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Zoes secret dreams made public

I have a Diary of the Day question?

March 23rd 2011 1:25 pm
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Okay if you go to the bottom of the diary pick page my sis Diamond is the 2nd doggie there. Yea! right? Wrong! I'm a little aggravated that The Diary of the Day belongs to a Pet Supply Wholesaler.

It's actually kinda funny, cause four doggies was able to run it off by being barking mad in the comments section of the diary. The page itself is gone now but the diary is still there. You oughta check it out and see your fellow Dogsters doing a good job calling it out.

But how did it get Diary of the Day anyway?

Me and Mommy are doubting the whole diary thing all together now. But then Diamond said something that makes all the sense in the world. We don't write diaries to win awards from friends and an ego stroke from the diary lady. We write diaries for our friends. To entertain them. To let them know what's going on. Can you believe Zach (which, by the way is still sulking from the match) went and patted her on the back and told her that was the single smartest comment she's ever made.

We do it for you, our dear friends.

Purred by: Tink the Cat (Catster Member)

March 23rd 2011 at 1:46 pm

Once we saw a cat profile that was for the sale of a car! We just sent it to Catster and it was taken off. I purrsonally don't think the diary picks are actually made by reading ALL the diaries & picking the best ones, but I don't want to bring anybody down. Reading the picks exposes me to new diaries and helps me get to know other kitties, so no matter how they are chosen, I benefit from them. I still LOVE IT when my buddies "win"! When they don't for a notable entry(Finney, last week, comes to mind) I recognize them anyway!Luv, Tink
Purred by: Kaci Sunshine - Beloved Angel (Catster Member)

March 23rd 2011 at 4:35 pm

Many of us believe the Diary Lady is a computer or robot! MOL! Some entries seem to be chosen by a human and some seem like random choices. There are so many diary entries written every day that it must be hard singling out any particular entry unless there's a special reason for it (such as a very sick kitty). It's hard to know what criteria Catster uses to chose the diaries they do decide to highlight. And some really outstanding diary writers never seem to be picked as DDPS! I think Catster HQ glances at most of the DDP choices the computer selects each day but sometimes they don't and something icky slips through. Once everyone complains, it's removed but the photo stays and it wouldn't be possible to replace it with another photo and diary selection at the last minute.

But Tilly is right! The purpose of writing in your diary is not to be chosen as a DDP but to communicate with your friends and let them know what's going in your life and for your friends to read it and be informed or entertained and give feedback. It helps us be friends and know each other. I like reading each day's DDPs and am glad they do selections because there are many (too many!) kitties I don't know and wouldn't know unless their diaries are chosen. I read their diaries and send friends requests. In fact, I wish kitties would write in their diaries more often and regret that some never do. I doubt anyone writes in their diary with the thought of being chosen as a DDP. It's always a complete surprise whenever I've been picked -- there's nothing special about how I write or what I write about. :)) It's lots of fun in and of itself although I also love being picked as a DDP and seeing my friends chosen too but it's not the reason I write in my diary.

So keep on writing Sunshine!

Purred by: Zoe Kona Sunshine DG#2 (Catster Member)

March 23rd 2011 at 5:02 pm

Okay, there for a little while I wanted some prezzies, so I kept telling my kitty friends that I needed to get DDP or DOTD. That's when everybody said talk about poopie. I wound up getting my one and only DOTD for righting about Lucius being sick and staying at the vets. Go figure. What you two have said does make a lot of sense.
Purred by: Teebo - Angel Dreamboat #66 (Catster Member)

March 23rd 2011 at 5:33 pm

I agree that it doesn't seem as though the DDP is necessarily by a person all the time. However, like the rest of the people have said, we don't write our diaries to win prizes. It's just a nice way to let our friends know what's going on or to entertain them.
Purred by: Maedia (Catster Member)

March 23rd 2011 at 6:58 pm

It is they are chosen. We have made many friends through the diary picks. That Diamond is pretty smart...for a woofie! It's's how we find out what's going on. We might get a good laugh or a cry, but it keeps us in the know!
Purred by: Zoe Kona Sunshine DG#2 (Catster Member)

March 23rd 2011 at 7:26 pm

Maedia, Diamond says thanks for the compliment. I think she's right too.

She doesn't post as many diaries as we do but when she does, she gets picked. She got Diary of the Day on Feb. 22nd. Smart girl!
Purred by: Luke (Catster Member)

March 23rd 2011 at 8:23 pm

The diary picks are a mystery to us, too. Someone mentioned that a computer randomly picks them, but then certain kitties are picked so often, we doubt it could all be random. Diaries are what hooked us on Catster. Mom found Catster by accident a couple of years ago, and when she discovered the diaries, she loved them so much and wanted to post comments, so she finally created our profiles so we could comment! They remain one of our most favorite things about Catster.

Love, Luke
Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

March 23rd 2011 at 9:58 pm

You think they could at least review the diaries to make sure it wasn't an ad!
Purred by: River (Catster Member)

March 25th 2011 at 1:02 am

hmmmmmm that doesn't seem fair. They should at least review the diaries before posting them! That seems only fair!


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