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Zoes secret dreams made public

Help! Is it old age or sick?

June 2nd 2013 5:40 pm
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Mom is slightly worried. I'm not eating as much as usual and she thinks my fur is starting to show a deficiency. I seem to be just fine and full of energy. Maybe even more so than usual (mom figures that's because after years she found the secret to keeping my allergies in check)

The one thing that is irritating her the most is I'm getting a Mohawk along my spine. She says I look like a Halloween kitty all the time. Is this normal? Have you ever seen this happen before? Am I too skinny or sick or just getting old?

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Purred by: Lisa P

June 2nd 2013 at 6:25 pm

Sweetie are you picking at your fur or tearing it out or anything like that? Do you have any hot spots there?
Purred by: Zoe Kona Sunshine DG#2 (Catster Member)

June 2nd 2013 at 7:15 pm

No hot spots, and I'm not licking...but now that I think about it, the fur might seem to be a little thin there but that might also be from it sticking straight up. I have no idea what this is.

Mom says I'm due for blood work to be done. It's been two years. She is just wondering if you guys had a clue of whats going on.
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June 2nd 2013 at 7:17 pm

Maybe your thyroid levels are off a bit? Or Did anything change in your diet?
Purred by: Lisa P

June 2nd 2013 at 7:18 pm

I agree, blood work should be taken especially if it's been two years. Definitely have your thyroid checked just in case. I really don't know sweetie. Diet is always the first thing that comes to mind. What are you eating again?
Purred by: Zoe Kona Sunshine DG#2 (Catster Member)

June 2nd 2013 at 8:04 pm

Okay, my diet hasn't changed in a year now. I have food allergies so I eat chicken and lamb, no seafood, no beef. Mom gives us Iams. We were on Pro Plan last year but the picky eater (Gris) started a hunger strike.

And Alex, we eat canned food with no gravies (Mom remembers your Mom telling her that before...less useless grains)It is either Blue Wilderness, Pro Plan, Iams and on the skimpy paycheck weeks we get Friskies or Fancy Feast. I'm not a big canned food eater though so Mom worries I don't get enough real nutrients.

Mom here- Zoe has been into the vets, she just hasn't had work done. Actually last time she was there which was like in Feb. Doc checked out a front tooth that has died. He said it didn't seem to be inflamed but he wouldn't know for sure to pull it till she got her teeth cleaned. Thanks for the advice and your right a Thyroid problem might be it. I know back when she stayed on steroids for her allergies she was chunky but we fixed her allergies and she got skinny, too skinny like went from 12 pds to 7. But Doc didn't say she was too skinny. I don't guys know how I worry.

I'll call the Docs this week. Thanks again.
Purred by: Lisa P

June 2nd 2013 at 8:08 pm

You're a good mom to be on top of this. Worrying can sometimes lead to find something before it becomes a major issue. May not be anything but if you're worried, check it out.
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June 2nd 2013 at 8:08 pm

BTW!!! I would rather she eat the Friskies and Fancy Feast than anymore Purina ProPlan and Iams. Those two are no good. That could in fact be causing this issue.
Purred by: Zoe Kona Sunshine DG#2 (Catster Member)

June 2nd 2013 at 8:13 pm

At our old vets, they laughed at Mom for being a worry wort. That was the same month Blackie died. Just another reason Mom left that place. Good news they went belly up a few years later.
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June 2nd 2013 at 8:17 pm

Alex, Speaking of Iams canned food. Mom bought some on clearance at Target the other week. She figured the just wasn't going to carry the same cans of Lamb anymore. Guess what...Gris and I both wouldn't it. Mom figured it was bad like a bad seal or something and threw them away.

Thanks for the info...Mom's pocket book will appreciate Friskies and Fancy Feast buys.
Purred by: Lisa P

June 2nd 2013 at 8:26 pm

Yup, Purina makes Fancy Feast but Pro Plan is NOT one of their good brands at all. And mom hates Iams as well. lots of crap in those brands. I would be curious to see if your fur improves after being off those foods for at least two weeks.


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