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Diary of a Little Orangie

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Super-happy update!

July 22nd 2011 2:15 pm
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I have a very happy update to my sad diary entry from July 13th: ALL THREE CATS HAVE BEEN ADOPTED!!! The pawrents of Mr. Sam at the Bridge have decided to adopt Minda, Paula, and Merry. They will live happily efur after in their wonderful new furever home. It's about 5 hours away from their former home, so they won't have too terribly far to travel to arrive at their new home, where they will be loved and pampered for the rest of their lives. Thanks to all for your purrs and purrayers which helped to bring about this happy ending to a sad story.


URGENT! Furever homes needed for these kities NOW!

July 13th 2011 10:56 am
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Hello furriends! I know I just posted about these three cats last week, but their situation has become even more urgent as their dying owner has gone into hospice care and her house is in foreclosure!, My fursibs and I are all cross-posting this in our diaries. Minda, Paula, and Merry are three wonderful kitties whose owner is dying of a brain tumor. The owner, Kathy, just went into hospice care and will not be returning home. Her house is going into foreclosure, so even though Kathy's wonderful neighbors (Catster pawrents of Albie and Mr. Silk) have been going across the street 2 or 3 times a day to check on the cats, this cannot continue much longer. These kitties have been declawed and must live indoors. PLEASE go to Minda, Paula, and Merry's page at the link below, read their story, and help if you can to save these lovely girls from going to a shelter. They can be adopted individually or together. They are located in West Virginia but transport to an approved home within several hundred miles could be arranged. Even if you can't adopt any of these girls, please share the link. Thank you so much!


PURRLEASE HELP FIND HOMES for my furriends in West Virginia!

July 6th 2011 8:42 pm
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This is a sad story. The mommy of these kitties is dying from a brain tumor. Our furriend Auntie Kat (mom to Albie, Mr. Silk, and many others) is their neighbor and is trying to keep them from going to an animal shelter. Please read their story, spread the word, and help if you can. Thank you!


Auction for my furriends!

May 31st 2011 7:14 am
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Even though I flew to the Bridge before my second auction on Facebook ended, the money raised from that auction along with the money left over from my first auction after my vet bills were paid allowed us to donate around $1,500 to help other kitties! Mommy sent $250 to the Winn Feline Foundation for F.I.P. research, and the remainder was distributed among five other kitties to help with their vet bills. There is just enough left to spay a couple of the mama cats from the feral colony where I was born, which may prevent some other kittens from being born with that horrible disease F.I.P.

Told you all that to tell you this: There is currently another auction on Facebook to help my furriends Odie ( and Doofus (, who also have big vet bills. We would really appreciate it if you would go to Facebook and "Like" their auction page and then bid on some of the wonderful items that have been donated, or, if you are able to do so, maybe donate something to be auctioned off for this very worthy cause...just email a photograph, description of the item and suggested opening bid to my mommy at, and she will get your item up on the auction page. Or if you wish to donate outright, you can send donations to Odie's mom through PayPal, and she will share the donations with Doofus' mom at the end of the auction. Her PayPal addie is:
If you don't use PayPal but still wish to donate, you can p-mail my mommy and she'll send you Auntie Terry's mailing address.

Here is the link to the Auction for Odie & Doofus:!/pages/Auction-for-Odi e-Doofus/116858151731794

Thank you for helping my furriends!


SO many rosies...THANK YOU!

May 14th 2011 12:54 pm
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I received so many rosettes while I was sick and after I went to the Rainbow Bridge! Mommy wanted to help me thank efurryone purrsonally, and she tried, but then the rosies kept on coming, and coming...over one-hundred of them! Mommy has a slow Internet connection and just couldn't keep up...(especially when Catster re-arranges where the rosies are on my page every time we go to it, so it's hard to keep track of who we have thanked!) We do so wish that we could send a purrsonal note of thanks to each and every one of you individually, but we want efurryone to know that every single message has been read, and we truly appreciate all of the kind thoughts, purrayers, and comforting words, more than you can ever know. "Thank you" hardly seems adequate to express our appreciation for your kindness. I LOVE MY CATSTER FURIENDS!


I'm free!

