SAM I AM~!! (Yeah, I waz called ANGEL when I waz a Gurlie~ MOL!)

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Kewl Flowers on our pages 'n what a Pawsome life~!

May 16th 2013 3:23 am
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Hi Ya'll~! Iz been awhile since I wrote in my diary/journal. Golly, Mommy Kathy did not realize jus' how long!! I'z been doin' really good. Since it's spring er goin' into summer, I can really explore goin' outside 'n havin' a blast~!! Efurythin' iz so green 'n da grass iz really munchable!~

Thank U efuryfur who brought nice flowers 'n gifties to put ona our pages, dey look really NICE~
Purrs U all had a wonnerfur Happy Mother's Day 'n gotta spend tonza time hangin' out wif Ur meowmy's 'n got lotza cuddles 'n lovin'z~! My spawcial day wif me mom wuz great~! She got the bestest giftie o' all, ME~ MOL~! She really love's it when I stretch all full length out ona her when her lays ina her recliner~! Mom LOVES her recliner~ I iz so long 'n her cuddles wif me so good~!

Mommy Lisa works too hard but goes in early 'n get'z home early, so I run to her, give huggles 'n bonks 'n den go outside~! My life is saweet. 'n I love's my furefur home~Mommy Kathy can't belief's I'll already be three on August 1st~ 'n I wuz gotted on August 11th, what a lil guy I wuz. We all still get a big chuckle outta dem thinkin' I wuz a gurlie gurl in da beginnin'~Sometimes U jus' can't tell iz what I heard, anyfur I iz a pure all american boy, yeppers I IZ~! Heheheee!~ Me 'n Milo still haz good times outside 'n we bonks 'n go explorin' 'round our garden area 'n I love'z to sit atop my catio fence jus' as mush as he does~! All is good~!

I got new piccies, me thinks three new ones ona my page, but as ya can tell, I ain't changed mush~! I still hansome my meowmies tell me~ Sam blushes~! Purrs on~

Love 'n happy head bonks 'n nudges,

Sam, I am


Whofur Am I Really???

August 24th 2012 3:21 pm
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Whooo~!! Hallo Efuryone~! I'z been really busy dis summer! Outside can really be time consumin' 'n really adventurous~!! 'n den there's dat spawcial time U gotta go fur da cat nappy dreamland~! Iza grand world~!!
Anyfur, I finally got mommy Kathy to halpz me write dis diary ona game dat Zach, Zoe 'n Griswold started. There r many diaries travelin' 'bout Catster 'n is so fun to read 'em~! Thanks Zach fur a wonnerfur way o' lettin' kitties know more'z 'bout eash others~! 'n I want to send kisses 'n hugs 'n love to my darlin' girlfuriend, fur taggin' ME~! Ur a sweetheart 'n so beautifur~!! So if'n U hazn't been tagged, DIS is ur opportunity to do so~!

Ok on to da answers~!!

"Who are you really?"
Well, I am a silver point, possibly lynx point siamese, cross eyed: man cat, all muscle wif a BIG heart~!!

1) Tell me your funny Christmas story.

Ok, well let's see, I memmer Chrissymas sharin' wif my furmilies, mommy Lisa had peeps ofur 'n her cooks a lot fur 'em~! We hada grand feast 'n lotza foodage as I recall..turkey, dressin', gravies 'n Mmmm I got to lickin' it all up 'n got my OWN platter too~! 'n me visits MILO 'n him got me prezzies 'n I gived him toys from me 'n him give me FOOD~! MOL~! I love food~! Treats 'n cans o' spawcial FF 'n more treats~! Wow Milo knows how I love food~! I memmer all o' us purrlayin' outsside wif our mew toys 'n den leafin' 'em behind coz outside haz many more sites 'n bushes, trees, bugs 'n more to inspect~! MOL~! Shrugs, guess we jus' KNOW what we like~!!

2) Where's your favorite hiding place when playing hide and go seek?

Oh dat's really eazy fur me~! Ina bushes outside~! OR ina TREE~! No one can find me dere~! I iz like cameoflauged 'n stuff~! Hehehee! Inside, well I haz a corner I like to hide behind mom's rockin' chair when I need a good nappy 'n no fur can bother me~!

Can U See Me ina TREE????

3) What did you dream of being as a young kit?

