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help the black kitties!

August 11th 2015 10:06 am
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I am also posting this through the other kits pages - sending out a plea to help a whole bunch of black kitties in trouble!

A vacated hoarder's home in the Chicago area was found to have close to 100 kitties in it - looks like most of them are black or tuxies. We all know it is so much harder for black kitties. (I have a special spot in my heart for a little black cat) Tree House Humane Society, Paws Chicago & Chicago Animal Control have been trapping the kitties, as they are boarding up the house today. Now they say they will not board it up until they are positive that there are no kits inside. Tree House has about 70 of the kits, but they are looking for foster help, adoption help, and surely monetary help.
Tree House is a very good place - they are big with TNR & they have a Community Cat placement too. The kitties look to be reasonably healthy as the man that had lived there was trying to feed them even after they foreclosed his house & now it is unhabitable. While I would love to foster, with 4 inside & a colony of 7, I cannot, but I will be sending some extra funds to help. (I am already a Member of Tree House & Paws)
The goal is to keep these lovely house panthers from being put down - as you know many ferals are. That is why they are awesome, cause they will take a feral group & place them in an area for rodent control or for barn cats. They are spaying/neutering/chipping & vaccinating all these babies. Please help if you are able! Here is their website


It's my Birthday!

April 29th 2015 10:04 am
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Wow 5 years old already? It sure does not seem like it. Things are going pretty good for me. I have to go to the vet for my checkup next month, but I have lost a few ounces, and have a waist and everything. I have been enjoying napping on the chair in our enclosed porch, sniffing the air & listening to the birdies. I wonder what I will get to eat today? Maybe a few extra treats would be nice. I know Momma got a new scratcher for me. My big paws make mincemeat out of them pretty quick. I am a happy boy, and I am so very loved, and happy to have a nice home. I know I sure would not want to be an outside kitty, I am way too pampered. Happy spring to all and Happy Birthday to me!!!

from Momma:
It sure is hard to beleive that I have had the priviledge of knowing you for 5 years already. You are my big boy, my gentle giant. You are the big goofy brother to everyone. You took Felix under your wing, and even when we catsat for Jet, you were right there helping him not feel scared and playing with him until his mom & dad came back from their honeymoon. I love to watch your "Smitty strut" when I talk to you and you know it is treat time. I love that you still have that poker tail you had when you were little. I love your big white feet that you try to hold so dainty, even though you are such a big boy. I love that you talk to me every morning, and the way you chatter at me when I open the door for you to come in off the enclosed porch. Your whiskers just vibrate! I love your bright eyes that look at me and make me feel like I know you love me. I love your soft bunny fur, and the way you turn your head almost upside down so I can get that spot under your cheek. Thank you my SmittyKitty for giving me the gift of you! Love your Momma


your cat eats that?

February 9th 2015 3:48 pm
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I don't really eat any human food. I do like whipped cream though.


Lucky Ducky

October 3rd 2014 10:36 am
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Well pals, I just got lucky, and Momma says I probably used 1/2 of one of my 9 lives. Tuesday, I didn't feel so good. I was in my bed, and did not want to eat or play. I didn't even really talk to Momma - we chat alot - all very unusual for me. Now, those of you that know me, I love my noms - so red alert #1. Tuesday night Momma even said to The Dad "I don't think Smitters feels well - he doesn't seem right." I ate a tiny bit Wednesday morning, but was still very mopey. Momma figured when she got back from the grocery to get Nana's milk, a vet call would be made. When she got back & went to put a few things in the basement, there was a pile o barf with something in it. At first she thought it was a leaf, but there's no plants inside the house that I can get to. When she went to clean it, there was a balled up section of curling ribbon - probably at least a foot long. Momma has been cleaning the basement & getting rid of things. She moved some wrapping paper from one spot into a different drawer. Somehow that must have been mixed in and fell. She really watches stuff like that, cause I am known to eat things I should not - so Momma always double checks. There wasn't even ribbon in the drawer.... She thinks that it was in between the sheets of wrapping paper (which was from our Nana's old house) So I got a 1/4 pepcid, and I am doing fine, back to my old self. It scared Momma, and she felt bad that it happened, but glad that I was able to get it out. I guess I gotta leave the spaghetti alone! So a word to the wise - make sure you double check when you move things!


surgery done

May 28th 2014 2:14 pm
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All went ok with the surgery itself. Now we have to wait 5 business days to find out what the heck it was. Vet said she had no idea what it was....It looked like a white mole to Momma. Vet gave me a pain shot instead of taking medicine home, which Momma is not such a fan of, it made me so out of it all night. I was so hungry but I couldn't even eat, so I slept until almost 8pm. Then I ate some, but my pupils where still huge & all wonky. Been sleeping most of the day today too. I got 2 stitches that will have to come out. Momma said why don't they just use the dissolveable ones....oh well. Like I said we won't know anything until prob end of next week. I hope my pretty furs grow back on my neck quick - I'm cold!

ps YAY Catster we got pictures back!!!


