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Being a Rainbow Bridge Angel Kitten ......


February 12th 2011 8:25 pm
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When I first got up here, I did not know any one. Shortly after I arrived, Chasie came up here. I was happy. But I did not know what it mean to be a bridge angel....all I know is that I fell asleep in my carrier, then I was here. I thought that was normal. Now, I know that I left my life on earth to come up here. So, Chasie left her life....and then Molly. I have two meowmies to tell me what to do. Chasie acts like my meowmie. I hang out wif her. But, Molly takes care of all the babies like me. I bug her sometimes, but its fun. She never gets mad at me. She just swats me on my behind and tells me to get moving, so we can round up all the kittens. Molly loves her job. I love having two meowmies. Chasie and Molly have alot of friends up here. What a big reunion there was. Catnip all over the place. It was crazy. Chasie keeps a close eye on me. I am only 5 weeks old. I will forever be 5 weeks old. Chasie does not cut me any slack. She says that I WILL learn to behave. (giggles) All I have to do is kiss her face and she melts, then we take a meowmie/son nappie in the sunshine. I try to chase butterflies, but I am really small. I can run fast tho, and I love running in the grass. No fleas up here! I love that part the best. vets either. I liked my vet, I said...I went to sleep in my carrier and when I woke up, I was at the bridge. Reno, my fur brother came and picked me up. He took me to the catnip ice cream shop. That was fun. Its ok to be a baby here. No one picks on you. Everyone is friends up here. I miss Bella and Paisan. I will keep an eye on them from up here. Chasie showed me where the Earth Window is, so I can check on them when ever I want. Ok, I have to go. Chasie said it is my bedtime. But, I will get her to let me stay up late, like every other night. kiss kiss everyone!

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Keiko-Baby Bridge Angel


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