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The adventures of Dixie

Babies have arrived

April 2nd 2011 1:44 pm
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Last night Dixie went into labor she had her first kitten at 5 this morning every 10 to 30 minutes she had a kitten she has 6 kittens 2 calico 4 orange ones 3 are memales and 3 are males they are so cute Cooper is the only male that we know of that has mated with her so he was there while she gave birth watching over his kids and his woman she tolerated it he licked his kids and slept near her nest her last kid was around 9:30ish i wrote all the times down as they were being born she is a good mama her mothering instincts kicked in before she popped so that was good will post more as they age


Babies!!!!!!!!!!! are almost here

March 30th 2011 6:44 pm
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we have a few more days before we can expect Dixie's babies to be here we are keeping a good eye on her she is never alone ive just noticed that she has been checking out her nesting box and making it comfortable we put blankets and towels in there and shes roughed them up and just sat there i checked her to see if her water broke because it sounded like she was peeing or something she isnt ready yet but shes is getting there fast she is on an all kitten chow diet all the indoor cats are im so excited that the babies will be here ive wanted to see what color they are and how much fun they will be we have been around several cats who have givin birth we never seen them start giving birth but we have seen them give birth after the first babies have been born this one will hopefully be different


Well since i got to the Knicely home

December 23rd 2010 8:16 am
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Well since i got to the Knicely home things have been going as planed im taking in all the sights and smells. they think im a goofy nut job but i just like having fun and getting in to some serious trouble i know my way around the yard everybody likes me but Sammy she still is growling at me and the rest of the pets inside. My human sister showed my what scarlet used to do sit in her window and look out onto the back yard i like watchin what the dogs are going to do next but they are usually boring all they do is sit eat poop pee and sleep in there dog house the cats are more exiting they run around in the back yard to warm up on those cold days i like playing with hair ties so when i see one whether its on the human or not i play with it lately ive been really stinky they say im just like Yoda and Cidnie although i dont know who they really are ive heard good things about them cooper showed me where Cidnie was buried now everytime i go out side thats where i go to pray i walk up to scent make my humans and toot my way past them so i guess its really stinky but its what i eat that makes it that way so anyway its been a blast since ive walked through that front door into a new life ive been watching this show on the comuter called Sylvester the Talking cat i cant take my eyes off him you know i dream about Sylvester but Cooper is the man for me dont tell him i said this but i kind of wish Cooper was black then he'd be more like Sylvester:)

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