yikes and the bad B

May 16th 2014 1:11 pm
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I went to the vet for my usual poking and prodding. Do they enjoy sticking things...well you know...? My teeth look good - Momma was worried since I had the resorption before. However.....she had noticed a little bump almost like a little pimple towards the base of my ear on my neck, and mentioned it to Dr. Lebbin. Doc does not like to leave any lump or bump on that area no matter how small - it is not a good place for them to be and they are not always harmless- she says it is better to GET IT OFF. So I go on the 27th to have it removed. I hope it will be ok. Momma wasn't worried before, but now she kind of is...They will send it for biopsy, so we will know what it is - which I hope will be nothing. I had a tramatic visit though - I ended up peeing in the carrier on the way there (I never have before) so much that there was no pp for a urinalisys. and my towel cushion was soaked. THen I poopied on the way home. I am sorry Momma - I made the car STANK!!! sooo I went right to the basement in the carrier and had to have.... A BATH. I was so so scared, and Momma got soaked. She felt so bad to have to, but I smelled - and a kitty wipe was not gonna do it this time. I got myself so upset that when she wrapped me in the fluffy towel & brought me upstairs, I just laid there in her arms. This scared Momma cuz I am not the "hold me" type of kitty. I guess I wore myself out trying to jump out of the sink. I got a nice lunch & some treats though. I am curled up sound asleep on the soft blankie on the bed in the office while Momma is working. I will get a nice brushie later & I am sure some more treats. Keep your paws crossed my pals please? just for extra safeness?
signed, a very weary (but shiny clean) Smitty


an extra birthday treat!

April 30th 2014 7:22 pm
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I forgot to add, Momma did get me some treats. They are PartyMix puffs - lobster shrimp & scallop flavor. I loooove fish, but don't get it much, so these are really a special treat for me. I only get a couple, but they are really crunchy & I love that! And Momma says that bag is just for me!


purrfect day

April 30th 2014 8:27 am
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Thank you all for my well wishes & gifties! I had a good day. I rolled around on the screened patio, which is a bit dirty so I had to get wiped off. I sat on the shelf by the window & bird-watched (Momma filled the feeders so I could see a bunch of activity) The air smells of spring, and I got some catnip. We had one moment at dinner, Momma had just put some special birthday food in my dish, and just as I was about to start munching, Tigger flew into the kitchen, pushed me out of the way, and snarfed my dinner. I looked at Momma pretty pitiful, and of course I got a refill in my bowl. Tigger got in trouble, and kharma intervened, because he promptly barfed up all of it cause he wolfed it down so fast. So Momma said "see that's what happens when you steal Smitty's dinner" I lounged on the fuzzy blanket for a while, and got some good scritchings and all that mushy lovey talk from Momma. The Dad even said "happy birthday mr. mittens!" (that is his nickname for me) That even suprised Momma, for a tough-guy like The Dad to wish a little ol kitty happy birthday! thank you again!


It's my Birthday!

April 29th 2014 9:13 am
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Wowee I cannot believe it - I am 4 years old already! Momma found me during a difficult time in her life - her Aunty was ill & dying with cancer, and I helped to cheer Momma up. Aunty even got to see me before she passed & she got to pet me, and I made her laugh with my cute mews. Momma says I always seem to take care of everyone. I help Felix, and I keep watch. Every night, I patrol the house before I go to sleep. And I started to sleep on the bed every night which I did not do really before. I think today will be a great day. The sun is shining for a while, and Momma opened the window so I can sniff the air. I heard mention of getting a little tuna for dinner, and Momma was looking up a recipe to try & make some cat treats that I could eat. I probably won't get any new toys, cause we have a ton, but Momma said she got a new package of catnip that is nice & fresh for me. So I will say that I am a happy boy.

from Momma:
my sweet gentle giant, how I love you my Smitters. You have such soul in your eyes when you look at me, like you really understand what I am feeling & telling you. You have come a long way my bunny-boy - when I first saw you, you ran & I had to take a week just to get you to eat with me sitting there, then you ate from my hand, and then you put your trust in me to help you. Now you get to be a spoiled happy cat, never to know pain or cold, or hunger. (although I know you think you are starving ALL the time, you really aren't my sweet) I thank you for letting me cry in that soft bunny fur when I needed to, and for tapping me so gentle with your huge mitten paws to let me know you are there. You are a good big brother for Felix, and I know you try so hard to keep everything running smoothly around here. It seems you have become the family advocate! I hope that I am able to be a worthy Momma to you for many many more years, my wonderful big-boy Smitty-kitty. And no, it is not time for dinner!


Happy St. Patty's Day!

March 17th 2014 10:25 am
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I am the official spokescat for the family to send you all some Irish Blessings. Our humans are of Polish & Hungarian descent, but Momma has always ALWAYS loved St. Pattys & all things Irish. She goes all out, and hey that's ok! She makes soda bread & Guinness cuppycakes & Irish pub music is a blaring. And tonite we will watch Darby O'Gill & the Little People. All these traditions started when the human kids were small, and they stuck.
So me being the one with an Irish name, I get the day to be extra special! Mom is also starting to figure out how to put effects on our pics, as you can see by my nice hat & stein of catnip juice! (kitties can't drink beer) Have a wonderful fun day! Happy St. Patricks to all - and today it is purrfectly fine to be a wee bit Irish!

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