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Zoes secret dreams made public

The Bloody Princess game

September 18th 2011 7:20 pm
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Ladies, we must not let these boys go home with the treasure! I want each one of you to come and let me know how you did in the raid.

1 Who did you talk to?
2 What did you do?
3 What treasure did you bring to add to the kitty?
Just answer quick on this diary

Meantime we're sailing off to grab Zach's personal treasure! He want even know we are going there. Conclusion tomorrow and then off to India to help Samhain and Sleeper!

Purred by: Maedia (Catster Member)

September 18th 2011 at 7:52 pm

I was on the pier at Port Lucius. I could see the ships at a distance growing closer by the hours. My eyes burned from staring at the horizon. I talked to some local pirate lasses and warned them we might need some assistance. Then the went off in search of grog and some new hats. While scratching around in the sand by the pier, I did find some jewels. I will add them to the kitty when we meet up on land.
Purred by: Zoe Kona Sunshine DG#2 (Catster Member)

September 18th 2011 at 7:59 pm

Thank You Maedia. Your a fine landlubber!
Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

September 18th 2011 at 10:50 pm

I snuck over on to the boys' boat and let out some of my powerful Eau de Jez (with perfect aim I might add - MOL!) While the boys were gagging and passing out from the stinkiness, I made off with lots and lots of gold coins. And also some sparkly pretty jewels!
Purred by: Monida (Catster Member)

September 19th 2011 at 12:03 am

I was able to break into the food cabinets and steal all their delicious treats and nip. We should be set for the rest of the trip! I did encounter one sneaky pirate - but I was able to throw a bowl of water at him and escape!
Purred by: Purincess Miranda (Catster Member)

September 19th 2011 at 4:27 am

Iz made sure I had my gunpowder all ready, then latched onto a big buuurd (pellican me thinks) and made it fly me to the top of dere ship. I shinnied down through their rigging, stopping to sharpen my claws on the main mast. Gets to the deck where thez has all partied way toooo much and is zzzzzz-ing. Cept for my bro Milo who is bad choice to leave on guard. Whipped out a buurthday candle and lit it (see his kitty page) and put him into a trance. Then tied him up real good with some lace. I found lots of beautiful green jewels and diamonds, and kitty munchies, but cause I can't carry stuff too well with my front feet, I found this really big goldfish (I think he was Tippsey's relative). Told her I was sorry Tippsey died and she said "That's Okay." And she carried me an' all the booty back to our ship. An' that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
Purred by: Zoe Kona Sunshine DG#2 (Catster Member)

September 19th 2011 at 5:20 am

I'm am so proud of you girls. Dagger Toes Simone says she's got a lot to sort through. And I'm sure we'll get more loot as the girls keep coming back.

Miranda, have you seen Lucy? I'm so glad Tippsey's relative helped you. Stick to it baby!
Purred by: Victoria (Catster Member)

September 19th 2011 at 5:48 am

I made a grand leap as our ship came alongside, and just barely sank my claws into the guys' ship on the starboard aft. Or maybe the aftboard star. I get those ship details mixed up. Anyways, I saw my brother Jasper asleep on his watch, and since he sleeps like a hibernating groundhog, I walked right over him to the treasure room, where I filled a bag with gold dubloons and silver crowns. I carried that to the prow and was going to jump back to our ship, but the dubloons and crowns were too heavy. So I sneaked down to the cannon deck and tippytoed out to the end of one of their cannons and then made a little hop over to the end of one of our cannons, and I was home free!
Purred by: Alex R

September 19th 2011 at 6:23 am

Well, you know how we first stole the speedboat. Then as you ordered we tried to kidnap Blizzard and his mates, but you might as well try to move a mountain of snow - geez, that cat's heavy! But Kringle thought it would be fun to be kidnapped, so we got him. Hehehe - gotta say, he HAS been a lot of fun to talk to! The stuff he's done - I feel humbled by his deviousness. Then Sleeper got kinda spooky, glazed-eyed on me, and made me come to...wait, I better let her tell her part herself. Oh, and I ripped up some of their sails, and then stole a whole barrel of those eels they were planning to fire on us - I LOVE those things!
Purred by: Alex R