Oh I still dream o' bein' BIG 'n Ferocious 'n runnin' through da wild like a cougar 'splorin' da wide open spaces!!~ 'n Gettin' ina Big tall tree 'n lookin' down at da hills 'n valleys 'n really small people below~! MOL~! But truth be known, when I wuz really tiny 'n oh so small, I dreamed o' findin' my real mom, but I nefur did, but ya know what??? I got da BEST mommy I could efur dream 'bout findin' right her wif me NOW~! Yep I does.


Me bein' FUROCIOUS~ Hehehee~!

4) What's your favorite hobby? Anything goes.

Once 'gain, it's bein' outside 'n iz been nice weather! I like to go outside EARLY 'n I mean really early, 'round 3AM 'n mom Lisa will let me out fur a little bit 'fore her haz to go to werks. I stay close 'n jus' kin'a hang 'roun' me homestead 'n run up stairs 'n lay down at da top o' da staircase ofur lookin' all da other 'partment'z. Jus' knowin' I iz ona top o' da world really makes me feel like a COUGAR~! ROAR~! Heheheeee!~

5) What's your one "bad habit" that you love and your Mom hates?

Well...didn't U know'z I'z purrfect 'n got no bad habits?? Nah, really I guess we all do, but mine r quite menial...but, I guess I should emphasize how mush I HATE FEET~! I guess I do get a little overly anxious when peeps get too near me wif their FEET...I attack 'em, yeah, I do~! Dat's why earlier in da year or maybe it wuz last year, we fear someone kicked me becoz o' dis~! Since den, I hate feet efen more~!! Anyfur else gotta fear o' feet??? All I know iz Mallee loves to attack 'em too~!! 'n BITE~! I gotta join her brigade~!! MOL~!

6) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Oh I a travelin' man, made a lot o' stops all ofur da world....yeah, I'z jus' singin'~!! I don't know, maybe California where da gurls r hot?? HA~! I gotta HOT gurly in Harley~! So, guess I'z jus' fine wif stickin' to my home grounds. Now whar iz da MAP??? MOL~!

7) What is your guilty pleasure? Food, skirts and suits or cars? What?

Hmmm, now Ur diggin'~! My LOVE is Harley 'n my TOYS~! I will alwayz be a kid at heart~! I love to grab my toys outta dat box mom got 'em in 'n toss 'em WAY up ina air 'n chase 'em 'n wrastle wif 'em 'n make like a COUGAR~! Yeah, I iz a big kid, a really BIG one~! Heheee!! U should see me FLY~!!

Gettin' ready to JUMP 'n POUNCE~!!

8) What is your favorite make believe monster? And yes girls, unicorns and fairies are included. Post a pic of this mysterious beast.

Well, mom haz her grand kids ofur a lot 'n one o' their furvurite movies is SHREK. Dey watch it ofur 'n ofur 'n ofur~! MOL~! Shrek is a great big huge green Ogre monster, but I love him!!!~ 'n him furiends too~! IMA BELIEVER, oh yeah, IMA BELIEVER~!! Hehehe, can I sing good??? Iza good movie, love da songs in it too~!!

Shrek 'n furiends~!!

9) What is the one dreaded thing you have to do at home? Babysitting, taking baths, entertaining guest....what is your dread?

What do I HAZ to do at home?? Well nothin' really, I eat, sleep, poop, go outside 'n sleep some more~! I gotta purrfect life~! But I don't like leafin' ina car or goin' to da V-E-T~!! I don't get bafs 'n I don't care 'bout visitors really, I jus' ignore 'em mostly~!! Dreaded? Nope, life is good.

10) We are going to have coed ships this year so which ship do you want to be on mine, or Zoes. Gris will be having a small ship (more like a dingy) for all our kits to be on.

Oh I'z be ready fur Talk like a Pirate Day too~!! Guess we'll be on Gris's ship, da dingy!! Mallee will be dere 'n Moppie 'n lotza other lil kits, we still young, but I tell ya, I had a Blast last year purrlayin' ina band wif my pal MOPPIE !~

Moppie 'n ME purrlayin' ina Pirate Band~!!


So dat's it~! My answers 'n facts 'bout da real Sam, whofur used to be Angel (Whispers, mom still thinkz I her Angel).

Lil ME climbin' ona my MOMMY~!

Yep, we were ALL lil once~! 'n I wuz furry fortunate dat mommy Lisa found me dat cold, wet day~!

Common 'n purrlay dis Tag game, iz really fun 'n I enjoyed writin' mine 'n hope U enjoyed it too~!

Purrz 'n mush love,



Today I wuz Gotted 2 Years Ago~!!!

