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I'm the skinniest Marshmallow you'll ever meet!


November 7th 2010 3:34 pm
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That's right Kitties, I've found a new home! How great is that? A nice man found me on craigslist and took me home today from the adoption event! I'm so happy! He only has one other kitty, another flame point Siamese. I hope we'll be friends!

Thanks for all you did for me kitties and all your purrs that got me through my hard times, now I'm in a forever home and couldn't be happier. I feel so loved!!!


I'm going DANCING!

November 5th 2010 2:44 pm
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Hi there all my friends in Catsterland!

Just a quick update... I'm up to 8 cans of baby food a day last thing foster mommy heard. Gosh darn diggity am I expensive or what? I sure hope I start eating kitty food soon, I'll make the adoption group go broke!

I'm still looking for a forever home. I sure hope I can find one. I'm not really ready to go out yet but they are definitely fielding applications from people who would like to love me. If the right home comes along, I might go out as well! Wouldn't that be swell?

Also, I'm going DANCING tonight! hehehe! I'm so excited!!! Tabby Little is taking me to the 60s dance party tonight at Forget me Not! I'm so excited! I can hardly contain my little toes, I love running, so I bet I'll love dancing too!!!


Catster is a great place

October 23rd 2010 1:01 pm
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Catster is a great place sometimes kitties. I can't believe that I got a DDP today. I'm so honored by it. I can't believe that a little while ago that I was living the tough malnourished life in a high kill shelter, probably from the streets, before the good people at Animal Outreach came along and saved me. I can't believe a little while ago I wasn't on Catster and didn't have all this love and support for me. No matter what happens to me, I've felt such great love here it almost makes up for the bad.

Thank you so much for celebrating with me today kitties, it means the world to me and to foster mommy. She sometimes thinks she doesn't make any difference, I want her to know that I'm the difference she makes! All of you helped too. You help foster mommy know that she makes a difference with me and your love makes a difference with both of us. We want to thank all of you loving kitties and peoples for all that love. You are the greatest.

I'm off to go be an expensive nom nomer again!


I'm an expensive nom nomer

October 18th 2010 4:36 pm
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Hey kitties,

Well here is the good and the bad news, as foster mommy knows from the last phone call.

The Good:
I'm still eating!

The Catch:
I eat 4-5 cans of baby food a day.

The Bad:
I'm really expensive to keep since I eat so much baby food a day.
They still aren't sure I'm getting enough to eat despite all the food I am eating.
I need to start eating KITTY food but I just can't seem to get around to that. I have only been eating baby food. I need to eat kitty food.

Here's hoping I start eating the kitty food soon. Keep up your purrs for me kitties. There will be no forever home for me unless I start eating kitty food.



October 11th 2010 4:09 pm
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I just got a call from Marshmallow's current foster home. Today is the first day she started eating! She was on fluids and being force fed baby food all weekend and today for the first time she began inhaling her food! We are all just so happy. She is only on baby food and wet food, not back to anything else yet, but she is eating on her own. She is clearly not up for adoption for a while, but she's eating. When she first showed up at the rescue group she was treated for a severe case of toxidia and we think she became thoroughly depressed in the week she was in the cage at Petsmart and just stopped eating. The good news, she is doing great now though. She is not out of the woods, but she is eating like a full nom nomer right now. We were so worried she was going to be put down or die on us and so this phone call was the greatest thing I have heard in a long time, and I can guarantee that the woman who has her now is also pretty delighted to report that Marshmallow is eating again! Don't stop purring for her please, she has a long ways to go, but she is eating again!