May 2nd 2011 11:37 pm
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I slept under the covers with Mommy all night long in the hotel, and I PURRED! I purred a lot! In the daytime, it was sad not to be able to walk or play the way I used to, but at night under the covers, it felt just like being a normal kitty, cuddling with my mommy! That is a good memory of my last night as an earth kitty. Mommy was nervous when she dropped me off at the neurology clinic in Roseville early this morning, but she knows the doctor is one of only four veterinary neurosurgeons in Califurnia and came highly recommended, so she knew he would do what was best for me. Mommy thought it would be hours before the tests were finished and the doctor knew any results, but he called Mommy just a short time later and told her that he didn't think we should do the tests because I had advanced stages of some nasty disease called F.I.P. and there is no cure. So Mommy decided to help me become an angel. Instead of taking me into a cold examining room, the staff let Mommy and Auntie Cai take me into a little room with soft lighting, an overstuffed chair and a sofa, and told them to spend as much time with me as they needed. Mommy held me for about ten minutes and she and Auntie Cai petted me and told me how much they love me, which really made me smile and turn on my purr. And I got to hold my special catnip squirrel that was a gift from Auntie Cai. Then Dr. Kortz then came in and explained to Mommy that he would give me some injections in the IV so I wouldn't have to get any more shots, and that would make me just relax and doze off. Mommy held me in her lap the entire time and I fell into a peaceful sleep, and then I realized that I was hovering over Mommy and Auntie Cai, and then I was flying!! And I was surrounded by lots of special furriends like Angel Buddie and McKenna, Hazel Lucy, Alex, my brofurs Lalo, Jimmy-Joe, and Shortstop, and so many other beautiful angels! My legs work again, and...I can FLY! The only thing I CAN'T seem to do is to dry the tears of my pawrents, aunties, my bride Minnie and my mother-in-law Wendy (Minnie and I eloped just a few days before I came to the Bridge), but Buddie gave me some stuff called magic healing angel dust, and I'm going to try sprinkling that on efurryone who is crying until those tears go away. Don't cry, my dearest ones...I had ten happy months as an earth kitty. I know you still love me, and I will always love you.


I am on a Road Trip!

May 1st 2011 8:57 pm
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Mommy was going to wait until my fundraising auction on Facebook ends (on May 10th) before taking me to the neurosurgeon in Roseville (almost 5 hours from our house), but I have been getting worse over the past week and Mommy decided we just couldn't wait any longer. So she is taking the day off from work tomorrow so I can get those expensive tests to try and find out what is wrong with me and, more importantly, if there is any way I can get well again. We left today, because my appointment is early in the morning. Mommy's friend my Auntie Cai (meowmy of my Catster friends Haley Anne, Spot, and Jones) went along to keep us company. We're spending the night in a hotel near the neuro-clinic, and I am resting comfurtably. Mommy has not had the time to help me thank efurryone who has sent me rosies, purrayers, and good wishes...We will try to thank each and efurry one of you, but it may take awhile. In the meantime, please know that whatever the outcome of my tests, we will be furever grateful to all of you for your outpouring of love and concern for this little orangie.



April 21st 2011 4:18 pm
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Hi efurryone! I'm holding another auction on Facebook to raise funds to pay for the expensive diagnostic tests the neurologist says I need to have to find out what's wrong with me. Here is the link to my auction:

Vern's Auction #2

Mommy has put a bunch of items into the auction, and other kind furriends have donated nice things too. (Hazel Lucy's mom even donated one of HL's beautiful hats!) The auction doesn't end until Tuesday, May 10th at 10:00pm PDT, so there is still plenty of time to bid on these nice things. Also, there is time to donate an item for the auction if you are inclined to do so...Just email a picture of the item you would like to donate along with a description, the minimum opening bid + your shipping cost to my mommy at, and she will get the item up on the auction block. Thank you so much for your suppurrt!