August 11th 2012 9:56 am
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Hello, my grand furiends~! Wow, I had da most purrfect birfday 'n all my furiends come to catebrate~! Thank U so mush fur da Gifts 'n happy wishes~! U all r so mush fun 'n I enjoy coming here to purrlay!!
Well today, I wuz gotted two years ago. I memmer dat day, SOOOO well~! I wuz all wet 'n cold 'n shiverin'~! I wuz stuck ina next to a/c unit outside o' mommy's Church Child Care window~! Peeps found me 'n wuz gonna put me down, well coz I had no mommy 'n I wuz SOOO young 'n tiny~! TINY~! ME?? MOL~! Yeah, I wuz. Less den two weeks old, dey estimated. Can U belief'z I wuz all white den?? I wuz skeered 'n mommy Lisa came runnin' out to see what da clatter wuz all 'bout! Well U might o' already heard dis story 'fore, but her gotted me 'n cuddled me ina warm blankee 'n dey tol' her I wuz an orphan~! An Orphan?? Oh me, so nobody wanted me??? Well, mommy TOL' Dem folks, NOPE Ur NOT puttin' down dis lil kitten~! Dis ANGEL is mine~! 'n Dat wuz da happiest dayz o' me life~!! We went home 'n I wuz in a shoe box~! A shoe box, small 'n tiny like me~! Her called Mommy Kathy, knowin' her would halp, coz her not know'z mush 'bout kittens, spawcially tiny as me!! I meowed thank U mommy's~! Thank U fur findin' me 'n lovin' me 'n bringin' me into Ur homes~! Well, da rest is history as dey sez~! MILO raised me n halped me grow 'n taught me to eat efen!! I am a man cat now~! I'm BIG~! I'm lean 'n I've learned a lot~! I eat good 'n I'm spry and I love to purrlay outside wif MILO 'n MALLEE 'n sometimes efen Timmy 'n Ziggy.
U know we all gotta pawty today, coz I know U all r so happy U wuz 'gotted' too~! We got purrfect homes 'n folks whofur love us dearly~! Mommy Lisa sez her wouldn't take da world fur me~! I'm glad, coz I love her 'n bein' wif her~! Her sez I gettin' some tasty treats 'n cheekin today~! OH what a fun day it iz~!
I already got some really spawcial gifties today ona my Gotcha Day, THANK U~! Thank U all 'n Enjoy Ur Caturday~! Coz iz da weekend 'n I gonna pawty wif U all day long~!

Purrz 'n love,
I am

P.S. Sending love 'n hugs to my sweet Harley~!! Big kisses too~!!


WOW~!! CAKE Catebration, My Birfday 'n Many Thankz~!

August 3rd 2012 7:51 am
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Hiya 'n Happy Friday 'n da weekend to alla my saweet 'n furrtastic furiends~! I had da bestest Happy 2nd Birfday Efur coz o' U all~!! 'n Thank U Catster fur offurin' free BIG CAKES to us on my Spawcial Day~!! Wow did I efur luck out er what??? Yummy 'n I purrpreciate 'em soo furry mush~!! My day wuz filled wif lotza lovin'z from my mommy Lisa 'n my mommy Kathy~! I got spawcial kitty crunchy treatz 'n a couple o' new mousiez too~!! Turnin' 2 is a fun time 'n I growin' up as U can see~!! I bigger den MILO now~! Well I haz been fur awhile now MOL~! We still best furiends 'n we get to purrlay outside together almost efuryday~!! I lucky I gotta super 'n pawsome furefur home~!

Thank U Catster~! U really know how to make a bunch o' kitties really happy~!! Purrz on!~

Bonkz 'n Love,
I am


Summer Time here, I miss my Furiends but we Stay United here- in Catsterland~!!

