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Linus is sick!!!!!

September 10th 2013 10:04 pm
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We just read the diary Linus wrote and he feels bad and has to be away from home till Friday!! he could use some purrs and catster love.
We love you Linus and we are purring and praying you feel better real soon.,
Love little boy and family


little changes

June 30th 2013 10:42 pm
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sure can make a BIG difference. I am doing waaay better and the need to spray is about gone altogether!!! I feel much more calm and playful and much more like the kitty I was when mom first brought me home before we became such a big kitty household. The feliway plug in is always plugged in and mom sprays some calming spray around the house often, I can no longer go out on my own the door is blocked and I cannot get to it. I can only view the outside world from the upstairs. We have a timeshare going on with the office chair that sits facing the window that looks out over the courtyard. I wear my calming collar 24/7 now.
Mom is very pleased with the changes in me and the other kitties seem to be doing ok with the no view of the outside down stairs, we got a kitty tree by the window upstairs and we can sit in the windowsill upstairs too so we are all making the adjustments even mom who does like the way the sunlight is closed out of the entire downstairs area.
Today was a great day mom was very tired so after church she cat napped all afternoon with us. Not sure where the girls were napping but Tiny and I were on the bed with mom all afternoon, MOL tiny laid right by her head so if she turned her head she was kissing his forehead.
little boy out


vet visit and stuff

June 14th 2013 10:43 pm
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is over! Thanks everycat for your support it was great to hear from so many of my friends and wow there are some good suggestions too "my cat from hell" gotta check that out. (sorry for this long up date on me)
OK so I screamed at mom all the way there after it was so easy for her to get me in the carrier (I am just to easy sometimes) but we are allowed to play in our carriers and I used to take trips to the country with mom.
Back to the visit once I got there I kinda just shut down totally mom was concerned I had really gotten sick, well i was scared to death we dont' go to the vet for regular shots mom and dad don't think we need them since we are all indoor only. So here I was thinking she was about to ditch me for being a bad peepeeing boy cat. The vet lady poked me and prodded me and put a stick up under my tail then she put a needle in my belly! Said she needed some urine and my bladder was too small for her to express it, well let me tell you I know how to express my own bladder, So I am healthy got no UTI problems and the vet lady told mom there was no way anyone vet would have "forgotten" to ell her if I had would have had fruit in only one cup at the time they took them so they did not even check for that. Mom is still concerned this could be part of my issues.
At this time mom and dad are going to treat my behavior issues. The vet gave mom a number for a animal behaviorist but for now the vet suggested they close off and not allow me out into the enclosure where I might encounter other cats and also to block all the windows downstairs so I cannot see the outside world (not sure how Moe and the others will take to that). I have a calming collar (we have not used that yet mom's not sure about it) and the feliway plug ins are back in the wall. We used to use them when Ivey was here cause she was so aggressive but we have not had one in a while cause it seemed like the rescue remedy was working and we have just tried so many different things! For some reason I have been much calmer since I returned home from the vet who knows why maybe the vet visit made me rethink my position or the plug in is doing it's thang. IF these changes do not help me (mom will watch some of "the cat from hell") then we will maybe see another vet about my fruit cups (really need to check to be sure there is not one left full) Next we will see the behaviorist and as a last result we will try the drugs. Paws crossed I will continue to be as calm and laid back as I have been since I returned home. Everyone welcomed me back without a fuss mom was concerned about their reaction to my scent from the vet. One thang the vet said kinda puzzled mom, she said you never know what might set him off even the visit today might trigger him so watch him for the next 24 hrs you know cats an really hold grudges and he might be upset with you for a while. Well we never heard that kitties hold grudges not really and i have been so very good since we got that visit over with. So do you hold a grudge?
Sorry again for the long post I seem to be very talkative tonight.
little boy out (not to the enclosure tho cause the door is blocked!)


vet and I

June 10th 2013 9:14 pm
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Well I think it will all be alright but I want mind a few purrs if you don't mind. I will be going to see the vet tomorrow. I have this on again off again problem with marking my territory and mom and dad have tried everything to work with me calming collars, rescue remedy, feliway plug ins, etc... The thing is now we are going to have me checked to see if maybe when I got my fruit cups emptied years ago, maybe something got missed. The vet's office told mom they will do an exam, blood work, maybe some urine just to be sure I have not developed some type of health issues. I don't act sick but I don't like strange kitties in my yard I get so stressed! So after they check me to make sure I am still in totally good health, then I will need to get an x-ray and see if I might have to have surgery and if that is not the case and my issues are just territory marking, then we might have to get me some anti anexitity drugs. Mom does not want to do this but there doesn't seem to be any other way. We got new drapes several times and replaced carpets with tile, and replaced a bed an a couch and now i might end up drugged. :(
So we will take it one day at a time just like we have been and start with having me checked again to be sure there are no health issues.
Little nervous about this I do not care for vets...


who is that kitty?

