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Nine Lives

Update on My Life

July 13th 2012 4:21 am
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Hi Diary!

It's summertime and it's hot. Not as hot as some other parts of the country, but still hot for me. I've been spending a lot of time laying flat out on the cool tile floor, or outside under the porch cover.

I have been doing well and my asthma has been under control. I haven't had a wheezing attack in a long time. I have some new medicine to take and get this- I take it with CREAM~!! It's like a dream come true. A little bit of cream with my new liquid medicine- I'm on board!! I was going to the vet and getting a shot every three weeks, but my pawrents and the vet decided to try this liquid medicine instead. That's fine with me- less vet trips!! Plus, I don't see any of the other cats getting cream, so Mom and Dad must love me best.

Speaking of annoying fur-sibs, that pesky brofur of mine, Mac, is still a nuisance. Mom says he has "improved on his social skills" because he doesn't use his mouth and teeth in play as much anymore- at least with them! He still follows me around everywhere and jumps on my back sometimes. I guess he doesn't try to bite my neck as much anymore, but he's still a pest!! Everywhere I go, he follows me. If I sit, he has to sit right by me. If I go somewhere else, he has to stalk me. The only time he leaves me alone is if he's on a good hunt.

Which reminds me--we've been bringing mice to the house nonstop! (I bring home the bigger, better ones of course). I'm sure my pawrents appreciate our gifties! Especially the big one Mac brought inside and left in the bedroom! MOL

Legolas (Legaly)


Vet Visit

May 16th 2012 3:53 pm
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Today I went to the vet. I meowed a little in the car, but mostly I was an excellent traveler. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the windows were cracked, allowing fresh air and new smells to breeze in and circle around me.

Anyway, I went to the vet because I've been having wheezing attacks at night and Meowmy was worried that I have developed asthma. She has asthma and knows how scary it can be.

Everyone was nice to me and called me handsome! The vet said he could hear that my lungs were congested, and says it could be asthma. He gave me a shot and told Meowmy to keep an eye on me and see how I respond in the next few days.

NOTE FROM MEOWMY: The vet wants to determine that this really is asthma, because he suggested there could be other reasons for Legaly's symptoms. Please keep your paws crossed that it is only asthma, something that we can learn to manage, and not something worse!


Furrtastic Week!

February 9th 2012 12:00 pm
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Dear Diary,

This has been such a pawsome week!! Over the weekend, I found out that I’m KCK’s Kitty of the Week, and I was SO surprised, honored and happy!!! Mom was happy for me too, and she’s given me lots and lots of attention, treats, special playtime, and catnip this week! I think my little brofur Mac is kind of jealous! But he gets attention all the time anyway. He even got his picture in a calendar for 2012, so he gets the whole year to celebrate!

This week has also been special because it’s KCK’s Secret Admirer time!! I have a secret admirer that has sent me many cool things, including a basket of chocolate, shrimpies, and a very cool cat-bed!! She also asked me to go for a moonlight stroll with her! I don’t know who she is yet but I will find out soon!!

Meanwhile, I am admiring someone very special, too. She is a very pretty kitty and I can’t wait to reveal my identity to her! Wow, what an amazing week full of love!!



Catnip for Christmas

December 28th 2011 7:17 pm
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Hi Diary,
We got some new catnip for Christmas, and catnip spray that Mom sprays on our cat stands! We all love it and come running from wherever we are when we hear that catnip spray. The first time we tried the new catnip, Mom says I was so funny! First I went all crazy at the cat-stand, jumping all around, climbing, and batting around cat toys! She thinks it’s funny when I roll in the catnip but she doesn’t understand how great it is to be covered in the stuff! Then I went to drink some water and stared into the water bowl for a looong time--I think I forgot what I was doing for a minute! But I wasn’t as crazy as my brofur Mac—he rolled in the catnip, then sat on the stand and stared at the wall for hours! Catnip is the greatest! Thanks Mom!


Lost & Found Dog

December 2nd 2011 12:50 pm
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Hi Diary,

Zoey (the dog) disappeared recently and was gone for 3 days! I didn't care much, it was actually much quieter without her around and I got a lot more napping done! I wouldn't have minded much that she was gone except that Mom, Dad & the other dog (Zander) were so sad!! I didn't know why they would be so upset--after all, it's not ME who disappeared! (And we all know I'm the best and most wonderful pet of the house...Right?).

