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got cha day for us three!!

June 9th 2014 11:21 pm
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Hi all and thank you for remembering our got cha day!!! We had many friends stop by with prizzies and cards, letters, and photos so much love was shown to us and we all so enjoyed reading the notes and pawmails. The angels (skids and Boo) already explained our latest reason for being absent from catster. I have become such a snuggle kitty still a little shy at times and I am kinda like my fursister Boo was in that I will let you know when I need loving and when I ask for it I need lots of it MOL. I sleep with mom most night and BUckey (please go befriend him if you haven't already) likes to get up there in my spot right next to mom's heart. He loves me a lot but I am too grumpy with him and mom and dad are always saying "HEY CAllie!" really ? why don't they yell at him??? I was really here first and even if he is a lovely little cat I need the focus to be on me, see he tries to still the spot light.
good night kitties love yall


wake up! wake up!

August 28th 2013 10:44 pm
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this is what I say to mom and dad most nights errr or mornings. See mom does not sleep much so she goes to bed around 2 a.m. and most nights she plays with us before we go to sleep but I am still wired for play when she turns in to sleep.
So I grab the foil ball and run upstairs to the bed room and up onto the bed and say mew mew meeow (sounds like a kitten) and someone (mom mostly) says in an inside voice "calcal night night" but no it 's playtime. so last night mom took the foil ball when I laid it on her bed and she put it under her cover so I went there to look for it she hid it good so I came back out and she rubbed my head till her hand went limp MOL she fell asleep so I nipped her wrist and the petting was restarted, then her hand went limp and I nipped again to restart her and when it went limp again I nipped it and shook it real good kinda like we do when we go for the kill on a bug or lizard MOL and restarted her once again to pet me. Then she very slowing and quietly let the foil ball fall to the floor but I HEARD it and went after it! Mom doesn't sleep much did I say that already??


nails all trimmed up

July 24th 2013 6:34 pm
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WEll almost all of our nails are all trimmed. Mom and dad do not do this often really they should do it more and we would prolly be so used to it, it would be no big deal. Mom did mine and moe's front feet a few nights ago cause we are so easy and tonight mom and dad did my back feet and all four feet on little boy then they did mo's back feet too, it was all no real big deal mom held us and loved us wile she held our feets out to dad to trim. Then there was tiny...........he purred while mom held him and dad did his front feet except for "eye" nail the little one on the side.
So mom let him go and in few minutes she tried again and tiny squirmed out of her arms, they loved on him and when she just light touched his feet he grabbed her arm and started to chew her fingers like a bone, so dad had to tap him on the nose and forehead, then tiny looked at dad to say "she started it" they gave up on him for he night will try for his back feet and that long side nail another day.
Miss talking to all of yall, hope you are all doing well.


Grandma gets it!!!

February 26th 2013 9:21 pm
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Grandma was here the other night visiting mom and while i like Grandma I don't normally come and hang out unless it is just her and I like when she sits with us when mom is away. Ok so the other night grandma was here and she brought her friend I chatted an her but she was a stranger I had only met 3 or 4 times so I hide in the window seal. The thing is it was kinda chilly in the house and grandma said so and suggested mom turn on the little heater in our room it looks like a little fireplace and grandma likes to see it burn. Mom said "it's not really that cold" well grandma turned it on any way and they all sat down at the computer which was on the table in our kitty room ( this room used to be the formal living room and now it is a room with wicker furniture and kitty trees)
Then mom said to grandma "look" and there I was sittin pretty in front of the pretty little fireplace heater with my eyes closed as I faced the heat. When mom said "calcal" I said "meeew" (kinda a short high pitched kitten like mew) Yea grandma gets it I needed heat and she knew it I stayed in the room with them (and the heater) the rest of the evening.


was that a skunk!!!?

