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Zoes secret dreams made public

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Help with Christmas card list

December 9th 2013 1:51 pm
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Guys when our computer died we lost the addresses for all of our friends. If we are on your list and you want a card from us.... Please send us your address.

Mom got the cards this weekend and they are cute!!!!!



October 27th 2013 1:24 pm
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Is that really my page? Mom finally got her laptop back. Unfortunately she lost everything so some helpful tips for getting your old accounts back on line would be helpful. She is especially having problems with firefox. She requested an email with her password but so far no password. And she couldn't recover one password because the website didn't recognize the computer. The computer has been reformatted so Mom is afraid there's no hope. Crap! She is going to have to write down everything she thinks she has ever used as a password and try to crack it herself. But the firefox password is over three years old and she has no earthly idea what it could be.

Anyway, now that we have our laptop back and I can see my background on my page. Gosh it's gorgeous and trendy. Mom had just changed it like the day the hard drive seen it's DDay. So, we forgot what it looked like. What a great surprise!

That little sis of mine is being so super annoying today. Mom has yapped at her several times, which is interfering with my sleep. Daphne is such a tomboy. Oh and she kisses Zach's butt so he won't sheriff her. Poor baby has no values yet.

Anyway, things are doing fine around here.


A new year......time to let my hair down

June 24th 2013 5:56 pm
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I have a feeling. It's coming from my gut....a new lease on life ahead. Yeah I know it wasn't my bday but it was the day Dad saved my life and brought me home to be part of a most awesome fam ever. Mom says those days of sleeping trees most seem like its a distant memory but it's not. It's fond memories of my youth. See when I first became their Meha' (daughter) I lived outside. Mom would come home from work and start singing "I'm on fire" by Bruce the Human Boss and I would come running. I don't know why I liked it so much personally it's kind of a creepy song, lyric wise, but yet so sexy blusey. You know what I mean.

Mom says she remembers her youth through music too. I asked her if she could give me a new page and playlist to share my new attitude. She said sure "it's about time for a change anyway"

Mom also brought me home some new feather toys which Gris and Zach didn't mind stealing from me right away. Brats! Here's a giftie idea you guys can give me....a vacation from them! Maybe I'll go see Bob and the girls...Samhain and Sleep. (Fearless is still rowdy and immature like Gris so I'll pass on hanging with her) Then I can stop in to see Lacey and then Tink, then Sweetie and my girls...Skit, Meadia and Mrs. Murphy (for some love advice) Then maybe go see Miranda's horses. East Coast road trip! who's in?

Mom will have all our new pages up by the weekend so if you lie our playlist now... get to listening! PS- Zach wanted to tell you he will be having a smokin token kind of 70's memory lane playlist with Kiss and Supertramp type music, I'll have the girls of the 70's playlist like The Pretenders and Juice Newton and Gris can't seem to get with the program. We might just leave his page alone( don't tell him I said so but it is pretty dang cool just the way it is.)


We forgot!!!!!

June 23rd 2013 7:33 pm
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How can you forget the best day of your life, the day you go home to your furever home. Zach always said Mom was a dodo.

Mom is exhausted from working 60 hours a week right now and yes she's happy the work is there but she's so tired she doesn't even want to go shopping with the extra kibble she's making. Sad is what I say. Anyway, we just got done watching the Skywalk thingy on Discovery (which was super cool) and wants to go to sleep. She promises to do a cool diary for me tomorrow.

With love,
Thanks for the gifts,
Your friend forever Zoe


GreenPaws Twilight Bark for Charlie's fam

June 5th 2013 8:45 am
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I have been in contact with Jez and Charles family about their Gump and Tiger Remberence Plant from GreenPaws. Jezs Mom mentioned trying to find a Charles Austin Rose. This is a very difficult rose to find. I personally have found only one nursery that had them but they were out of country. Phooey on that! Now Jezs mom said she was asking the nurseries to call them when they got one. I think it would be nice if we cod find one now for her. So please if you can and have the time, check your local nurseries and favorite suppliers to see if they have one.