July 9th 2012 10:09 am
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Hello efuryone~! Hugs to my spawcial lady HARLEY ~! I miss U my purrfect fureind~! So glad our furmilies get to visit you in other areas online~! Purrz 'n kisses to U~!
On da sadder sad, I really miss my pawsome Grandie,Pharoah Prince TAO ~! Da TAO goodness been here on'y a few times dis summer 'n him did write in hiz diary a lil while back. I get to visit him also in other areas online, but him Sissy iz busy 'n dere internet gone now~! WHAT??? I would be so tramatic if'n mommy Kathy lost herz~! I guess, da internet gives us all a happy escape most o' da time~! Catster iz a happy purrlace 'n we get to share 'n come here 'n tell our stories o' our furefur homes 'n da love we got goin' on~! Ya know'z we haz lost so many spawcial furiends, like da Tabbies 'n more~! We r shur missin' 'em all, but know'z dey be happy on other areaz online too~! Catster, our communities R fun, da love dat we share is pawsome~! I will nefur furget my fun times here, da pawties, da dances, da honors, da purrfect happiness~~ We r all in sync here~! We love our furrs~! Fur dat love, we unite~!
I gotta share a funny moment wif ya, if I might? Me 'n MILO wuz purrlayin' outside 'n here comez dat lil fiesty MALLEE~! Her shur is cute, but her bugs me~! MOL~! We sniffed noses 'n den her backed up 'n hissed at me~ Imagine dat~!?? I wuzn't doin' nuthin'~! Well here comes MILO in my defense, him looked at her 'n den looked at me 'n we ran off to do manly dood thangz!~ MOL~! Mallee not like most o' us doodz, but her really not like Ziggy~! Now I know him gave her probs when her lived wif him FIRST~! Even when him comes to MILO window, her Screechez at him~! Well, me 'n MILO we r best buddies 'n brofur'z 'n so here we went off to chase burdies 'n buggies 'n make a big show fur da world~! MILO halped raise me from lil kitty 'n I luffz da dood, even thought NOW I mush bigger den him~! Hehehee~! I did catch a burd one day 'n brought it to mommy Lisa's front door~! Her freaked but den realized I am a grand hunter 'n I jus' doin' what I know how~! So her took me inside 'n I got yummy extra treats~!
On 'nother note, several dayz ago, I got an irritated infection on side o' my face~ I wuz skritchin' it alla time~! It itched so bad 'n I skritched it raw~! Yuk~! So Mommy Lisa knocked on MILO mommy's door~ Her panicked 'n jus' got home from werkz 'n knew MILO mommy would know what to do~ Well, Mommy Kathy went to get some anti itch vet spawcialize spray fur me 'n some antibiotic cream from her Bafroom cabinets~! Oh my Catness, it werked 'n I feel so mush better now 'n da itch is gone~ But mommy Lisa did take me to see my Vet 'n him did not put dat nasty thang 'roun' my neck like I thought~! Him sez fleas~ So Mommy Kathy told Mommy Lisa I needed Revolution or somethin' like dat~ I got Advantage II now 'n Mommy Lisa use it on me 'n I not got fleas no more~ OMC~ it wuz horrible~! I go outside lotz 'n so I need to haz protection!~ Thank U mommy Kathy~! Thank U mommy Lisa~! I got da bestest mommies in da whole world~ 'n Da bestest brofur, MILO, U ROCK dood~! Summer is gonna be'z a purrfect time fur us to venture out 'n explore~!
I jus' wanna sez dat Catster Community rocks, alla our saweet fureinds we love~! Purrlease don't leaf~! We need U here 'n we need U to stay strong 'n always stand up fur what U think is rite~! Don't let stoopid burds nor stoopid articles make fur hurt feelin'z 'n stuff~! Don't go jus' coz Ur offended, gotta memmer iza rite to public free speach 'n U CAN ignore stuff U don't like~ Keepin' our Community strong iz what we gotta do now~! Always 'n furefur~! UNITE~!

Purrz fur a happy week 'n enjoy Ur summer, stay kewl 'n rock on~!!



Fun wif Catster Furiendz~!!

