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Alley's memories of home.

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Our story told by tiny

December 30th 2010 9:25 pm
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Dear Diary mom is not ready to start a post by me from the bridge yet but she wanted to record our story so "tiny" is posting here in my diary.

Hi I am tiny my sister alley was the first kitty mom added to caster and moe and I do not have a page yet Mom has been really busy. She just started with alley's cause she was so sad after my sister alley died with FIP. I wanna tell the rest of our story.
My fur mom was a stray cat abandonded by her family and pregnant with us my human mom found out we had been born and told the lady taking care of my fur mom she wanted to catch us all and get us healthy so we could have out own forever homes. I was the first kitty she caught cause I couldn't see my eyes were infected and I had an upper resportory (SP?) infection so I didn't run from her and I was not with my furmom taht day i was all alone (like no one wanted me cause I was so sick. My name's tiny but I am just about the biggest kitty in my family Little boy my adopted older brother is still a little larger than me but not much. I am a little over 1.5 years old now and the doc. says I am healthy when I was 6 weeks old they all were thinking I was not going to make it I should have weighted atleast 2 lbs and i weighed less than 1 lb and I didn't wanna eat any more. Mom is so good and made me eat and drink with a sringe. She loved us, fed us, and tamed us then she prayed over us all that we would have loving kitty cat homes, only my brother wiley was adoped out we all stayed here in mom's house with the two kitties she alreaedy had BooBoo and little boy so there are five of us since alley died but mom and dad have a big two story house with kitty trees and houses lots of toys and hidey places. mom wishes she could save all the kitties in need of help we are so glad she found us and kept us together. Mom helped the lady that had taken care of our fur mom get all the kitties in the "colony" fixed and returned to the "colony" so they won't have more kittens that need homes kinda sad my fur mom had to go back there after she got her shots and was fixed but my human mom already had two kitties and there were five of us kittens needing homes. Our human mom checks on Ivey (fur mom) often and she is doing ok in the colony she is the only "tame" kitty there. If mom could find her a forever home she is going to take her from the colony life. Thanks for taking time to read my long story. One day I'll see ya on my own page.


Alley's thoughts

February 23rd 2011 11:01 pm
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Dear Diary,
I can speak freely to you cause I have always been really shy and just a little timid around anyone besides my mom, dad and my siblings. I was born in March of 09 none of us are sure exactly when cause momcat hide with us and when my mom found us we were 6 or 8 weeks old. I died on October 8 2010. I had FIP. Mom looks back and wonders if I alwasy had the virus but was strong enough to fight it off until that week she took us all on a long "road trip". See mom and dad were going out of town for a week to keep mom's human nephews and even though the lady that feeds us when they are gone had agreed to come check on us mom and dad were worried about us being alone for a whole week.oh how I didn't want to go...none of us did. After we finally got to the guest house were we all stayed with mom and dad (just our family) we kinda all seemed ok but I stayed under the bed a lot and only came out to play a little bit and didn't eat much. A week later we came home and all seemed ok until three weeks after we got home from that trip mom went away again for the week end and when she returned she noiticed I was very resvered even for me. I came for treats, luvin, pets and a little food but just wasn't hungry, later that night mom said I was thinner, so we went to the Dr the next day, they pulled some blood and gave me antibotics and some Llysine (spell?) I didn't get better (it was a two week antibotic) we sent back 5 days later and they didn't know what was wrong. SO we found a feline specialist and she told dad I had FIP the dry form, but since there was no FIP test (just a bunch of other test that pointed to it) Dad did not have me PTS as she suggested. Mom spent three weeks assist feeding me loving me and praying but atlas this was a time when God told her "no" it was time for me to go. Mom's heart was so broken the day the dr. called and said "it's time if we don't do it today or tomorrow Alley will start to suffer termendous pain, as she is going into liver failure becuse she is not getting enough food and the FIP is eating her organs" Oh moma cried and told me how sorry she was but she didn't know what else to do, I could tell she tried to stay brave but she wsa so broken hearted, today i see her crying while she writes my diary, I think that's why she had never helped me write one before now. See mom always wonders maybe if she had not made me take that trip that one week she was going to be gone, maybe my immune system would have stayed strong, cause she did a lot of reading when I was sick and found out FIP is agravated by stress, the article said "reduce the stress and the cat can fight better".I always came to stay close to her when she laid down to rest. I tried so hard to stay with her even the night before the dr called and said I was going into liver failure, I had come out to play with the foil ball and the shoe string... I couldn't eat anymore it was hard to sallow even when she assisted me. Now my "shell" is buried behind the well shed on the family farm next to skids kitty. Mom has made a memorial for us here on catster and Tundra has made beautiful pictures for us.
Moma thanks for doing all you could and for taking care of Callie she looks better now. Remember dad was right "you are a good moma"
love you mom and dad
Alley Cat