Again the rose is .....
Charles Austin

She said it was the perfect rose to represent Charlies garden.

Ps- I am still looking for the plants we are going to purchase for the garden. Thanks for your help.


Help! Is it old age or sick?

June 2nd 2013 5:40 pm
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Mom is slightly worried. I'm not eating as much as usual and she thinks my fur is starting to show a deficiency. I seem to be just fine and full of energy. Maybe even more so than usual (mom figures that's because after years she found the secret to keeping my allergies in check)

The one thing that is irritating her the most is I'm getting a Mohawk along my spine. She says I look like a Halloween kitty all the time. Is this normal? Have you ever seen this happen before? Am I too skinny or sick or just getting old?

Zoe Kona Sunshine is back!


Happy Belated Mothers Day! I have a special gift for you.

May 13th 2013 6:02 pm
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So we kind of missed all the gift giving yesterday. Grandma and Grandpa was over and they cooked out. Here's the kicker....Zach, Gris and I were locked up in our comfy room, away from Buddy the Beagle and the computer.

(You should have seen Gris and Zach with their noses up to the door crying. Zach kept saying "I smell Steak" It was hilarious!)

Anyway, since we didn't get any gifts sent out, please except our belated Happy Mothers Day to all the furmoms out there, whether four legged or two.

For all the Moms, special ordered from Gumps Nursery.


I don't think we are in Kansas anymore

May 5th 2013 11:20 am
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So we woke up last weekend to chilly damp no sun days. And it's still like that! Mom says it's a blessing cause it's keeping the summer heat at bay but I thank we have been transported to Seattle. 7 days and still counting. The weather lady says we are stuck in this pattern. It is keeping the heat away I have to admit that (and no heat cuts back on storms which makes Diamond very happy) plus it makes for good sleeping but I miss my warm sun rays.

Zach said he's good cause there's still cookouts and birds to watch. Gris seconded that.

Other than that nothing really notable has happened.

Oh! I have taken up sleeping under the covers with my back against Mom. I seen Gris do it one time and figured it was worth a try. To say the least, Gris only did it a few times. I figure it was to hot for him. But I like the heat. Bring it on! Mommie water bottles are the best!


To bird or not to bird

April 13th 2013 5:27 am
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Okay so mom needs some advice,,,, she was down in Raleigh yesterday at the rose nursery and decided to stop in the petsmart while she was there. Not really looking she noticed some pretty blue parakets. She said they were really gorgeous. Now, right above them was a green cheek conure. And boy did he like mom. He liked her so much, one of the vet assistants noticed it and said " it looks like you have a bird for life" Naturally, mom isn't looking for a new pet but that little guy danced for her. He even followed her from one side of his glass enclosure to the other. She keeps wondering will he ever meet another human he likes like that again. Mom has seen many birds in pet stores and never has had one act like this towards her before. The little guy wanted to go home with her. But and this is a big but.... He has no idea what home consist of.. IE Zach and Gris.

So mom wants to hear all of the stories..... Birds living with cats, Bird stories in general, and bird advice. Mom is confused about what to do... She will tell you this, when we had our Calico Mice we were interested but not as much as you thank. So she's hoping if she does get the birdie well get used to him too.

Needing advice,
Zoe and Mommie Chris


Spring tag!!!!

April 3rd 2013 6:26 pm
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If you would like to play the Spring game, just copy my diary, change the answers to yours and tag five of your furiends!

Five Things I Like About Spring In Between Naps:

1. Mom can't stand flies so I help her catch them. I love catching flies and moths.
2. Spring showers to ease me into a nice long comfy nap.
3. Flowers start coming into the house, Mom will always let us smell them before she puts them up out of our reach.
4. Mom starts to keep the front door open more so we get to look out the glass door...great for viewing birdies and neighbor watching.
5. Now this one is kind of ironic.I love love love the windows open, fresh air, breezes..... I love it all but it hates me! It sets my allergies off.

I am tagging:
1. Lucy Nooner
2. Callie (Green Bay Fan)
3. Maedia
4. Edwina
5. Mayflower

Hopes you all enjoy playing!

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