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The Princess Journals

DOTD Thank You

March 19th 2013 2:31 am
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Thank Yous all who sent messages and made Me and My sisfur Rai some DOTD Siggies...We Wuvs the siggies


My Lil Sisfur is a pain....

February 25th 2013 11:00 pm
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last summer Meowmy and Dad rescued and then adopted 2 lil sisfurs for one sisfur is a pain..she is s hyperactive ball of fluff who is bigger than me and thinks she can try to be the boss cat..well i showed her who was boss, I chased her through the house and made sure she knew that even though shes taller than me, I am still the dominant cat.. my other lil sisfur picked up quickly and doesnt bother bugging me..

They Know who the princess is around here.. I Am!! :D


They took away my table and chairs!!!

January 15th 2011 10:57 pm
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some strange people came over and took my table and chairs... mummy says we will get new ones when we move.
I dont like that idea, I want my table and chairs back.

I decided to make it known to mummy that i did not like that she gave away my table and chairs by giving her a slap as she walked by me. she shoulda known bwtter than give away my stuff.


Somethings going on...Oh noes..

December 28th 2010 10:58 pm
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My Napping spots are disappearing and this house is starting to look empty. I has a feeling that soon Rai and I are going to go in that big square thing they call a kennel ... I dislike the Kennel.

Last time i was in that "kennel" they put me and Kitty in there and then put us Inside a big squarish box that moves that they call a van and we stayed in their for what seemed like furevvvverrr.. I hated being in there... Rai likes the kennel though, shes gonna be in for a suprise though, i doubt she will like it once we get put in the big moving box they call a van.

I really dislikes going on rides. my Humans though tell me it is for the better for us and that we will all be together in a new home soon and will have our nap spots back and our other stuff back in a few weeks...and in our new place i will get to watch birdies galore.... hmmm birdies they say, maybe this wont be so bad afterall.

Princes Summer

"note from Summer,Kitty and Rai's humans:

We are doing a 1000 mile trip across the Provence back to southern Ontario ..We did this trip 1 1/2 years ago with Summer and Kitty and now we are moving back to the City we moved from... even though we done this before and know what to expect any tips for traveling for these girls would be greatly appreciated as summer though handled the trip very well last time was still nervous and were not sure how Rai is going to be since She never went on any long distance trips before...

and yes the Provence of Ontario is Really that big and is really that many Miles to get from where we are in Ontario now to where we are going to be moving back"


Oh noes! They's talking about veichle rides...

October 26th 2010 1:08 pm
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I do remember what one of those are.Noes noes noes noes noes I do not like the big boxed in thing that moves that My mommy and daddy calls a Vehicle.. Kitty and I last year were in that thing for along long time and now we goes in it again soon and this time with my bratty sister Rai.I seen mommy put treats in the kennel daily to get us used of it, she did that for a few weeks before our long drive last time.

Rai has no problem going into the kennel eating the treats and relaxing but I dont think my silly sister Rai knows what shes in for, Me on the other paw am too smart to fall for that trick again.


Im A princess

September 22nd 2010 10:31 pm
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Yes indeed I am.. :)

So fitting is this name of this diary for me my catatude shows that im fancy and should be attended to on demand.

ahhh its a wonderful life being a cat when you are with humans who saved me and loves me.

Ta-ta for now:SumSum

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