March 6th 2011 12:02 am
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Dear Diary
Mom went this week end to help comfort my grandma over the loss of her beloved little bit (see tiny diary he wrote about this)and way late and into the morning she was working on the pictures on my page. She is going to set up a dogster page for little bit and so she worked on her pics too. Some of my friends here at catster have mentioned they are also dogsters, so we will be looking for you when we get little bit's page going. Working with the pics. brought to mind so many memories that are happy memories but make her sad cause I am not there and she's away at her week-end home so there are no kittes there to comfort her. She remembers caturdays with all four of us litter mates and little boy learning to love us while boo tried to make up her mind about us. The days we kitties all lounged on the new cat trees, and my only Christmas there with family. She posted some of the memories to my page and she updated some current and older pics of Calie. Thanks Tundra and Rory for your comments on my pics, you were right there as we posted them and your comments about the "lump in the throat" and "water in the eyes" helped mom rmember she and grandma are not alone in this kind of hurt.
Good night from the rain bow bridge pls welcome, "little bit"


Life after Alley Cat

March 22nd 2011 9:39 pm
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Oh Dear Diary it has been just a few days past six months since I left my family to go to the bridge. Mom didn't want to write my diary about this milestone cause there was already so much sadness here on catster. She always talks to dad about something on catster and he said just the other day why is it all so sad, why do all the kitties die. (dad loves kitties alot)
PLEASE dont go away if you are reading my diary ( I don't get much diary time) I promise this is not gonna be sad. Life after after a furchild goes to the bridge, does go on my furiend Samsara wrote about it in her Diary after her sister left check it out if you haven't already "catster ID 915655 (we are still working on our cyberlinks) we hope she is DOTD tomorrow
I enjoyed 16 wonderful months of:
1) moma's love
2) a warm bed,of my own or shared momas
3) daddy's love
4) food to eat until I was full every day even small bites of moma's dad's
5) Thanksgiving and Christmas and b-day with my family
6) my own cat tree even one with leaves on it, my cat mouses, and birdies, so many toys play time with moma. spceial time just mom,dad and Caturday's with mom and the kitties. There is so much I cannot tell it all here and I know if mom had not loved me enough to take me home, and clean my ears, and eyes, shove meds down my mouth even when I threw up, forced me to eat, my life would have been much shorter and harder as an alley cat on the street I might have been an angel sooner.
All you grieving kitty moms and dads I hope you see how much you gave us rather than focus on what you lost when we had to go. "faith hope and love are some good thangs He gave us and the greatest is LOVE." I hope it's ok to mention Ms Hazel Lucy here,(I did not post her ID I believe every kitty here knows this sweet girl) her arrival story always makes mom cry happy tears cause she was rescued from what might have been a very sad life. (as were so many other kitties here)
Thanks mom for taking all 5 of us kitties into your home and heart when we must have really looked like dirty, disease,flea ridden castaways(you can see our kitten pics we were tough looking) that nobody could love you loved us.
Catster is not a sad place, it is a place where people that love kitties come together to share the good times and the bad and they comfort each other when they hurt. If I have taken liberties that I should not have with the two kitties I mentioned, please forgive me, we have only been here a short while and so we wrote as the words flowed. I am glad mom found this pawsome community of kitties and kitty luvin people.
Good night from the bridge.



May 4th 2011 11:05 pm
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Dear Diary we been in touch with our friend
marcy and her family, she was one of my first friends here on catster I met her before she came to the bridge she had FIP like me and had to leave her family late last year now her mom just got a new kitty
tessa If you are reading my diary will you go by and visit these kitties? Maybe you will make some new friends too. They have another kitty there and one more bridge kitty too she was like my sister skids. We been kinda busy here at the bridge what will several other kitties I know getting FIP wow does mom ever really dislike that disease it makes a human feel so helpless.
here's a little brush of angel wings and some angel dust, love to Callie and the kitties.
have wonderful nigh catster kitties


moma loves alley

May 6th 2011 11:04 pm
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Hi pretty girl girl, we are coming up on your got cha date and your piceture from KCK is just beautiful. Tonight, Tiny, Moe, and Callie game up on the bed with dad and I to play with da bird for a little while. It remended me of the times when all of you were still so little but you had all grown accustomed to moma's touch, and voice, so you weren't scared anymore. I remember the playtimes with everfurone of you. It was so nice when all of you were together for nap time play time, luvin time....etc. I think my favorite was at meal time when all you kittens gathered around the food bowls and purred while you ate. That was a beautiful sound. All of you purring at the same time.... it's like you were all saying thanks, we love you at the same time. :) moma loves her baby girl girl alley cat.



