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It's all about the stache

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On The Run

March 30th 2013 9:41 pm
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So it now has been about 2 months since my surgery and I must say I feel fantastic! I have been acting like the whole thing never happened.I have really been moving around better, I still limp fairly heavily but it is slowly improving, and have started getting back to my normal self. It has made the peeps truly realize that for the past 2 months I was acting more like a 12 year old cat than a 2 year old one. For the past two weeks I have been jumping on things (not too high up tough) and started getting back to playing with Dora like we used to. We have just been having loads of fun! And the best is that I am finally able to run again! Not super fast and not for very long but it is still a great achievement! I love being back to normal.

Though the peeps still say I need to take it a bit easy because of my 38% of injuring the other hip. They will feel much better when it has been a year since all of this because the chances of it happening after the next 6 to 12 months are very slim.

Thanks again pals for all of your support!


Oh Snow!

February 25th 2013 5:04 pm
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Hey all! Well since the last time I updated you all quite a bit has gone on. I had my visit with the vet and he was thrilled to see how great I was doing! He said my recovery is going even better than he expected and he told the peeps I no longer had to be put in the crate at night or when they are gone (woot! no more cage rest!!!). He did say that I will probably always have a limp, but more likely than not it will only be a small one. Since that visit I have only made more progress! I still have a pretty heavy limp but a few days ago I started putting more weight on my leg and continue to try and test out things and see how much I can push myself. The peeps always make sure I don't over do it but I have been feeling so great that I play more with Dora & Tommy and have been super snuggly. Though the peeps are really waiting for the day when I do my "big run" again. Before I got hurt I used to do this thing almost everyday where I got really happy & excited and I would do a big run across the living room making my chirping noises and then jump on a piece of furniture. The peeps really miss it.

Other than my recovery going great a big happening here is lots and lots of snow!! On Thursday morning we started getting lots of snow falling super fast and by the end of the day we got about 11 inches!!! It was nuts. The roads were terrible and people were getting stranded everywhere; there ended up being lots of cars just left all over the place. When they showed pictures of these scenes on the news it looked like clips from The Walking Dead, completely deserted. Over the weekend some of the snow melted a little bit but tonight we are suposed to get up to possibly 14inches of more snow!!! The peeps can not believed it. Dora, Tommy and I are totally digging it. We love looking out the windows watching the bords go nuts in the snow.

Well for all my pals who are also getting some of this crazy winter weather, stay safe!



Day 14-Toys & Stairs

February 11th 2013 9:40 pm
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So sorry I haven't updated in forever, been busy busy! Last time I wrote I was on my 5th day of recovery and I am now on my 14th. I am still doing fantastic! Since the last time I wrote I have been able to get a lot more time out of my cage. If my peeps are home I am out all the time, only getting put up when they leave for work/school or it's bedtime, and a big one: I get to go back up the stairs! They let me for the first time last weekend, I have been able to come upstairs but only when I was carried so I was really thrilled when they moved the barrier and I got the chance. It was a bit of struggle at first but now I can get up and down them like no issue!

I am also completely off meds. My antibiotics stopped a little while ago and I recently quit my pain meds, though I have had to fall back on them a few times on really painful days. I am feeling awesome but it still hurts a lot and I continue to limp quite a bit. But it is clear I am really good spirits and I am totally thrilled to have things start to get back to normal. Tomorrow I have to go back to the vet's office for my first visit since my surgery. The vetman wants to see how I am walking and how my healing is going and hopefully I will get the all clear and will be able to have more freedom (and won't have to stay in my crate as much). The peeps are also going to ask him how well I should recover from this in the end and if I will always have a small limp. Going into the surgery they weren't sure if I would, but fairly confident I wouldn't.

