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Mina's Amusing Musings

I am a big girl now Mama!

November 23rd 2011 6:04 am
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Purrrrs and meows
OH! I have been eating my food on Chef's cooking table, away from all my fursibs for over a year now. But that changed today!
Mama put my food on the little table and I usually jump up and eat. But I refused and kept swirling around the floor like my fursibs do, while mama dishes out the wet food. I jumped up to the table top and told Mama, OH! I want my food on the floor Mama! I am a big girl now! OH! Mama looked at me do this a couple of times, then it occurred to her what I wished. Mina, she says, you want to eat with the others? You know they play musical food dishes?
I say to her, OH! yes Mama! I jump with joy to show her!
So my bowl went on the floor!
I ate with them!
I am a big girl now!
Purrrrrrs and kitten kisses (always those as they are the sweetest, like me!)


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