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Alley's memories of home.

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My rainbow bridge day and my new angel friend

October 14th 2013 7:46 pm
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Thank you so very much to all my friends that thought of me on my Rainbow Bridge day it means so much to my mom. I celebrated my day with my new friend Micah if you have not met her please stop by and say hello she is a very sweet kitten that just got here to the bridge she only had a few days with her family but they loved her.

Just today mom was telling one of her human friends how difficult it is to help a kitty you love cross over even if (like me) they let you know it is time. When I let mom know it was time I stayed real brave for her and I kept my ears up and my eyes alert and trusted her to do the right thing all the way to the end, and just before the shot came mom wanted to scream NO I don't think it is time, but as we made eye contact she knew it was what she had to do. Momma misses me still today when she thinks of my short life on earth it makes her eyes water.
Thanks for loving on mom during this time it really makes a difference to know other kitty pawrent that love kitties like momma does.


My friend Lucy

May 21st 2013 10:21 pm
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My friend Lucy made her way here to the bridge today and her family could really use some catster love and support. Her sister and her human sisters really miss her and they are hurting how. Their human mom is at the bridge too and they all miss her so much, they have had some tough times but are making the best of life that they can and now Lucy is gone. You can read her obit. here in Lucy's diary they are always writing a diary but don't get many readers. I hope all my friends will offer some support.

Love "yall"


sweet alley kitty

March 5th 2013 8:21 pm
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Just thinking of you my sweet little girl Alley, and wishing I had more photos of your time with us ( our old computer crashed and we lost some photos)the picures in my heart are always here. Time is a funny thing there are moments when it seems like furever since I last held you and then there are times when it seems just like yesterday you were here with us. You were the cuddler to the other kitties now the kities no longer cuddle together I think you were the clue that kept them so close to each. You didn't cuddle as much with mom and dad so on those times you did we dropped eveything to share the precious moments with you.
You my sweet angel are the reason we have made so many catster friends I am not sure we would have ever landed here if it had not been for you. Thanks for bringing us here.


love yall

October 12th 2012 11:31 am
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Greetings from the bridge. Wow another year has gone by since I had to say good bye to mom and dad and all my siblings. Life is so grand here at the bridge and my catster angel friends are so totally pawsome!
Love yall and thanks for thinking of mom and I on my bridge day.
Even after we have not been around much so many grand and loving friends stopped by, it speaks to mom's heart in such a good way when she feels your love and knows that you all know exactly how it feels to have loved and lost such a gentle loving soul such as I.
Thanks to:
Tundra and family for my beautiful photo
Milo and family for my heart
Lola my sweet angel friend for my heart
Finney Lacey, and sweet angel Alex for my pretty rainbow
Big Harry angel and family for my pretty pink ribbon
Teebo, Callie and Rose for my rainbow.
Thanks to every one for the pawmails and to all my angel friends for the incredible party here at the bridge.

Mom here: life has gotten a little hectic and I have been away for a while, we still check in and plan to be back soon. Love yall and thanks so much for loving us.

Alley cat angel and family


so many kind and caring friends

March 29th 2012 10:08 pm
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Hello all my friends
Mom and I are so over whelmed with gratitude and love for all our friends here. We have received so much love and support after loss of moma Ivey and then only two months later our sweet Boo kitty. Today everyone was so kind to come by with love and prizzies, cards, phots and pawmails to wish us a happy birthday.
So glad mom has the support of our catster friends.
I started on some of my personal thank yous tonight, and will be completing them, right now I want to say to everyone "thank you all for making us feel so loved here in the catster community.
Love alley cat angel and family


FIP more common in larger multi cat households????

March 26th 2012 10:00 pm
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is more common in larger multi cat households.
That is what mom read to day in this article about FIP
This bothered mom because we were a household of 6 then we were 5 and mom brought in Ivey and then then Boo got sick. This was not the only
FIP article we read that states the more the cats the higher the chances of FIP.
We are just asking our multi cat household friends, have you ever dealt with this disease? It does not matter to Boo or I but mom might one day down the road see a cat or kitten that needs a home and if the chances of one of her now kitties having FIP surface is greater by the number of kitties in the house then it would be harder to give another kitty a home. Mind you mom is not even considering a cat right now but now this must be a consideration if it is a true statement. I know most of our friends have more than one fur baby please tell us if any of you have ever experienced this dreaded disease in your household at any time and if so did you experience it more than one.


loving the blues away

February 20th 2012 9:34 pm
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That is what those litter mates of mine did for mom tonight even now as mom types Tiny begs for luvin. Mom had some sad time tonight as she remembered some of the moma Ivey things that made her smile and some that made her sad and others that just made her feel lonely, it really is a roller coaster of emotion. She was visiting the "support forums" and was about to say none of the kitties "here" are as concerned as moma Ivey was but wait first, moe moe and then tiny came at different times to sit near her and give some love. Callie begged her to lay with her on the couch. Of course BooBoo came downstairs to give her some blinkie eyes and little boy spends most every night nuzzleing her neck until calie insist he move so she can lay near mom's heart,
Truly they know how to love her blues away.



January 27th 2012 6:21 pm
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FIP stinks! Mom is upset tonight, we learned of another precious little baby that lost his life to FIP. I am here to help welcome him to the bridge but oh the pain and heartache is so not fair for his family. Purring for a cure and a vaccine that will prevent this horrible disease. Too many of our the precious little ones are lost to this disease. My Bio mom Moma Ivey is angel mom to little Alife ( and tonight his mom introduced us to ( little Milo he flew to the bridge tonight.
Please send some love to his family and also to angel Alife's mom.
Life here at the bridge is good but our families miss us furry much when we have to leave them.
Alley cat angel out.


Merry Christmas, Freckles and our Photos!

December 21st 2011 10:15 pm
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I am the spokes cat for my family tonight, we want to say Merry Christmas to all of our friends! This catster community is so pawsome and we are very glad to have found it Hope you all have a good Christmas and enjoy some time with family, friends and all those that mean so much to you. I will enjoy time with my bridge friends most of which I have met here on catster thanks for befriending me. If you have not already met Freckles she is in our "family" if you stop by my page, my grandma and grandpa took her in as a farm kitten that is now their house kitty MOL. My mom is helping her meet catster kitties.
Check out our Christmas photos too Tundra did them for us, they are all so pretty, thanks Tundra and mom you are so pawsome.
love ya catster kitties.


Happy Thanks giving!

November 17th 2011 9:28 am
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Wow check out my thanksgivng page! Boo and I both have one and the rest of the kitties are going to get one! Thank you Dante's mom.

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