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You gotta be kitten me!

May 30th 2014 2:02 am
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There is not much that I can say because I myself am a street rescue, but I thought I was going to be the baby forever. I was the baby for like three years, then this incredibly small ball of fur they say was a kitten came here. They named her Karisma. Dude! That kitten thought I was her mama or something. I have never been a mama and I never will be. She would chase me to play at all hours of the day and night. She would play with Whiskers and Chasim too, but I was always the target of her kitten aggression. So Karisma starts to finally chill out..she will be a year next month...Two other kittens come here. I am thinking at the time "no, no please no!" But then I heard their story. Turns out that Meowmie got a call from someone who works at the Kroger store. They said there were two kittens trying to eat from the trash compactor. Meowmie rushed over to rescue them. I cannot imagine what it is like to eat from a trash can. I felt bad. They are happy and purr all the time. Sigh. More kittens. Yay. Then I realized that Karisma was not bugging me all the time...because she had two playmates! Hallelujah!!! Karisma is small, and Luna and Shadow are the same size as her. One day they will be bigger than her. That should be interesting. Yes, Meowmie talked Daddy into keeping them. It's cool I guess...I will have some cats to hang out with when I am old and slow. mol mol mol



Karisma is weird.

April 25th 2014 12:54 am
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That kitten is just silly. I went into the kitchen to get a drink of water. So, as I was walking back to the dining room to go back to sleep on my chair..I quickly realized that Karisma was hiding around the corner waiting to pounce on me. I went from walking to running. I looked to my right and Karisma was running along side me at the same exact speed. What the heck? I was trying not to laugh at her. I thought..enough of this and decided to take a quick right turn and walk down the hall. Did she read my mind? She turned the corner with me. I could not take it anymore. I stopped running and popped her right in the head with my make her stop. She looked at me with a sad face. I felt bad. My little kitten sister is trying to be like me. She annoys me but I love that silly little thing. After all, I used to be a silly kitten too.

Still giggling


Ahhh Yessss!

March 10th 2014 5:11 am
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First things first! Thank you to the Catster Overlords for choosing little me for a Diary of the Day Pick on March 8th.

Now on to my favorite thing next to food and sleep...Sunshine!!!!!
I won't get to see my sunrise, but the clouds are supposed to go away and my beloved sunshine will be back. I will just lie by the bedroom window later and take a snooze in the sunshine. I am happy just to know the sun will be back out. Yesterday was boring and grey. Today will be great!

(I cheated and watched the Weather report with said sun sun sun. I am smiling.)

Happy purrs for sunshine!

Bella Bella Bella!


Where is my sunshine? I am getting impatient.

March 6th 2014 3:51 am
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Where is the sun? Mewomie said it is out there but it is hiding behind clouds. I am tired of the clouds hiding my sun. The sun makes me happy. I love lying on the back of the couch by the window and watching the sun rise. I love waiting for that first sun beam that comes in through the window. I love sleeping in the sunshine. I will be glad when this yukky Winter goes away. I am ready for spring! Sunshine and birds.



Where is the sun?

March 3rd 2014 7:46 pm
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Every morning, I sit in the window and wait for the sun to come up. This makes me very happy. As soon as the sun rises, I take a nap in the sunlight.

There was no sun today. It was cloudy. And cold. And white. Everything as far as I could see was white.

Meowmie told me it was ice and snow.

Can I please have the sunrise back tomorrow???




Getting on my last nerve!!!!!

February 28th 2014 10:02 am
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Karisma! She will not stop chasing me all over the house! She always wants to play. I like to play, but not all the time. She even tries to play with Scooby. She tried to play with Sasha, but she got slapped. She tried to play with Buddy Nix, but he got mad and chased her. Kerry, her hooman finally put her back in her room with Chasim. Chasim likes to play and they are buddy best friends. I wish that kitten would just get tired and take a that I can take a nap too!!!



Daddy is sick.

February 20th 2014 2:29 am
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Daddy is very sick. He was in the bafroom for like..forever! He came into the bedroom and lied on the carpet. I thought this was very strange, so I lied down next to him. He petted me. I was confused. He never lays on the carpet. But, he got up really fast and ran down the hall. I went to the dining room and sat on a chair so I could keep an eye on the hallway. When he was in there too long, I would get nervous and start walking from the dining room to the living room and back, keeping my eye on the bafroom door. Meowmie is taking good care of him. Maybe he should have got the flu shot? Purrs.




February 11th 2014 5:29 am
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Thank you to the Catster Overlords for choosing me as one of the Diary of the Day picks. That was pawsome. right back....(heard in background) "Karisma! I am typing my diary!!! Why do you have to bite me right now???" (inaudible sounds) mrow! thump!thump! mew! thump! mrow!! hisss! hisss! *Stop it, Karisma!!!"
(heard in background) "No Bella!!! Ai fites and bites you nao!!!" (more tussling) *Bella licks fur.

Ok, I am back. Had to take care of something. Karisma. Some days she is just too much. I think someone left her on the charger too long. Scooby too, but that is another story.

I forgot what I was gonna write. Thanks Karisma. Well, I might as well go let her beat me up and get it over with. Sigh. I will be back later...
*walks up to Karisma and gives her the paw.....




Waiting for the sunrise!

February 3rd 2014 3:01 am
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I have the best spot in the house! I have taken over the back of the recliner. It lets me look out the window and watch the sunrise. I love, love, love lying in the sun! It makes me feel happy. I usually sleep there until Daddy comes home for lunch. Then I follow him into the kitchen and jump up onto the center island and see what he is gonna eat. He always give me, Paisan and Karisma a bite. Then, I wander around the house. If Karisma is awake, I let her beat me up a few times before going back to napping until the kids come home from school. After that, there is no napping. If I get really lucky, I get away with sneaking into the oldest kids room and I sleep on his bed. He gets sun in the afternoon. Like I said...I love the sun. Purrs!




January 29th 2014 6:39 am
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I made my way into the oldest kid Daniel's room. I like his room. He has a nice closet for hiding. It has lots of shelves and stuff. But, I got a surprise last night. The best hiding place ever was inside of Daniel's couch. You see, Daniel has his own room. He has a bed and a couch. He uses the couch for watching TV and playing video games. I think he got mad at me and Buddy for hiding inside the couch. We tried to get inside the couch and someone had fixed the hole. Whyyy? I was hiding in the room when Daniel came home from work at when he brought Scooby in his room and went to bed...I was trapped! I jumped up onto the back of the couch and spent the night there. I did not want to wake Daniel up because he had to go to college early, so I slept with one eye open and watching Scooby. He did not bother me. He went to sleep too and started snoring. When Daniel got ready for school, I left the room. My first stop was a big drink of water. Then some food, check out the litter box. Then, I went into Meowmie's room. I started pawing at the miniblinds! I could see shadows...of birds! So, Meowmie raised the blind. I am now sitting in the window sill watching and chattering at all those birds!!! This is fun!



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