased me down the hall as I left the bathroom and she grabbed me and used a WET rag on me just as I turned my head and put out my tongue to clean the red off. wow was that as close call

CHARM is mine sweet beautiful valentine.

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