But anyway, my brofur Mac was sad too because for SOME reason, Mac seems to be pals with the dogs. Sometimes we whisper behind his back that he's part dog MOL. I know that my sisfur Ivy was on my side because she was the first pet here, and has always been cranky about the fact that so many more of us came to join the family!

Anyway, I did my best to comfort Mom & Dad. I tried to sleep on them a lot, but they're the worst!--They hardly ever stay in one spot as long as I'd like them to. It seems they are always moving around (and moving me to a new place) once I've finally settled into a deep nap.

Zoey finally returned home after three days; Mom & Dad found her at a shelter. So I guess that's good news. I suppose I can deal with Zoey chasing me around, if it means that Mom & Dad are happy!



Garage Adventure

August 4th 2011 9:48 pm
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Dear Diary,
Mom & Dad left for a night and they left me in the house with the other 2 cats. Most notably, Mac. They left soon after I ate my morning Fancy Feast wet food. Then I went to take a nap in one of my favorite spots. When I woke up, I realized I’d slept a long time and they weren’t home yet to let me out! I hate not being able to go out when I want! Not only that, but Mac was also up from his nap and was beginning his usual routine of harassing me. This includes repetitive jumping on me and trying to bite my neck. I got tired of it real quick. I just wanted to go outside and get away from that pesky little brother of mine.

I decided to take matters into my own paws. I went to investigate the door to the garage--it seemed like the easiest to get open. I shredded a pile of cat and dog magazines that were by the door, just to let Mom & Dad know I did not appreciate the situation they put me in! I pawed around and under the door and managed to get it open, but suddenly there was a horribly loud noise! An alarm! I darted into the garage, and Mac, who’d been trying to follow me, ran the opposite way. At least the sound was not as deafening in the garage. The noise stopped after a while, but by then I was focused on a discarded bag of cat food with some kibbles still left in the bottom. There’s a lot to explore in the garage, and the time went by quickly. Before I knew it, Mom & Dad came home and found me. The best part about being in the garage was being away from Mac!



The Blue Dish Incident

November 19th 2010 4:02 pm
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Dear Diary,
I like to eat. I’ll try just about anything and I like most of what I try. This is what led to the Blue Dish Incident. See, the other morning when Mom & Dad woke up, there was a blue dish scattered into pieces on the tile floor in the kitchen. There had been brownie crumbs on that plate—but they’ll never know for certain it was me, even if they suspect. I was so vigorously licking the plate clean that I didn’t notice it sliding closer to the edge of the counter. It crashed to the floor and broke into a zillion pieces when it hit the tile. I certainly didn’t mean to do it! I was very surprised that Mom & Dad didn’t wake up! I ran and curled up on the chair just in case—so they’d think I’d just been sleeping. Isn’t that clever? Mom thought it was Mac who did it, which was ok with me! I acted like I didn’t know anything, but Dad called me a “brownie-eater”, so maybe he’s on to me? Well, whatever—it was worth it! Those brownie crumbs were yummy! Talk to you later, Diary.

Love, Legaly



November 11th 2010 7:20 pm
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Dear Diary,
Today I couldn't seem to find a good place to nap. I guess Mom and Dad aren't used to me napping inside all day, but it's so cozy in this rainy weather. Especially when they have the fire going. Mostly I just like to be left alone, but these days, that doesn't happen often with that damn kitten around. He thinks it's funny to jump on and paw at me when I'm relaxing and minding my own business. No matter how mean I am to him, he seems to really like me. I guess I don't mind too much. As long as he leaves me alone. So anyway, back to the problem with finding a good place to nap: First I tried sitting in Mom's lap and I thought she'd be still and quiet, but she just pet me a few times and then got up. But then I got to have the chair for the afternoon, so that was okay. Then the dog and kitten came in, and of course, started bugging me. I tried to lay on the couch with Dad, but Mac (the kitten) kept walking around and batting at me from various angles. I next checked out the bed in the guest room, but Ivy was occupying that space, and she doesn't really like company. Finally, I discovered the empty, dark and quiet office and that's where I am now. Occasionally, Mom comes in to do something, but she just smiles at me and makes sure to turn off the light when she leaves. I like it in here. It's the right temperature and just far enough away to be out of the main area, but still close enough that I can hear what's going on.

That's all for now, I'm going back to sleep.

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