June 3rd 2013 9:16 pm
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It's Little BOy! That right Heeeeeeeerrrrrr's Little Boy! KCK kitty of the week thanks to this awsome group of catster kitties for this great honor! Mom was gone for a couple of days and she came home to find out I have been awarded this great honor. If you get a chance go over to KCK and check out the COTW thread....see it ? that 's me! I am loving my time in the spot light.
In other news here on the home front I am a real lover when I am in the mood for love. I am not always in the mood but mom really likes it when come up to her and look for some one on one time, I nuzzle her neck and make biscuits and I even drool a little. Tonight I spent a little time with her like that just to let her know I still love her even though she left us here with dad for two days without her, and we love dad (callie is a real daddy's girl) but mom is ....well there is no human like mom.
little boy out


hello my old friends what's a tatttle tell??

May 19th 2013 10:45 pm
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Hi everycat we have not been around much and we miss being here it just seems like life has gotten too busy for mom.... so much going on but I will not bore you with all that. My story is about me. So this morning dad told mom I am a tattle tell.... what is that?
Mom said "really" and he told her "yes he was outside in the enclosure earlier this morning and I looked out at him, then he came through the kitty door just a talking smack so I went outside and made the little kitty that was out there go home then littleboy was ok again" mom said " I hope that little kitty had a home to go home to"
I sure hope mom is not getting any thoughts of checking on kitties that need a home I will not have it (4's enough).
So I ask you what is a tattle tell???


the chase is on!!!

March 5th 2013 12:07 am
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I miss Boo kitty it is almsot a year since she disappeared one day after being sickly for a short time, mom and dad were sad and cried.
I looked for her for so long and I could still smell where she had been for a long time but I never did find her. Boo and I were buddies and I was not very close to the brats around here. Boo was the oldest kitty of us all older than me by a year or so and all the kittens mom took in (Moe Tiny Calie and Alley now an angel) were all littermates so they were the same age. Well they are grown up now and I am the oldest cat here. My point is us older kitties, Boo and I used to LOVE playing chase. That was one of many things I miss about her. and mom misses our chase time too. Well Tiny Mighty Moe has tried to entice me into a game of chase now and then but it's not the same and I never really got into it. Well tonight I enticed her into a game and cat o cat was it fun. It did mom's heart good to see me telling Moe to "Bring it on" just the way I did to Boo and Moe even tried to hide around the corner and in the hall just like Boo did to try and catch me off guard, but I am a pretty smart tux kitty.Hoping this is the beginning of many more games of chase for us.
Little boy out


check out my friends!

February 26th 2013 9:38 pm
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we have met lots of new friends since we been back from our little time away from catster and all of our old friend sure did welcome us back and we love yall for it.
When you have a minute please go by and meet my friend chloe and her sister. they sure been through some "stuff" but they are strong kitties and they got such a grand kitty mom but then again all of us catster kitties got great pawrents.
chloe is almost fully recovered now but her sister is still a little down.
Their mom is writing for them and I bet they could really use lots of catster love.


what a story!

February 16th 2013 11:33 pm
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You gotta go check out the story of Noel we just met him yesterday and today he is home. Since he is new here he has not met a lot of kitties yet and he is writing a diary.His whole family is so lucky to have been rescued my such loving pawrents and they re all making adjustments to the new life. Please go say hi and make them welcome when you get a chance.


what a grand celebration catster style!

January 22nd 2013 10:09 pm
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Catster style celebration with my family and friends. Wow it was wild yesterday Moe and Moma Ivey were DDP and now today right on the heals of my birthday I got a DDP honor too! We really are some grand writtin kitties but we need mom's fingers to put our words on paper.
It is so cool to be back into the swing of things here in catster land. Thanks to all of you from all of us for our cards, letters, prizzies and our pretty photos and thanks for celebrating with us.
Mom brought us home treats tonight and last night we had ocean white fish for dinner! MMM love my little fishes and the treats are to die for mom hand feeds them to Calie and I.

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