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FishStick Meows

Another Fun Birthday!

April 3rd 2014 9:26 am
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Thanks Friends for making my Birthday fun!

Rex, Bugsy, Max, Simba and Family - Cuppycake
Lexi, Duke, Paisan and Family - Bluebird
Tiger, Tiny, Beauty - Shrimpie
Smiley and Luigi - Football
Nickelby - Ladybug
Monster - Ladybug
Teebo, Callie, Rose and Family - 2 Ladybugs
Harley, Cody, Raj and Family - Shrimpie
Mac, Ivy, Legolas and Family - Shrimpie

And thanks for the pawmails and pics!



Wow! Cat of The Day!

January 31st 2013 2:25 pm
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Howdy Ya'll,

I am as tickled as a cat can be! Got here today and there is my whiskered face on the home page as Cat of The Day!

Not to mention my eyebrow whiskers all over the place!

Thank you...

Manytoes, Tundra, Rory, & Lynzee
Angel Buddie, Gibbs, Cash and Angels McKenna, Mookie, Angel and Ricki
Pipo and Minko
Milo, Mallee, Angel Smokey Joe, Sam, Timmy, Rhett 'n Ziggers
Tink the Cat and Snow the Kitten
Angel Buddy, Friday, Bijou, Bailey, Neiko, 'n Angel pup Bobbie
Miss Puff, Sootball, P.C., Mac's Cat, Angel Meow and pups Zak, Yellow and Pugsly
Angel Patches, Phantom, 'n Spice E
Morticia, Torrie, Sharif, Selena, Peppers, Boudicca, Oliver, Sasha, Angels Kukla, Feisal, 'n Livia
Edwina, Emily, Nelly Bell May, Morris, Cleo Grace, Neiko, Itsumo, Jerry, Tinkerbell - and pups Walker, Alexandria, Molly, 'n Pookah
Samson T. Hunter
Tiger, Tiny 'n Angel Beauty
Angel Nala Sue, Rhed, Lemon Drop, Nip Dem Toes, Precious and pups Camera, Kelly Ann, Quinn 'n Willa
Muffy, Angel Taffy and pup Texas
Bugsy, Rex, Max, Simba, Spice, Tutti, Abby, Angel Sadie
Patches, Lucky, Pepper, Angels Morris, Oliver, and pups Coda and Angel
Hobo, Moose, Spencer, cute little Yoda, and pups Marley and Sailor
Smiley Cassanova
Xena, Zeke, Kandi, Princess Tu Two, Cody, Angel Queen Tallulah and pups Mia and Milo

Love and Huggs,


I caught a beeg bug!

April 2nd 2012 7:21 am
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Meowdy Ya'll!

I had a fine Birthday! I caught a beeg bug! It was a long hard beetle bug with long tennas! I caught him on tha back porch and brought him inside through tha cat door in tha winder. MamaCat hollered!

I just wanted to play with it : (

MC put it back outside so... I brought him back in :D~

She hollered agin'! Then she put him out the front door : (

*heavy sigh* It wuz fun anyway : )



I Tumbled Off The Balcony ! !

November 11th 2010 7:50 am
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Oh my PurrFurriends,

Yesterday while our Mama was at her place she goes to find money, I tumbled off the high porch balcony!!

Now I do not blame this on any one purrticular purrcat, namely Platelicker, but I do suspurrishon a sneak attack to my hindquarters as I was leaning way out between the boards watching stuff and birds and things.

All I member was a nose in my whole buttholla and spinning and finding my catself in green growie things.

Only God knows what happened after that. Fellas and Feelles, I was skeered!! O_O!!

Little did I know but in the evening when it getting darks, Mama was looking for me all ofurr the place. Mama found me about 4:00am she talked. I member Mama in the dark on her hands and knees crawling over boards to get me. I stuck my front claws in over her back and kept them in til’ we got inside. I slept beside Mama for about an hour before she got up for work.

I am so thankful God found me for Mama.

The only time I efurr be outside was when I was a baby purrboyee and Mama's son, the Chef, my Boyee, took me fishing at Lake Palestine spillway. Ergo, my name.

Well, that is my story and I am stickin' to it.

Wonder what Platelicker's story to Mama will be?

Watch for them noses in your butthollas!




September 13th 2010 2:23 pm
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Efurryone listen to this,

I have only been at Catster for about 2 weeks.

I am only in 1 Group called You Look A Lot Like Me (I think, but usually I am wrong).

Anyway, I have bunches of treats just today!!

Oh golly me!! I so 'cited!

Whoefurr or whoefurrs gave me treatz - THANK YOU!!!!

I love this place!


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