My appointment with the neurologist

April 19th 2011 9:53 am
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Mommy finally got some time off from work so she was able to take me to see a neurologist, four hours away from us. (There are only four veterinary neurologists in California!) Surprisingly, the doctor didn’t agree with my regular vet that I have a spinal cord injury; He showed my x-ray to the staff radiologist, and the radiologist also said he didn’t see any significant abnormality in my spine. The staff was nice at the neuro-vet; one of the techs brought me a bowl of water, and when the other tech took my temperature and said I had a lower than normal body temp, she brought me a baby blanket. The neurologist spent close to an hour with me and asked Mommy several times if she had any questions for him; He wanted to make sure that her questions were answered. Mommy was really impressed with the level of caring. (Me...not so much...I didn't like being held in funny positions.)
The neurologist determined that my front legs are also compromised, although not as badly as my hind legs. He said the problem could be due to any number of causes, from injury to bacterial infection or a virus, and could even be FIP or lymphoma. :-(( and he said that the problem could be in my brain rather than my spine, but there’s no way to know for sure without conducting a Myelogram and other tests. He gave Mommy a printed estimates for all of the tests they might run. It’s very discouraging that for diagnostics alone, the cost would run between $1,208 and $3,086, and no way of knowing yet how much the treatment would cost depending on what the tests show. There’s still about $1,000 in my auction fund, but I’ll need to hold another auction.
Mommy won’t have the time off from work to take me back up there until school lets out in June, which gives her time to start another auction....Maybe we’ll have this one run two or three weeks instead of just one week. The vet also gave me a prescription for Prednisone that I will take for a month in decreasing doses (1/2 tablet twice a day for a week, then 1/2 tablet once a day for one week, and then 1/2 tablet every other day for two weeks).
So that’s where we stand now. The manly diaper cover that Mommy ordered for me arrived in the mail. I am NOT a happy camper wearing the diaper, but at least that allows me to be on the bed without having to be swaddled in an old towel or pee-pad. Daddy is just as unimpressed with the diaper as I am; He said, “I’ll give him six months, but then that’s it if he isn’t better!” Hopefully we’ll have answers and a prognosis long before six months is up.


My Auction, and My Diagnosis

February 25th 2011 10:34 pm
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Hi efurryone! Mommy was feeling so guilty because even though she really, reeeeeallllyyy wants me to get well, she didn't have any money to take me to the vet. She has always been one of those hoomans who said that people who couldn't afford to take care of their pets properly shouldn't have them, but since Daddy had cancer surgery and was out of work for four months and Mommy's job doesn't pay very much, she now found herself in that position! (Mommy says she will never be judgmental like that again.) When Mommy told some of her friends on Facebook that she felt so bad that she couldn't afford to get blood tests and x-rays to find out why I'm having trouble walking, one of her friends (Catster Chloe's mom Laurie) started a page on Facebook called Vern's Auction House to raise money for my vet bill! Mommy's eyes get all leaky efurry time she thinks about it! So many nice people including a lot of hoomans that Mommy didn't even know have donated and bid on nice stuff and services, and Mommy put in some of her things too. The auction ends on Sunday, February 27th at 5:00pm PST. Here is the link:!/pages/Verns-Auction-House/ 155453441176630
Also, my friend Finnegan's mom Lisa here on Catster has a website called Lisa puts out a very wonderful kitty health newsletter, and some great people who learned about me through the newsletter have also been very helpful.
The auction has been going so well that Mommy went ahead and took me to the vet yesterday. There were vampire monsters who took my blood. I cried and screamed, which made Mommy cry too. (Mommy's eyes seem to be leaking a lot lately). They also took x-rays. There was good mews and bad mews: The good mews is that all of my blood tests came back purrfect, and I don't have any diseases. The bad mews is that I have a spinal cord injury. Mommy was wondering how this could've happened because I am an indoor kitty, but I lived outdoors for the first four months of my life until Mommy and Daddy adopted me and took me to my furever home, and the vet said it could've been an old injury that just kept getting worse. (I don't remember if that happened to me, because I was just a kitten at the time.) The vet said my ilium is pulling away from my sacrum (or maybe it was the other way around). He gave me a shot of something called Methyl Prednisalone and said it might or might not work, but even if it helps, it might be a week before I show improvement. If it doesn't help me, I might need surgery, and the doctor said Mommy would have to consult an orthopedic surgical specialist. At least now that seems like it might be possible since all of those nice purrsons are helping us with the auction. I still can't use the litterbox properly, but the vet told Mommy to keep me from moving around very much so I can heal, so I have to spend a lot of time in my prison/cage when Mommy or Daddy can't hold me. But I'll admit I am comfurtable, and I'm getting a lot of attention. One of Mommy's Facebook furiends (Robin from Angelpaws Animal Reiki on Facebook) has even been sending me distance reiki, and it is very relaxing for me. Mommy is hoping that I will put back some of the weight I have lost since my appetite isn't as good as it used to be. I weigh only 5 lbs. 9oz., so I am very tiny for an 8-month-old boy kitty.
Between going to work and then keeping up with the auction, Mommy hasn't been able to get me over here to Catster very much, so I haven't yet been able to acknowledge all of the lovely rosies, purrs, purrayers, and good wishes being sent my way. I will try my best to thank efurryone purrsonally, but until I can do that, I just want to tell all of my furiends here at Catster that I love you and appreciate all of your kindness.

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