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Life of a not so feral kitty

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Rainbow bridge birthdays

June 9th 2014 11:10 pm
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Hello kitties and humans we miss you all very much and look forward to the days we can come back and have time to play. Mom was very happy to see my friends thinking of me and her on my birthday, her dad and my dad (mom's husband) have both been real sick with Cancer now my dad is recovering well, but her dad is still not well, the doctors tell him it is terminal... :(
So mom doesn't get as much play time but she does still make time for play and quality time with those kitties that are there and they sure do miss mom when she has to go check on her dad. She tells them "I will be back in 2 (or 3 or 4) get ups" Seems they might really know the term get ups they all look up at her when she says that now as if they know this is the last night with her for few days, she always comes back to them and they are so glad to see her when she gets home.
Have a wonderful day we love yall and thanks for loving us.
Boo kitty (angel)


rainbow bridge day and lonely times for the kitties at home

March 24th 2014 8:38 pm
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Thanks to all my wonderful friends for thinking of mom and I today on the anniversary of my crossing. It was the day after mom's birthday that I had to go, we spent her birthday together that year but mom was so so she knew it was the last day she would see me on this side of the bridge.

WE have been NIA from catsster for so long we do pop in and cruise thru the activities every now and then but mom has been really tied up with some family health issues and so she is traveling a lot and when she is not traveling she is at the dr's or the hospital with a family member. My grandma and grandpa both have health issues and the dr's tell grandpa his cancer is terminal :( grand ma broke her leg and my dad (mom's hubby) is battling a cancer too he has surgery this week and it is a long time he will be sleeping while the dr's work on him. Mom will be staying with him so the kitties there are left in the hands of a cat caregiver misses them when she has to be away.
This too shall pass and it will get better we appreciate your purrs and prayers.
Thanks for showing us so much love on the RB day and thanks for the rossies, cards, letters and photos


Update on my Blizz and DDP!!!

September 17th 2013 5:17 pm
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Wow I got a diary pick, I do not say much on catster these days so it was very nice to see I got some spotlight time. Mom finds it is easier to "talk" for me for so long she just couldn't do it, it was too hard.
Time does help to make it easier but some days..... sigh.

In other news Blizz is doing so much better!!!! His dad thinks he might have gotten a bad can of cat food (the can was a little dented) but all is well with him again now. SO glad my sweet mancat is all better.

Thanks for celebrating my DDP honors with us today it was so good to hear from every kitty.

booboo angel and mom


my sweet blizz aka The CAtfather is at the vet

September 11th 2013 9:25 pm
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Hi my friends,
My mom and I just read oh FB that My Blizz is not feeling well and he is at the hospital tonight. Orange Ruffy's mom posted it on face book.
Please visit My Blizz at his catster page and let him and his and dad know we are purring and sending angel dust.
booboo angel kitty


circle of life

March 19th 2013 9:18 pm
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One year ago today I left my family and went to the bridge and mom was very sad and for many months she no longer wanted to play here cause it just made her sad instead of bringing joy like it used to do.
Today mom misses me very much but she is healing and is finding joy again in playing here with the friends we have made. The circle of life goes on today mom was made a great aunt and is celebrating new life that is our baby Addison and today she made mom a great aunt! So much about life is good and so we look forward with joy and gladness for days like today and so mom looks back with a little sadness because of the loss of me her Booboo but now she can look back with gladness for the joy we brought into each others life.
Thank you all my wonderful catster friends for thinking of mom and I today I am so very missed there at home.
PS I posted the new life photo on my page because sometimes the fleas here are dreadful.


in the spot light

March 12th 2013 10:47 pm
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It was good to see my pretty Boo kitty's face in the spotlight and to hear from all of our friends. I got on catster late tonight and I have not picked up the photos I started at the office earlier today and got busy. Thank you all my for the pretty photos we will get them up to proudly display them tomorrow.
Her bridge date has not come yet these are the last few days I had with her 1 year ago it was a bittersweet time good I could spend it with her but oh so sad to know I was saying good bye for now. It was like spending time in a hospice for kitties, I think we both knew the end was coming and just enjoyed the time we had left as best as we could. Thanks for the prizzies pamails and comments .
Anna from Calio you are so right and we gotta member that for my girls Boo Ivey and little Alley thanks for your encouraging words.
Thanks everyone for loving my boo and I.