April 25th 2012 12:25 pm
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HOWDY From da grand land o' Texas~ It's so PURRTY dese day'z, U jus' wouldn't belief'z it~! Wow, I know lotza kitfur'z R really enjoyin' da outside 'n greeneriez we got goin'~! Some from dere pishure windows~! PAWSOME Sounds o' Spring 'n Summer comin'~! Iz a grand time o' year~! Ya know Jezebel we had a grand time ofur at MILO 'n MALLEE'z house 'n hiz new toy iz da greatest efur!~ So mush fun~! Pipo 'n Minko purrz to U goodest buddies, U alwayz make sush pawsome commentz~! Hey MOPPIE, yeah dood, iz so mush fun outside 'n I hope U get some mush needed sunshine dayz so U can find many sunspots to lie in 'n enjoy!~! ^ Paws my grand furiend~! I did get hurt but I iz mush better now but I still hate feet~! MOL~! 'n o' Course U can come hide out at my purrlace anytime, brofur~! Yikes we all gotta run from da Vet'z purrlace~!!.
TAO, my Grandie, U got shots comin' up soon in August? YIKE'z~! U gotta come to my house 'n HIDE NOW~! I so glad Ur on my side when it come'z to yukky feet~! I don't like any o' 'em in front o' me either~! Hey dood, we won't efur be'z oldiez~! MILO lil bit older but we all catch up wif 'em soon~ U be'z so rite~! We nefur be old~! Kitties jus' keep on gettin' better 'n more pawsome~! I not tell MILO coz him already feel'z older~! Yepperz Calie got dat pink in common wif her Grandette, Calie~! Dey bof be'z Calico'z 'n so purrty too~! Pink does really fit Callie 'n Mallee~! So gurly gurlz~! I love Gurly gurlz, don't U~!!? I don't think'z I efur had to wear dressie'z though!! Good thang too~! MOL! Yepz we were gurlies first, 'n dat'z how we met~ MOL!~ WE NOT now, so we be'z da Grandest o' furiendz 'n I so glad~! Yepperz Callie belongz to da 3rd generation kitties~ WOW we haz a few jus' startin' out now, like BOO 'n BUZZ~! Yep Panda'z babies R all gettin' way Big now~! But 2nd generation kitties rock~! WE all doez~! We got Griswold 'n Fearless 'n Snow 'n Jasmine 'n Tristan, Mallee'z V sweetheart, so many 2nd generation kits~! 1st Generation kits really gotta be'z our Elders 'n whofur we look up too~! 'n Jezebel 'n Gump our senior elders we learn lotz from~! 'n Den dere iz TABBIES, where we got many more pawsome kits to learn from 'n enjoy~!! Heheheeh~! I do haz my time in da early mornin' hourz when I come to life 'n WAKE up efuryone~! ya know it'z a kitties way'z~! *Sam Winkz*
My Saweet Harley, yeah, dey keepin' me safe 'n know'z what be'z good fur me'z, so I can't complain mush~ But I will slappy paw 'em wif U~! MOL~ Kissies to U my beautifur gurlie~!!
I love love'z my saweet Catster furiendz~ U make me so happy~! 'n I hope Ur all lovin' life 'n purrin' lotz~! 'n Gettin' 'em nice warm nappy'z 'n cuddlez 'n pawsome lovin'z too~!
Life is grand~!
So let'z Dance~!

Purrz on 'n let'z ROCK~!

Head bonkz 'n thankies fur readin' my Diary~!!

I am


Shout Outs, Fun in da Sun 'n stories saweet~!

April 18th 2012 12:58 pm
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*Sam waves to all hiz purrfect furiends*~!! Howdy 'n How R U ALL doin'~?? OMC~! Isn't it beautifur outside~? I jus' gotta tell'z , I am so happy wif our spring weather 'n I hope U all gettin' it too~?? I wish fur eash o' U to enjoy it az mush as I am~! Purrty green trees, purrty green grasses 'n buggies to chase~! WOW, what more'z could a kit want?? 'n I can tell ya, outta ALL da kits in our furmilies, I am da one dat LOVE'z outside da mostest~! Yeah, Timmy 'n Ziggy get to go outside more'z den anyfur o' us do. But I go out early in da mornin' 'n always kiss 'n smell da flowers dat grow 'n romp through da bushes~! MILO come'z outside too 'n we purrlay chase up da stairs 'n I look down at him from da third floor 'n den him chase me way up dere~! Iz so fun 'n our meowmiez love us to purrlay together~! Ya know'z, I growin' up 'n be'z BIGGER den MILO now. MALLEE almost big az him 'n Timmy 'n Ziggy R BIG kitties too~! I let dem tell their own stories.

I am doin' eggselent. But I did haz to go to da Vet 'n get a few big shots in my bum!! OUCH~ Yeah, Ma dat did hurt! I screamed at da Doc~! I not want no needles stuck in my bum~! Wouldn't U get angry too?? Ok, so mommy got me rabies 'n some other shots I needed, coz I outside alot 'n dey spawcial to keep me safe. Ok, so I iz ofur it now. But I don't want to see it 'gain, mom~!! U say what? I gotta get 'em efur YEAR~??? DAT BITES~!