And another thing I must share with you is a wonderful thing a great friend did for me! My amazing pal Zach sent me a really sweet get well present! It came in the mail on Thursday and it is a super cool catnip toy and it came with a really lovely card filled with lovely support. To say the least the toy is a BIG hit at our house! Right after my girl opened the package she put the toy back in the envelope and placed it ontop of her dresser because she had to go out for a minute & was in a rush. Well a certain cat had a different agenda. Miss Dora smelled the catnip and being the little trouble maker she is jumped ontop of the dresser, knocked over the envelope, took the toy our of it and carried it downstairs. She looooooved it! And by the time my girl got home she was surprised to see me and Dora rolling around on it. The adorable toy now joins me in my cage and I whenever things get boring I turn to it for some fun. Thank you so much Zach! You are the best bud.

Also thank you,again, to all my pals for your continued support!


Day 5

February 2nd 2013 7:29 pm
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So it has been 5 days since my surgery and things are still going great, actually even better than great! The peeps can't believe how nicely/fast I am recovering. They also thought that it would be hard keeping me on cage rest but I actually really like my cage & I don't mind being in it all, actually for the first few days I did not even want to leave the cage. They had to force me out! The peeps told me it was good for my recovery to walk around. After the first day walking has also been a much better experience & not as painful, I also can now get up from laying down without howling in pain which hasn't happened since I first got hurt a month ago.

The peeps did get a little worried. The first two days I refused to eat, and by the third day I ate a little but not much. Even though I am about 16lbs, the peeps have always thought I could look to gain a pound or two. And now they think I have lost more weight, I look fairly thin, but luckily I have started to gain my appetite back and am eating a bit more but everyday each day. And even though at first I really just wanted to stay in my crate, I really enjoy being let out. The peeps blocked off the stairs downstairs and if someone is down there with my I can bet let out for a long time. Yesterday they started bringing me upstairs (carrying me up though) and I really liked that. It is nice to have some things back to normal.

I will soon be done with meds wich will be super nice! I have gotten very good about taking them but I still hate it. The worst part is everyday I have to have one of the peeps move my leg all around, to help with the healing, but it is easier said than done. I HATE IT. And I squirm & get really nasty and stiffen up my leg so it almost near impossible, but those darn peeps just keep trying!! Also the peep has some newer pictures of me, a few taken after my surgery, but catster is being a pain and we are having issues uploading them. Hopefully things will start working again.

Oh! And before I forgot, the peeps talked with the Doctor on Thursday and my biopsy results came back. It is most def bad genetics that caused my hip issues and there is a 38% chance that it will happen to my other hip. Which is a lot less than the peeps were expecting. Also if it does occur, it will happen within the next few years. Hopefully that will not be the case!!

Thanks everyone for your support!!


P.S I recently became one of Samoa's dream boats! I was a dream boat in training but now I am a full one! #88! Woot woot!



January 28th 2013 9:35 pm
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Well this morning I went in for my surgery and everything went great! I came back home this afternoon and am now on the road to recovery. I am in a lot of pain, though pretty out of it thanks to all the meds, but it does feel great to be home. This am I was so confused because the peeps did not give us cats any breakfast and then I didn't get my turkey that I get every weekday morning! I went downstairs & pouted on my chair (*which is a super comfy game chair that I have taken over as my own) but when the peeps came downstairs I got super excited because I thought it was breakfast time so I got off my chair & started to run towards to the food bowls! It was the first I have tried to run in a long time. It made the peeps sad because they couldn't give me any food, they just gave me a bunch of meds. Usually the vets give the pain meds & anti inflammatory but because I am so much easier to medicate at home. After that they loaded me back into that stupid carrier & dropped me off at the vets.

The vets were very happy with how the precedure went & are confident I will make a full recovery. They also sent off the little piece of bone that they took out, this way they can get a better idea if it was genetics that was the main issue here and if my other hip will possibly break sometime too. They also gave me stiches that will dissolve so I won't have to go back into have those removed which is good, but in 2 weeks I will go in so they can make sure everything is going well & my recovery is heading in the right directing.

I am still pretty darn confused but my set up in this crate is pretty nice & I have been taking a super long nap on a nice comfy bed they put in there. The peeps did let me out for a little,I got around well but howled everytime I took a step. Later they offered me some food but I refused, hopefully I will want to eat tomorrow.

Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts and support! You guys are the best.



Could Use Some Positive Thoughts

January 27th 2013 9:23 pm
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So yesterday I went back to the vet's office and had my blood taken to make sure I am ok for tomorrow's surgery. I of course didn't make the experience an easy one & actually ended up biting the vet! I was in a lot of pain and was having none of it! Well today we got the results back I everything looks great so tomorrow is still a go.

If you guys could send some positive thoughts my way I would really appreciate it. The peeps totally trust the vet who is doing my procedure but they worry, a lot, this is the first time one of their fur-kids has ever had a surgery outside of a spay/neuter and they are really hoping everything goes well. And hopefully the surgery will be a success and I won't need to have any further surgeries (this is very unlikely but there is still a small chance) and will soon have full mobility again and be pain free.

The peeps have prepared the kennel I will be staying in for my recovery. It perfectly fits all the things I need and they put it in a spot downstairs where I will still be around a lot of activty and such. Though they know I will be none too pleased to be locked in there for so long especially with Tommy & Dora running around. But they let us cats check it out this evening and we all took out turns going inside of it and sniffing every inch of the thing.

The peeps are nervous for tomorrow but they are ready for me to start feeling better and get back to my old ways.

I will keep you all updated.


Monday is the big day

January 22nd 2013 5:00 pm
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So the peeps talked with the vet today and I am officially scheduled for surgery on Monday morning. Also on sometime saturday I have to go in and get my blood taken so they can make sure I am totally fine for my procedure. The peeps were kind of hoping to get me in a bit sooner but the start of next week isn't too bad, especially with my pain meds really helping me. I am moving around a lot more and have been much more spunky and happy. The peeps are already preparing for my recovery though. Over the weekend my girl got out the wire dog kennel and cleaned it up. That is where I will be living for a few weeks after my surgery, it is not going to be fun. Luckily the litter box, bed & food dishes all fit so they don't have to buy a new one but I don't have any room to run around or play! They tell that is the point on the crate but I don't think it is very fair. The peeps know it is going to be a challenge to keep my happy inside of there and to stop me from escaping. If anyone has an tips for helping to make the experience better please let me know!

The peeps are happy that I will soon be on the road to no more pain, but they are very worried. The only time I have ever been put under was for my neuter and that was a much more simple procedure. They completely trust the doctor doing my surgery but they will for sure be counting down the hours for when they can call and see how I am doing.

I will keep you guys updated.


Not the greatest start to a New Year....

January 18th 2013 10:45 pm
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Soooo guess which lucky cat broke their hip?!? YUP! That would be me. First off let me start by saying sorry it has been so long since I last updated. Have been busy & when we are on Dora usually gets more of the diary time. I hope everyone had great holidays, ours were great and we were really looking forward to the New Year (2012 has been a bit of a difficult one) and then on the first morning of 2013...I started limping on my back left leg. Great start, huh? The peeps thought I probably strained or twisted it from playing rough with Tommy, after about a day I was putting more weight on it & I let them touch it. After a couple of days of it still kind of bothering me they talked to the doc & put me on some pain meds for a short time. They helped a lot! It was still bothering me but most days I was outting a fair amount of weight on it. But every other day it would really hurt & when I would get up from laying down I would howl in pain. After 2 weeks of this, and several straight days of just pain, the peeps took me in to see the vet yesterday.

They had to leave me there because I am a "special kitty" and in order to get x-rays I have to be knocked out or I risk hurting myself more and possibly clawing off someones finger. When they came back later to get me the xrays didn't really show anything and my knee, what they thought was the culprit, was totally normal. The vet sent them off to their radiologist that they consult with & she came back and said that she thinks I might have a fracture but they would have to position my legs in a certain way for them to see it. So this morning they dropped me off for the whole thing once again! This time they finally got some answers. They put my legs in a "frog position" and it showed a break in my hip! It is a small one but boy is it causing lots of trouble. The doc says the only option from here is surgery. He said we could go the expensive (several thousand $$) route at the med vet where wires and such would be put in or we could go with what he thinks would work best here which is a surgery at this clinic (by one of the other vets who is more experienced doing it) where they remove the broken piece & restore a few things. The peeps don't remember all the details but will be talking to the doc more about it on Monday. He did say that this surgery would need me to have several weeks of cage rest but after that I should get full mobility back & no more pain!