Almost 1 year ago

March 10th 2013 9:25 pm
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Well one year ago my sweet girl I was doing all I knew to do to make you better and you were working hard to feel better but it just was not to be our time together was coming to it's end. I recall how you loved it when dad gave me flowers you smelled them and tried to eat them, last year dad brought flowers home for my birthday but you didn't feel like enjoying them. I am so glad we had the years together that we did. I am glad your end was not that day I found you in the shelter just looking for someone to take you from that feral cat cage and show you some love. as much as it hurt me to lose you sweet boo kitty I would not have missed it for the world. There is no other kitty like you here you were such a quite girl with eyes so full of love an gratitude you were always watching me, you and little boy were so close and he is not the same without you.
My throat still has a lump in it even now as I think of how much I miss you.
Love you boo kitty booboo


so glad we got cha my Boo kitty boo

June 28th 2012 7:45 pm
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I love you my sweet BooBoo girl kitty I will never forget the way you looked at me the day I stopped by that feral cat cage. You rolled over on your cute little side and motioned for me to come closer with your pretty pink paw. You were not feral and I don't think you ever were you just needed some one to love on you. I was so happy to do it too. You loved us from the first time you came through the door of your new home and even after all we put you thru (with the addition of Little Boy and all the kittens) you adjusted each time and kept your place in our hearts and now you are there furever. I still cry when I think of you and tonight and I try to write to you the tears roll again. You were so independent and when you were in the mood for luvin you know I would stop whatever I was doing to love on you those times were and always will be so precious to me. I never wanted to let you go and if you could have lived on pain meds and forced feedings you know I would have kept you here. Our last days together were so bitter sweet. After Skids had to leave us you were our first kitty and you will always have a very special place in our hearts.
So many caring friends stopped by today to love on us and it was so good to hear from everyone, thanks for loving my booboo girl
I know that by now you and Ivey are getting along well and you have met and bonded with Skids and been reunited with Alley.
Until we meet again Fly painfree and beautiful Booboo girl kitty. I am so glad we got cha and shared the 3.75 years together I wish it could have been more.


Thanks for celebrating

June 9th 2012 12:12 am
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My Boo kitty would have celebrated her fourth year with us today,time sure flies it still seems like just the other day I brought her home from that awful shelter and she seemed to feel right at home from the first night she was here. Of course I did not know her birthday but it just seemed right to celebrate her day on the day skids left for the bridge. After all skids was the reason boo found her home here with us just 20 days after skids went to the bridge. Thanks for celebrating her birthday with us today. So many beautiful friends came by today and even though I still miss her so very much it seems like she should come walking in and jump up on the bed or just sit and watch me, it sure made the day easier and my heart lighter everytime I got notified "BooBOO had received a .....catmail, comment, a star or a rossette. It means so much to hear from our friends, thanks for making catster a great place to be for the love of cats.


Bridge greetings---not yet

April 7th 2012 9:34 pm
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I wanted to send a little note from my angel but I am not ready yet to compose a diary from my Booboo kitty. I feel ok most days, I am really surprised at how well I am doing. Then other days I miss her so bad and it hurts (all part of loss I know we been here before) tonight I was fine and as I started this entry the tears came again.
Today we had little humans (2 year olds ) over for a visit and all the kitties went into hiding. My husband made the comment that Boo when have been right in the middle of that visit not to love on them (she only cuddled with us and my best friend) but to see what was going on in her house (sad smile) she always wanted to check it out she was never a scardy cat.
I know so many friends were here to comfort as Boo left for the Bridge and I would like to thank you all I know you know how I feel and how much the love of friends that truly know how this hurts helps during this time.
Maybe one day I will get out thanks to each and every one of you but if I don't or until then. I hope you all know how much your support has meant to us during the loss of Boo kitty (our first kitty into the house after skids)
Hoping all of you have a Blessed and safe Easter and enjoy lots of family time.

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