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Teddy Bearz's Happy Daze

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I nearly died - But my mama loved me too much to let it happen

September 20th 2013 11:31 am
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Oh my... Back in October of last year, I came down really ill. My mama spent 6 months rushing me to emergency rooms and doctors. In my profile picture I was already down 2 pounds. Even though my mama had me on pain killers, the pain got to be too much and I entirely stopped eating. But my mama didn't give up on me. She made certain that I had food in my tummy. My mama put her foot down and got me pain management with a neurologist. So I was then also on a fentanyl patch along with gabapentin.

And at night time, she would sleep on the floor next to me while holding my paw. When I got really bad, she would lay on the couch holding me tenderly while she slept trying to ease my suffering. I was a shell of the kitty I once was. All bones, stinky, dirty from food and supplements splattered all over my fur, and very very sad. But my mama would gently wipe my fur clean with a waterless bath that smelled good and relaxed me, She would also give me massages and gently brush me to help make me happy again.

And guess what? I am all better now! And I already gained most of my weight back! And I am happy and eat lots of food, and play outside with my friend Sasha again. Sasha used to lay by my side every day hoping I would get better. She missed me a lot and I am happy to have my friend again.


I have grown!

June 28th 2012 1:39 am
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Meow wow! I am now 2 years old, and my mama can't believe how long I have grown. And I can grow up to 3 more years! Check out the picture of me on my bed.


Happy as a butterfly

November 27th 2011 3:53 am
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Well, so much has happened since my last update. Sasha arrived last Tuesday. And my mama was really busy getting ready. It took mama 5 hours to go get her because of traffic. This made her really tired. Oh, want to hear a funny story? When my mama went to pick her up at the breeders, out of the blue, Sasha jumped up to my mamas face and kissied her about 50 times! Mama calls her a fly by kisser.

I am also happy to report that we all fell in love with Sasha the first night. Which is a lot more than my mama was expecting. So Sasha got to stay out with us instead of being in mamas bedroom for a while.

I was the shyest though. Meeting such a pretty young gal and all. And for our first 30 min together, I peeked around corners at her. After that, I was so smitten, that I followed her everywhere.

Sasha is such a snugglebug. But she also has a lot of energy. So we play together all the time. But my mama hogs her all the time. So I will often put my paws on my mamas armrest and peek over it at Sasha. That usually wakes her up, so she can play with me.

Gee I didn't know she was gonna be so little. I hope she hurries and grows up. Mama calls us "Beauty and the Beast". Funny mama... Mama isn't sure how much I weigh but it is around 20 pounds. And I am somewhere around 4 feet long. Mama is worried that I may accidentally hurt baby Sasha. She says that if I fall on Sasha, that she is toast. Ha ha mama...


More on my new gal friend

November 20th 2011 8:27 pm
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My mama is hoping this is the right decision. You see, I am a gentile giant and will not scratch or bite anyone. And I am sooo desperate for a playmate and friend, that I just lay on the floor and let my 11 year old sister, Nala, beat me up while I do nothing. I will do anything for a friend. This makes my mama sad. She also gets sad when I try to snuggle with both my 17 year old brother, Cleo, and Nala, and they ain't too thrilled. Cleo is my best buddy and will let me snuggle up in his fur sometimes. But just for a short bit. And he is too old to play. He even walks with a limp.

So even though my mama had no plans for any more fur babies, she is getting me a Maine Coon gal just like myself. A special gentile gal just for me! My mom is hoping she is right, and expects me to like her right away. Since I am a loverboy. From what I hear my new gal friend has the most energy out of the entire litter! She will need it since I run fast! Meowow... LOL.... So everyone say your prayers that she is the soul mate that I so desperately need. Oh and please pray that Nala and Cleo make it easy on my mom this time.


New family member soon

November 20th 2011 7:26 pm
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Mama thinks i have to much luvin to give than my brother and sister would like. The same goes for playing. (They are both a lot older than me.). So mama is getting me a gal friend. Mama heard that she is full of cuddles and spunk. So mama is naming her Sasha Fierce. I can't wait!


Thanx for those 578 treats!

November 6th 2011 10:17 pm
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Meowow, 578 yummy treats were given to me in one day! Thanx for making Teddy Bearz one super happy boy! I am a big boy and can eat a lot of treats. Some sweet kitties know the way to my heart. :) Meowow!


Oh what a day!

November 6th 2011 2:20 pm
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Mamma took me out today again. Nala had more spunk that usual and was chasing me for a change. She was playing Ninja kitty and everytime I turned around, she would stop.

The butterflies came back. Yipee!!!! And even better yet? That huge squirrel came back also. He stood up on the cable lines and taunted me. So I had to go up on the fence again to get closer. Well, the squirrel didn't like that and threw a nut at me. Mamma got a big kick out of that! Anyways, she caught the whole thing on video!


Can life be any more purrfect?

November 6th 2011 12:30 am
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This week has been one good thing after another. Now all I need is for mommie to win the lotto so she can be home with me every week!

We had even more of a blast today. My human sister came to visit with her boyfriend. And we all played outside together. And the butterflies even came back. MEOWOWOW!!!

My mom is even more proud of me because I was a super good boy today. She taught me that I have to stay in the fenced in yard to keep safe. Well, today I saw a squirrel, and jumped up on the fence. Wow did mommie use a stern tone of voice with me. So I knew I better follow the rules. So I stayed on the fence and never jumped to the forbidden side.

My mom was soo proud of me that she snapped a bunch of pictures to display for the whole world to see. You can see my fence pictures in my profile. Mommie, I love you and it makes me happy to make you proud!


I feel so special today.

November 1st 2011 4:13 pm
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My mommie found out today that I won a cat photo contest! I am soo proud!

Later my mommie took me outside. And I chased butterflies around the yard. Hard work but someone has to keep those butterflies in line.

The outdoors was so much fun today, that I kept pestering my mom for more. That is when she pulled out the big guns out of guilt. TUNA!!!!! The outdoors makes me extra hungry. Ate almost the whole can. (Hey, I am a big boy and can handle it.) Then I finnished off the afternoon with some catnip. I love my mom being on vacation, at home with me. :)



April 17th 2011 2:56 am
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Tonight I had a bit of an accident. Or should I say, my mommie did. We were playing peek-a-boo with a blanket. Well, I short jumped on the blanket that mommie was holding in front of herself. (I push the blanket down with my front paws to peek-a-boo mamma.) And I whomped her in the head with my 2 front paws. I hit her in the head so hard, that I knocked mamma off her knees. I think she has a concussion. Her head hurts and she is dizzy and nauseated.... I am sorry mamma, it was just an accident. I guess I don't know my own strength. And I am still a klutzy baby you know. ;)

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