May 8th 2011 11:54 pm
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It makes me and mom sad to write my diary entry. Mom was so glad to find a place that loves kitties like she does and she has really enjoyed it here until......just the last few weeks. She can no longer take the frustration! This 1:45 a.m she is to the point of frustrated tears. We eamiled catster toight (of course it took forever) We have had the comoputer checked and rehhecked but there is nothing wrong with it. We do not have a problem with other sights. However everfurry time we got on here we get error messages and non responding messages, and script running in the background will make your system slow or un much frustration, we have to shut down and start over just to find out the program is not responding. Anyway we are mth to mth catster plus on the 18th of this month we are going to let it expire if we cannot get help. Gettng a new computer next week our coputer guy says it's not our computer but the sight having problems.....IDK we give up. We will stil be regular members but what's we point if we can't even get in to read recent friend activity. IT was really furry hard to get on tonight and I am not sure when we can do it again. Thanks for being our friends, tearfuly alley,skids and the gang.


we got it! we got it! our catster problem is solved!

May 9th 2011 11:21 pm
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My mom is very happy to be back here to night. Mom said please forgive her for exploding in my diary last night she should have ask her friends for help rather than going off like that. Thank you to everyfur that came by to make suggestions and encourage us to keep trying. Ooh yea you are what makes this a great place to be. We got on firefox it was so easy for us and we can run, skip climb and jump higher on catster than we ever have, well skids and I fly but you know, what I mean. We never heard back from Catster....maybe we will. I don't think we would have tried to get on here tonight if we did not change browsers. We love our dear friends, and we cannot thank you enough for you help.


Gotcha day fand how my life was once spared.

May 20th 2011 7:25 pm
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I had a great day Skids even threw me a party here at the bridge. I want to say thanks so furry much to everfurryone that stopped by to chat and leave comments cards, photos and prizzies. I was headed out to thank you all but catster will not let me see the notes on my pirizzie at the moment. hisssss
My story is kinda like callies, I was also almost a farm cat when I was real little after mom had taken us from the colony (she was still trying to find us all furever homes) I heard her dad say to her I need some mousers on the farm I wouldn't mind havein the calico and the yellow striped tigger with white face and neck...what hey that was me I wasn't a tigger just an alley cat but I was still really scared for mom or anyone to touch me or pick me up and so it would seem like I was a wise choice for the farm as wild cat, it was the lesser of two evils, the farm or a "no kill shelter" they only killed sick kitties, wild kitties and they killed if they were over croweded...........heeeellloo it was kitten season. The July after mom got me in May, she went away for a week and I got real sick while I was home with dad, he told mom ever night that I did not look good and I had real labored breathing, but I was still attempting to eat. Dad come to love me so much that week end as he cared for me that when it came right down to it he could not and would not choose either of the "two evils" He used to tell mom one cat was all they needed, then he was glad when they got two, then he suggested to mom they could "handle" six. Mom and dad are so glad they did my life was cut short and they would have so blamed themselves if I had lost my life on the farm they would never had known why. Now they are blessed to know they did the very best they could do for me and my short life was furry good happy and I was so safe and loved.
Alley cat angel out


down time

June 26th 2011 8:48 pm
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Mom is working hard tonight not to have down time, as in the blues....she is missing me tonight, so strange the way she feels the need to cry as if I had just left her today...I will have been here at the bridge for one yr in October. Maybe she didn't take enough time to grieve when I left. IDK, but this evening as been tough. Callie, moe and the others luv on her but the desire to feel my fur, hold me close or love me or hear me "meowack" kinda like a tiny bark or piglet grunting is so strong tonight. Two years ago at this time she was taking care of five little kittens and moma Ivy, now there are only three of the "kitten" there.....gonna go make sure she gets busy doing something besides think.
alley cat out.

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