The Doctor says that this is something that was probably going to happen sometime or another, you could kind of say that side of my hip was a bit of a ticking time bomb. But jumping off high things and such didn't help it. He said that this kind of thing is common in large, male young cats and the only other case he has dealt with was a male maine coon that was my age & only a bit bigger. The biggest bummer is that there is a very likely chance the same thing will happen with the other side of hip. If it does it will more thank likely be a few years and I would just have the surgery again on that one. Atleast this time the peeps can be on alert from it and even stash away some money in case I would need that other surgery. For now I am still in good spirits! Happy to be home after being at the vets all day, and I am enjoying these pain meds they sent with me. I act like I am in a lot of pain but at the same time I want to move around and play, snuggle and get up on some of my favorite higher up spots. The doc doesn't work this weekend so we have to wait till Monday for more info on the surgery (how much and how soon we can get me in) but the peeps are already preparing for the recovery. They are planning on setting me up in a large dog crate, it will be interesting to say the least on how I deal with it.

Just thought I would keep you all updated. Hope everyone is doing well!!


Feeling great!!

October 1st 2012 9:17 pm
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I had a great weekend! I really started to feel like myself again and regained my strength. I started playing with Dora again, and eating more and strutting around the house. Today I was feeling about 99% back to normal, the only thing I am still not doing is running around the house I still rather just walk but with the way my recovery is going I should beback to that in no time!!

Thanks everyone for all your positive thoughts & supports! You guys are the best!



Vet visit!

September 28th 2012 8:56 pm
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So yesterday morning the peeps went downstairs to check on me (because I haven't been able to get up the stairs by myself) and found that I was still feeling awful. So they called up the vets & luckily they had an oppening at 9am, so the peeps finnished getting ready & then scooped me into the crate and we were off.

I was feeling so bad that the entire ride there I didn't make a peep (I actually fell asleep!!) and other than a little grumble here & there I stayed quiet during the exam too. Dr.B took my weight & I am currently only 14lbs when less than a month ago I was 17,but they think a big contributor to this is the fact I am big push over & the other cats will steal my food so the peeps are just going to monitor it better. The big shocker came when the doctor took my temp, I had a fever of 105!!! No wonder I was feeling so awful!

Dr.B continued to check me out for any issues & didn't find anything. He did say that it was looking like an infection and brought up the possibilty of an abscess (this exact thing happened with Clemy last year, she got it from a nasty cat bite & quickly got a nasty infection)but they peeps had recently checked me all over & had not seen anything like an abscess. Dr.B recommended we do a blood test & suggested we leave me there so they could give me some sub-Q fluids & once my blood tests come back give me an antibiotic shot (that will last 2 weeks), anti inflammatory meds & a small dose of pain meds.

Later in the the day the peeps came in to get me & saw that I was bit more alert, & that I also sporting a nice little shaved spot under my neck from were I got blood drawn! It is quite fashionable. Before they loaded me back in the crate the took my temp again and it had lowered all the way to 100! Dr.B was happy to see this because my super high fever really concerned him. He also told the peeps that my blood tests revealed a high white blood cell count which fits up with having an infection. We just don't know how the heck I got the infection. So we headed back home & Dr.B said if I start acting ill again or even worse to bring me in as soon as possible.

As soon as I got home I scarfed down some food, but the rest of the night I just slept and my walking was still pretty bad. This morning I was more alert & even felt up to snuggle time! I still moved very slow when walking and had to lay down after about 10 steps. I slept most of the day, but this evening I was moving around a bit easier and seemed to be more comfortable. The peeps were so happy to finally see me starting to feel better.

Hopefully things only get better from here, I am so ready to be done with this annoying infection!

Thank you to all my pals who kept me in their thoughts, you guys rock!

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