February 23rd 2013 10:20 pm
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I kept asking little boy that over and over Mom said it sounded like murrewo mrrrp meewwowww? but he knew what I was asking.
See what happened is he was out side (again in the little kitty enclosure on our fenced in patio so this is a double fence) and mom heard a very loud kitty scream MMEEEEROOOWWW! and little boy burst thru the kitty door and his tail and eyes were very big.
Mom calmed him down and she went out to have a look around and she said it smelled pretty strong like a skunk on the did little boy see a skunk and scream at it and thus scare it so it sprayed the area? WE don't know for sure but seems like that might be what happened, but little boy does not smell like skunk on his fur when mom and I smell him. Our home is not in the country either but there is a little forest at the back of our townhome subdivision so maybe a skunk came from there to our patio. mom really wants us to speak human but really she needs to speak kitty and we are totally telling her what is going on,


fussing and fussing

February 18th 2013 9:10 pm
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Dad told mom he heard me fussing at her the other night he said he had never heard me use words like that with her before. Mom did not understand what he was talking about and he said really? Then he told her I was fussing at her real bad about one or two oclock in the morning. why? they don't get it but they think I was sleeping real good and mom went and moved around in a way that woke me and I was not happy camper. Mom doesn't recall any of this but dad told her she even soothed me like this "calie it's ok" "lay down" "moma loves calie" "go night night" and dad said I continued to fuss for a long time. Well really I was going "night night" why did she feel the need to wake me? I wish they could understand kitty talk and really how did mom sleep through that?


catster love

February 16th 2013 11:46 pm
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My family and I were overwhelmed with the love and treats! Oh yes I do love my treats! Thank you to all our friends that thought of us. We got here late and we got some treats sent out but we didn't make it around to everyone before the treats went awaay so sorry if we missed you.

Speaking of catster love I want to ask you if you will stop by and give a big welcome to Noel he is new here and his story really touched mom's heart I think some of you might know his family they are all pretty new here.


Love calie and family


dropping at her feet in real need...

October 29th 2012 9:59 pm
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Mom never seems to have much time for us like she used to. We get our food and the boxes are clean and she talks with us while she is busy at home. It is not the same as sit down and chat, cuddle, play time Mom always made lots of time for us each night and we miss our time with her. So tonight I followed her all around ( we all did ) while she did some of those peeeeple things that she does (laundry, cleaning, bathing etc) and I kept talkin and talkin every time I spoke to her she ask what was wrong and said she loved me. Well I needed to feel the touch of her loving hand so I just dropped down at her feed (just like skids used to do) and she had to step over me or give me her attention totally. She stopped and sat with me till I had enough, it was so catastic I loved the belly rubs the, toe massage, head and ear..... awww well you know how it is. She didn't stop until I got up to let her know that enough.
WE hope to be back real soon, mom says she will unbusy some of her time and make time for us to play. We miss everykitty.


Little people

July 19th 2012 9:53 pm
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Little people are here in the house again, and we do not care for them as I am sure you all know. They have been in and out of here all week long. We are kinda scared to come out of hiding when mom gets home until we can see if they are with her or not. Word is she will be taking them home on Sunday. This is also the reason we have not been around to play very much. I for one do not really want to come out from behind the curtain till I know they are sound asleep and then when I do come out it is play time with mom and I will not miss that. I begged her to play to night when she got home and she was tired so she promised we will play later.
Well it is later.
WE love it here and miss yall, we read some diaries and some comments but we have not had much time to make our own comments. Hopefully things will be more normal next week.
Love Calie cat and family.


he makes me happy and mom freaked me out

July 9th 2012 10:54 pm
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IS it so bad to love him? I am not a bad cat but I cannot stop myself everytime I see him I trill at him and chat at him I run to him and if he is in the room with me I just get all so happy to see him. Ok so it's littleboy that makes me feel this way wait........don't think bad of me see I know Tiny is my brofur and I treat him like any girl would treat a brat brofur but littleboy is not really a my brofur and I met him when I was a tiny kitty but I loved him from the beginning and my love is growing, but he does not return my feelings he just kinda wrestles with me like I am one of the boys.... it kinda makes mom sad for me too. He still misses boo and I don't play right like she did, I try but well it is not the same for him (sigh)

TOnight mom came into our room and heard a "fountain" then she realized it was me taking a whizz in the box MOL. So she waited (she had only just scooped the boxes) for me to finish and then she went for the scooper and came back to the box and just as she touched it I SHOT OUT of it. I was still in there and no I was not finished yet thank you! Mom said she was sorry and begged me to let her love me but no too late I was kinda freaked out. She turns the box up on the end to move all the stuff to one end when she cleans it no kidding I have seen her do it! She likes to collect our stuff in a wal-mart bag, wonder does she try to return it to wal mart like recycled food?
I forgave her now and I am resting beside her as she types for me I even let her love on me.

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