September 19th 2011 at 6:34 am

Well, don't be mad at me, Capt. Zoe, but I kinda got sidetracked into a conversation about pin joints with Jazz Morgan the Ripper, carpenter for Zachie's - I mean Capt. Zax's ship - see, it's not my area of expertise, and he knows a bit more than me about that engineering stuff. He was very helpful, and time just kinda slipped away from us...Anyway, then I got this weird feeling that I needed to do something. And Samhain came back just then, so I grabbed her and we stole down into the hold, and found this little crate that I KNEW we had to open. And when we did, there was this key in it - nothing else. I took it, but then Samhain said we had to get out of there, so that's all I've got. Sorry. Except I know something else about engineering!
Purred by: Zoe Kona Sunshine DG#2 (Catster Member)

September 19th 2011 at 7:09 am

Sleeper! Let me see that key. Cap'n Zoe goes to open the top drawer of her desk. The drawer is stuck. Zoe looks at Sleeper. Sleeper just shrugs her shoulders and giggles. Finally, after some forceful yanking, the drawer opens up and Cap'n Zoe pulls an old picture out and lays it on the desk under the light. "Girl! You are the luckiest psychic cat I know! You grabbed Zach's key this key opens the gate to his cavern treasure room! I thought we were going to have to blast our way in but now we can walk right in without dirtying a nail! I would start celebrating but we see how that worked out for the boys!"

"Skittles, are we still getting treasures in?" "Yes Cap'n" "Well, lets see what the girls have brought!"

As Cap'n Zoe walks out she turns and said well done Vicki for getting all those coins, Samhain Thanks for grabbing dinner and Sleeper, enough said! You all have made excellent pirates!
Purred by: Lucy the Cat Fairy (Catster Member)

September 19th 2011 at 9:59 am

Crept on board and saw all these grogged up mancats. Almost tripped over Tabbies who were layin’ there snoring on deck! Decided to go right to the top and find Cap’n Zaxery. He is one very very good lookin’ mancat. Thought I might just distract him so others could make away with the treasures. Looked everywhere for him. Then – there he was! He spotted the girls comin’ aboard and was about to sound the alarm. That no good! No time to dazzle him with my female charms, I had to resort to sword play. While I am very devoted to defendin’ what’s ours, not the best fighter in the world. Our swords was clangin’ and flashin’. O dear! He is such a good fighter (as well as a good looker!). Just when I thought I was about lose a life there comes this hissing meow an’ it’s my boy! “Stop, Cap’n!” Linus shouts bringing his sword between us. “Sorry, Cap’n, but I cannot let you take out my ma.” Cap’n Zaxery is a true cat of chivalry. He lowers his sword. “Be gone!” he meowed and I scampered overboard before he could change his mind. No loot, Cap’n Zoe, but I think I did distract Cap’n Zax, just not in the way I’d planned.
Purred by: Zoe Kona Sunshine DG#2 (Catster Member)

September 19th 2011 at 10:06 am

That's alright that you didn't get anything. Honestly, I'm just glad you didn't have to hurt my brother or got hurt yourself. My brother can be a great guy when he wants to be.
Purred by: ♥Harley-Dreamette 2 (Catster Member)

September 19th 2011 at 7:36 pm

well girls..... you may not believe this but i do have some charms so i wiggled me little cat tail over to the boys ship and lo and behold.....there is Charlie Chocolate Paws just snoozing with a some of that there catnip in those paws.... the eyes were glazed and there was this silly grin on his face doesn't take a pirate scientist to get Charlie talking once he's had a little more of the "nip" so now I have all the secrets of the boys ship..... we can discuss over breakfast when we strategize........ when I left Charlie, one quick little smooch and he was in lalala land MOL
Purred by: The Bush Furs (Catster Member)

September 20th 2011 at 10:59 am

CONGRATULATIONS!! on your DDP honor Sweetie.
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