I still don't like feet~! I don't like socks on peeps. Memmer when I was outside long time 'fore 'n got hurt? Mom still not know'z what actually happened to me, but since den, I hate peeps feet~! I hate peeps walkin' in front o' me. I guess I might got a complex from dat time outside when I got kicked~!! Yeah, 'n my collar bell got crushed too. I can't memmer what really happened so I couldn't really tell my two mommy'z anyfur. But I got ofur dat too, stayed inside fur weeks 'fore I efur wanted to go back outside 'gain~!! I wuz really skeered~! So I big now. 'n I not so skeered. 'n Us kits purrlay 'n enjoy da time it'z so purrty outside~! 'n Day'z r lastin' longer now in da evenin'z~!! I LOVE da sunshine~! I still got few months 'fore I turn 2, but den mommy Kathy sez I will be'z FULL GROWN~!
Oh 'n Thanks so mush fur makin' shur my kitfur sisfur had a really nice 'n spawcial happy 1st Birfday~! Her still so eggsited 'n dancin' n memmerin'~! U all r da bestest~ 'n I wanna give a shout out to TAO my Grandie 'n Calie, Mallee's lil new Grandette~! U guys make Catster sush a fun purrlace to hang out~!! Hey ya know'z what? I iz a second generation Kit too!~ Coz I be'z so mush younger den MILO or TIMMY, well I guess ZIGGY iz also a second generation kit too, coz him only 2. Timmy will be turnin' 3 in May 'n MILO will be turnin' 4~!! Man HIM iz really gettin' OLD~!! MOL~! I guess MILO be'z our Elder~ 'n We ALL learned a bit from him, although him iz furry gentle 'n laid back dood~! Not like me or Ziggy~! Timmy not care mush either. 'n MALLEE bein' a second generation gurly, her be'z all 'bout herself'z~!! GOLLY, dat gurly is sush a DIVA 'n DREAMGIRL 'n gotz pink 'n purpal written all OFUR her~! Sheesh~!I am a lot like TAO since I am not shur what all dem gurlies see'z in pink'z 'n purrpals. But, let me tell U, I STILL haz my pink kitty condo~ Well, by now, it'z kin'a turned a bit gray, but I haz it since I was lil 'n I still LOVE it~! I not wear pink collarz anymore, but I did once~ But dat wuz when I wuz a gurlie~! HEY MOMMY, I nefur WUZ a real gurlie~! U jus' nefur checked close 'nuff~! Mommy Kathy sez I wuz too small to efen tell, but her efen thunk I wuz a girlie fur 5 months~!! YIKES~! What a surprise to see me wuz a BOY~! I iz almost a MAN CAT now TOO~! Mommy K sez I haz grown so mush, but I iz still furry hansome 'n got beautifur cross eyed blue'z~! Hey, would dat make me more o' a siamese den efen MILO Iz~?? I wonnered 'bout dat~! 'n there iz lot'z more second generation kits like Fearless, Novi, Snow, Griswold, Daisy, Jasmine (Brofur MILO'z girlie furiend HEN'z sisfur), Jasmyne, Tristan, course Tao 'n Calie, Abby, Miranda, 'n da list goe'z on 'n on 'n on~!! shout out to all dese wonnerfur furiends~! Dese kitties r brofur'z 'n sisfur'z dat all r younger den like MILO 'n TIMMY'z furiends when dey first started here on Catster like ofur 2 Years ago 'n den it wuz jus' MILO 'n SMOKEY JOE~!! We've GROWN, we've ALL grown up wif eash other 'n it's been WAY FUN~!
I know'z all da mom'z really love to watch us all grow up, but we must always show respect fur our elders 'n wise kits we know, like Jezebel 'n Gump~!! Shout out~! BEEUTIFUR KITS~!

Oh I wanna send huggies 'n kisses 'n SHOUT OUT to my sweet Valentine, Harley fur we would not haz met if it weren't fur my Grandie TAO~! Love's U Harley~!! Thanks my pawsome Grandie, U be'z so kewl 'n I wuz so shy~! *Sam winks*

So time to take a nice long nappy fur da afternoon 'n wait fur my mommy L to get home from werk's, den I can go back outside 'n sniff da nice warm air~! Hey it be'z 73 here 'n lovely~! Wanna come 'n purrlay wif me~?? Hey I gotta kewl idea, why don't we shuffle on ofur to MILO 'n MALLEE'z house in purrlay wif their new CAT IT SENSOR CIRCUIT? What a great idea it wuz to order dat fur Mallee'z birfday prezzie from her mommy~! Shout out to ZACK 'n ZOEY coz dey tol' us all 'bout it 'n what great reviews it got~! Great job, Z & Z, I can't wait to explore it wif 'em~! Let'z go~!!

Purrs 'n head bonkerz,


Oh MY~!! It's a KITTEN's R US Tag Game~!!!

