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Cooper and his adventures

I still miss my Cooper

June 18th 2011 12:49 pm
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Its been 2 months since Cooper has passed away and i still feel like he should be here his sons and daughters have grown up so fast it still baffles me that its only been 2 months and yet it feels like yesterday i miss him terribly as much as the other cats that have moved on and passed away im glad some of the kittens act like him and resemble him in so many ways it makes me feel like hes always been here i feel the same emotion i felt when we got Cooper as i feel with Tinkerbell they are alike in so many ways yet they are different she is as lovable and sweet as Cooper but she has a different way of letting you know it we will be keeping tinkerbell as she has attached herself to us and to the territory that comes with us i realize Cooper is watching is kids grow up in Kitty Heaven and he will be with us in soul and in our hearts he and the other cats will never bee forgotten


its been a week since ive passed

April 13th 2011 6:44 pm
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its been a very hard week without my cooper and billie by my side i think i see him everywhere out of the corner of my eye but when i look up hes not there it feels empty here i keep thinking that i hear his meow but its just Sammy at night the other day Sammy was scratching at the window like Cooper did it was strange cuz shes never done that and it was like 4 days ago i heard a very strong meow while i was sleeping it woke me up some i shrugged it off because i thought it was just cooper meowing away like usual but it was Sammy meowing probably sencing that it was very sad around the house when i go outside i expect Billie to come rub on my leg but nope nothing Griffin knows that his two best buddies are gone he has nothing to do but chaise the other cats out of the yard and pick on Peaky and Sammy I miss my cooper bear and billie i was going through pictures of them when they was a little tyke and they were so cute and i began to tear up i hope they are waiting for us at the gate to heaven we will be reunited with all our cats and dogs it will be happy days again :)


RIP:````( Update on Cooper

April 5th 2011 3:43 pm
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Saddly cooper did not make it the vets have figured out what the myserious illness was he has a rectal and scrotum infection and died sometime during the night last night we are greatly missing him he will be remembered just like all our cats im glad he didnt suffer very long but its hard to see him sick and knowing that he has died has really put a toll on my heart the vet we took him to had cleaned him up and tried to get all the puss out of his scrotum pumped more antibiotics in him but the infection spread throughout his body without anyone knowing about it he started to get better before he died but in the end nothing could be done its sad to see him go but i know hes not suffering any longer im going to miss him



April 4th 2011 5:40 pm
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update on Cooper he is doing better they will keep him over night and tomorrow we will call to see how hes doing he has been on fluids they are still doing tests to see what he has his temp has gone up from 91 to 94 and rising im so happy that he is doing better but sad that he is sick he did almost die on us but thankfully god has answered our prayers by making him fight this mysterious illness
Keep praying for him his chances of survival has risen from about 5% to maybe 30 to 35% he still has a way to go this morning he pooped himself and almost at deaths door step they did tests his temp was 99 this morning and gave him medicine and sent him home to see if he would get better but he didnt go downhill and he didnt improve so we took him back and they kept him and told us that he might not make it so they would put a cathador in and gave him more fluids his temp was 91 then and we just got an update saying that he used the litterbox and is looking around more and is doing 100% better that when they saw him the second time it was relieving news we cried all day and are now crying happy tears i really hope he makes it we miss him being healthy and playful he went from feeling great to not feeling so well to at deaths door step in a matter of 2 days i kicked him in the butt really hard but im glad hes fighting really hard to fight this illness


Coopers illness

January 15th 2011 7:09 pm
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well we took him to the vet and found out that he had a small ulcer in his eye so he is on antibiotics and eye ointment for 7 days he is doing lots better just thought i should post this so you werent so worried about him the whole antibiotic thing was to help and prevent the eye infection incase he had it so we are giving it to the rest of our cats so they dont get it that is what our vet told us we should do thank you for your advice and wisdom i really apprieciate it very much

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