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B.E.'s Stray Stories!

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Birthday/Gotcha Day....

January 5th 2015 10:11 am
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I have been an indoor cat for 3 years now....I was kind of sick with a cold over Xmas but I feel OK now....maybe Catster will let me post some new pictures....


DDP for me....

May 6th 2014 10:10 am
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Yesterday I was a Cinco de Mayo DDP! So was my little friend first entry in ages & I get a DDP....maybe I should write more often....



April 30th 2014 8:01 am
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I haven't written in my diary in a while,so.....

I am feeling fine,no problems with fact,once when I was using the litterbox,Dad had to check to see where the sound of leaking water was coming stream is POWERFUL!!!!

I got a nice piece of bacon the other day...another(un-named)cat stole a piece when Dad turned his back,so he divvied it up among us....since I am a good cat,I got a nice large piece....

I got a collar for the first time a few days ago...camo...I have been good about wearing it,I haven't yet taken it off,unlike some other cats I could name(cough,Sobe,Bully,cough)....

My best friend Sobe came back from his "walkabout" outside,& we nap together once is good to have a best friend....Bully & I bcame friends while Sobe was gone,but Sobe is still my BFF...

In short,I am doing well,& I hope you are all doing the same.....



November 6th 2013 1:10 pm
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Thanks to everyone who sent me messages & gifts for my day as COTD!

I celebrated by eating waaaaay too much for dinner,throwing it up & then eating it I got to eat dinner twice....sort of....tonight we had mackeral mixed into our cat food for a special dinner...mmmmm.....

Thanks again!



November 5th 2013 4:39 am
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I am Cat of the Day today! I have risen up from a scarred,hungry stray to be the idol of Casters everywhere! Thanks to everyone who helped me recover from urinary crystals to become the highest of cats for this one day!

CAT...OF...THE....DAY!!!!! ME!!!!????!!!!!



January 16th 2013 3:27 pm
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Dad weighed me & Sobe on the bathroom scale...Sobe weighed 14 lbs(I would have guessed 25) & I weighed in at 12 lbs....Dad said I'm getting "udders"....rubbish. I was never skinny,even as a stray....I knew how to take care of myself,between scrounging & hunting,I was,if not well fed,at least not starving....anyway,not bad for a cat who was dying from crystals in his urine almost a year ago! Thanks again to all who helped save me!



January 7th 2013 5:35 am
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I didn't even notice that my birthday/Gotcha day was the other one really knows when I was born,let alone how old I am,but I do know that I have been an indoors cat for 1 year now....I like the eating every day thing,but I do miss eating the occasional squirrel....mmmm....squirrel....

I suppose all these other cats are OK moderation,as long as they don't mess with me....

Thanks to everyone who sent me messages & presents!


Thief of Tails...

November 28th 2012 3:01 pm
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A friend sent us a gift card,so Dad cooked a turkey for the first time in several years....after it was done & cooling off,Dad took his eye off of it for a moment...I grabbed the tail & leapt to the floor,where other cats swarmed me & stole bits of my prize....RULE #1--DO NOT leave food unattended if I am around...I didn't survive all those years as a stray by passing up opportunities.....Mmmmmm....turkey tail......*licks lips*


I'm feeling better,& thanks!

May 24th 2012 8:53 am
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I'm feeling much better. I'm peeing well & I am on drugs. 1 for pain,1 for appetite stimulation(now that I'm home I really don't need it)& 2 for my bladder. The Human says that the pain medicine says "controlled substance" on it...he says I better not become a junkie. More stereotyping of the formerly homeless...

There is a video of me right after I got home that is loading onto my page. It will be available eventually,or so I am told....

I want to thank everyone who Purred for me,sent me PoP & gifts& donated to my fund....Thank you all! I would not have made it without your Purrs....


Home again!

May 22nd 2012 3:38 pm
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BE is home! He is doing well,& thanks everyone for their Purrs. I got him some Urinary Health dry food(even though he's not a big dry food eater) & I ordered some MethioForm,a urine acidifier that worked on Baxter years ago. He is eating & using the litterbox,but we'll see how it goes. He's good about taking his pills;let's hope he doesn't have any more problems....

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