March 19th 2012 4:35 pm
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Wow, dis is pawsome 'n Hellooo 'n Howdy to all my furtastic furiends~!!

Now dis is a pawsome game dat Fearless 'n Gris came up wif, well, Gotta admit, guess it was Griswold's Idea in da beginning~ So give credit where credit is due~! But bof o' dem R pawsome 'n dear furiend'z to me~!! TAO wrote a really kewl diary 'bout his three fondest Kitty Memorie'z~!! I love's dem all~! So here I go wif my three cherished memories~!

In da beginning, I wuz a gurlie, course I think'z efuryone know's dat by now~? But I was so SMALL, I fit in da palm o' Ur hand 'n I wuz almost ALL white den, when Mommy Lisa founded me jus' outside her Church Day care where her werk's~!! I wuz hangin' on fur dear life, in da pourin' rain~! I wuz a sad case 'n peeps wanted to take me to da pound, coz my meowmy could no be found~! WHAT? Nope, Mommy Lisa Sez, dis ANGEL is goin' home wif me~!! 'n I knew at dat point, I'd been saved~! Rescued 'n gonna be loved fur da rest o' my lil wet life~!! THANK U mommy Lisa~! 'n Gotta give so many thank'z too, to mommy Kathy, beside'z her writin' fur me, mommy Lisa came to her fur halp'z 'n raisin' me~!! Mommy Kathy KNEW what to doe'z~! Kitty formula 'n kitty stuff, her went directly to da Spawcialized pet store to fix me up~!! Dat is a day I will always memmer~!

Den, my second precious memory iz when I became MILO's lil furbro~!! Him watched me grow up 'n him halped me be a good kitty~! I loved MY MILO~! I still does, coz him iz wif me efuryday now~!!

Den, my third precious memory iz when I learned how to EAT from MILO~! My food was smashed 'n I wuz on'ly 4 week'z old when I had to transfer from Bottled milk to real mushed foodage. Good thang MILO knew how to eat mushed foodage~ MOL~! Him did eat wif me~!! YAY~!! Now still I gotta tell U I got da sweetest Mommy Lisa efur~! I love's on her 'n alway'z show her how mush I purrpreciate her 'n takin' me home dat cold miserable day I wuz hangin' on fur dear life~! I got a grand chance at livin' 'n to dis day, I iz so thankfur~!!!

Ok, so dat's it, my fondest memorie'z 'n so I 'spose to tag other'z, but since so many already been tagged, I gonna sez, GO FUR IT!~ 'n Take da time to write Ur fondest memorie's, 'n show 'n tell Ur mommy'z how mush U love 'em 'n R truly ThankFur~!!

Purrs on 'n thank U fur readin' my diary~!!!

Love 'n happy Head bonks,



HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY Pharoah Purrince TAO~! It's TIME TO- PAWTY~!!!

February 25th 2012 6:08 am
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HOWDY 'n Hey ya'll~!!!

It's been Grand Day'z in da neighborhood~!! How ya'll been?? Purr'z 'n so mush fun coz it'z been nice 'n warm outside lately 'n SPRING is comin' soon 'n creapin' round to many neighborhood'z now efen~!! Iz still really chilly in da mornin'z but daytime iz really nice coz when dat sunshine come'z right on out, it FEEL'Z SO GOOD~!! *Sam does a happy paw's 'n dance show~!!*
Now fur some furry important mew'z~!!! My grand furiend TAO iz havin' a HAPPY BIRFDAY PAWTY on MARCH 2nd in hiz Diary, yep'z it'z a Friday~!! Me'z got a super Spawcial Invitation from my Grand furiend!~ HAPPY BIRFDAY TO TAO~!!!
I lubb's him so mush (welperz in a man cat kitty sorta way, ya know'z~!! MOL!~). Let me'z tell ya 'bout TAO, him a really pawsome dood 'n him get'z lotza FRESH fishiez~!! Livin' in BD, him Baba iz a FISH person, jus' like him iz~!!! Well, him gotted to watch 'n watch patiently him did~! Wrappin' up dem fishie'z 'n gettin' 'em all ready fur storage... 'n WHAT?? No prezziez or treat'z fur bein' so patient, TAO~?? Hmmmmfppt~!! Guess ya haz ta wait fur 'em gettin' cooked, but I KNOW'z dat wait will be WELL worth it fur shur!~!! Head bonks, TAO, dood~!! So, back to da BIRFDAY PAWTY, it be's on a werk's day, 'n bof my mommy's werk's, but ya know's We'll ALL be there after 'em get's home, dood~! Me, MILO, MALLEE, SMOKEY JOE, Timmy 'n Ziggy wanna PAWTEE~!! Yeah, we like ta pawty 'n catebratin' Ur 1st Birdfay iz really imporatant to US~!! Course, MALLEE will come jus' to nom nom some extra spawcial fishies!~ Man, Dat gurly gurl can EAT!~! MOL!~
Soooo, stop on by Tao's Diary 'n sez HOWDY 'n if him not Ur Catster Furiend, invite him, coz him iz sush an interestin' 'n funny 'n warm hearted lil dood~!!! Memmer him birfday is March 2nd~!! We gonna haz a super Blast~!!! Come share da love, food, fun 'n laugh'z~! Purrs on, dood 'n can't wait to Catebrate wif U~!!!