Toying with heart strings

October 6th 2010 10:22 pm
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Right after mommy posted that last diary entry about me I decided to toy with her heart strings. She got a call from the lady she does the foster work for who put her in touch with another nice lady with vet training. A few hours later a nice man came and picked me up, I'm on my way to the other ladies house now. This woman is trained in things that can help me, she's going to get more fluids into me today and then see some more drugs or take me to a different vet. It is tearing out mommies heart but she knows that this is what is best for me right now. If I pull through everything she will try to get me back for the rest of my fostering, but until then, I'm going to stay somewhere else. Purr for me kitties. Foster mommy will keep you updated about my condition as she hears about it. Poor foster mommy, she is broken hearted after Eva and now me. This is what happens when you take on the tough cases though, you don't always win. Hopefully I will be a winner though. Purr for me. I'm getting fluids tonight and hopefully my playful spirit will keep me going strong until they find the right problem and cure. Purr kitties, please purr!

From Foster Mommy
Since Marshmallow wasn't eating and drinking, I just didn't know if she would pull through another night even though she seemed fine. She was just so tiny and she lost so much weight in a cage that week she spent at the adoption at petsmart that I didn't know how much longer she had to fight. If something can be found to cure her, I want her with people who have the best training, and sadly, right now that just isn't me. I don't even have the proper equipment in my house to give her fluids which she really needs if she is going to beat whatever has a hold on her. If she gets better, I do want her back, maybe even to keep. It breaks my heart to let go of her right now not knowing what will happen to her from this point on, but it is the best thing for Marshmallow to be with someone with a little bit more vet training than me. Thank you to everyone for your kindness, I'll be keeping her page up because she touched my heart even in a few short days. I don't know when the next foster will come along, my emotional strength is running low after two sad cases. Marshmallow has so much love and energy, I just didn't know what to do to help her. Please everyone, think of Marshmallow and think good thoughts for her. I hope beyond hope she'll be back with us soon.


still not eating

October 6th 2010 7:16 pm
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Foster mommy and daddy are very concerned about me, I'm still not eating. They've tried a lot of things and I'm just not biting. The drugs I got at the clinic yesterday have only been in me for 24 hours but mommy wants instant results. Yesterday I got fluids and they gave me these two drugs Strongid and Marquis. We don't know much about them. The clinic was through the shelter and is low cost. They had people rushing in and out and they don't perform full check ups. Foster Mommy is worried they missed something important. She is thinking about taking me to her vets. She doesn't know what to do though. She says she isn't sure she has the emotional strength for this right now. I am still tons of energy and running around like a nut, but I only weight 5 and a half to 6 pounds and I just won't eat. Foster Mommy doesn't know how I have all this energy. Anyone ever heard of anything like this? I'm a little young girl and I just have tons of energy but I won't eat or drink. The only thing I have willingly gone after since being here is Foster Daddy's people milk, and I can't have that, it isn't good for me. But Foster mommy knows not eating and drinking also isn't good for me. What can we all do?


Tastes like BLAH!

October 5th 2010 11:57 am
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Icky icky, foster mommy took me to the vets today! Why would she do that? I've got tons of energy! She was worried about my eating and my poopies so she brought me in. They stuck things in me and all kinds of icky icky things. I was also pretty dehydrated so they stuck a needle into me and filled me full of fluids. Then they gave foster mommy lots of drugs for me to take and showed her how. They should clear up everything pretty quickly. They tasted REALLY icky though.

It does turn out that I won't be off my drugs in time for the next adoption even though. Guess they'll have to keep me here for another week. tee hee hee!


Hi brand new friends

October 4th 2010 3:23 pm
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Hi there Catster land!

My name is Marshmallow and I'm brand new on Catster. I'm the latest foster sister of Simone and River, and I certainly have a rough past. I was malnourished as a kitten and it stunted my growth. I'll always be a little one. I'm 2 years old right now and I weigh less than 6 pounds. I'm a tiny tiny girl. I'm still very underweight right now but I'm not a big fan of eating. Mommy needs to figure out a better way to get me to eat. I have tons of energy though and I chase foster mommy around the house when she lets me out. I'm a jumper and an explorer too.

Anyways, I can't wait to meet all of you. Please purr that I put on some serious weight, I need to be much heavier than I am right now! Bye bye for now, talk to you all soon!

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