Dood'z 'n Gurly gurls rock on 'n enjoy Ur weekend 'n Thankiez fur readin' my Diary~!! Enjoy Ur life 'n love's ALL U can 'n be thankfur U got a warm 'n cozy 'n lovin' furmily to enjoy~!! I Doe'z~!! *SAM smiles 'n nod'z*

Head bonk'z,


Wonderful Time's~!!!

February 15th 2012 4:55 pm
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Hey all my furtastical furiends~!!!! I have had a purrific time durin' da way kewl day's o' Valentine's~! I want to thank my purrty furiend, Harley, fur bein' my sweetheart fur Valentine's day dis year~ I so lucky she said yes 'n we had a pawsome time on our romantic date~!! I MUST be a gentleman cat ALL da time~! Coz, well dat's how I wuz raised~!! Well, actually, my first 5 months I WAS a gurlie~ MOL~! Boy did dat ALL change when mommy Lisa 'n mommy Kathy found out I was indeed a BOY kitty~! Sigh, I iz really glad dey found out, coz dey pinned me as bein' a "DIVA'~!!! Can U imagine dat!??? ME???~MOL! I still laugh 'bout it, but MY Grand Furiend, TAO, was a gurlie too~ So I not feel too bad 'bout it, 'least dey did find out~!! 'n All my pink stuff went bye bye...well not all o' it~! I still love's pink 'n all my toy's 'n mousie's dat r pink, well dey R way kewl~ Don't ya think's us boy kitties can wear's pink too!? Mom sez dey does~! 'n Also, REAL men love kitties too!~ MOL~ I don't know's 'bout all o' dat, but iz what mommy Kathy sez~!!! If'n Milo 'n Mallee's Paw (Mommy Kathy's b/f) didn't love's dem, well him wouldn't be 'round, her sez!~!! Anyway, iz an important feature in a man~!!

So evenin's been stayin' light a lil longer 'n da last couple day's haz been warmer 'n it's a true delight!~ Mommy Kathy efen let's Milo go outside when her get'z home from werk's too now!~ Iz so mush fun~!! But not Mallee, her is a gurlie gurl 'n well, Milo is way protective o' her~!! I iz too! We love's our gurley gurl sisfur~!! Her love's to sit in her bedroom window 'n chirp brr brr at da pigeon's outside~! I jus' chase 'em while I out there!~ MOL!~ Milo is more interested in eatin' grass den anythin' outside 'n him nefur threw up, not once from it~!!

Well, I STILL hate feet! Any feet~! When Mommy Kathy walk's up comin' home from works, I jump at her feet-toe's~! MOL! But, seriously, mommy Lisa sez I was kicked, but I not really 'memmer it~! I was injured 'n stayed inside fur long time 'n was too skeered to go outside fur few weeks after dat. Now, I'z back to my ol' self, but still really not like shoes or socks on peeps walking by~! Maybe I can make their feet go 'way? I guess not. Dey need 'em to walk, I realize dat~!!

So all iz happy 'n bright at me house, except dat mommy Lisa was put in da hospital a few days ago, her had major tummy problem's 'n hurt really bad!! I purred 'n took goodest care of her 'n da hospital sez her is better now. I glad her didn't haz to stay but ofurnight one night.

So iz grand 'n I can't wait fur it to start stayin' light longer 'n Spring is HERE!! Whatdya sez!?? I love da outside 'n all da sound's it make's 'n da sunshine 'n pawsome blue cloud's 'n climbin' my tree~!! Yep dat's what I sez, MY tree~ MOL! My furbro 'n furcousin's would probably disagree~! But tough~!

Night all 'n pleasant dreams,
Big love,

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