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We Bees' Inspirations and Wise Tidbits

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Update On Our Sick Meowmy

June 5th 2012 8:38 pm
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Yup, not better at all, purrhaps even a bit worse.
Today she had a temp of 101.5, which makes the headache even worse...or maybe causes it?
Her BP is high, too, unusual fur her...and her heart is chugging along at 100 - 120, WOW! Something fur sure is not right, and tomorrow she sees her doc, to help solve/cure this trouble.
She went to work, using the meds from the urgent care, and some tylenol, but sheesh, slower than a turtle is how she was, not good when the place is short-staffed...UGH!

So sorry we have likely missed making comments and all the pics, which now is even worse to do, because with a fuzzy achy head it is hard to deal with a deadbeat confuser...

Well, enough, bed is where she is headed!


Bagged Out:(

June 2nd 2012 4:19 pm
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Meowmy left for work yesterday...but wonder of wonders she came home again in a couple of hours...and ignored us and crashed herself on the recliner.So we did the attention climbing on her and keeping her stuck in that recliner.
She didn't even eat supper:(

She had the 'Mother of all headaches'. UGH!
Unable to function at all.
Today the headache persisted so she went to the urgent some medicine, and now feels a wee bit better. Hopefurly she can go back to work tomorrow...
Sorry she didn't make pics, the ones she did send out were already premade!
That was a good thing.
She made a new diary for Groucho, A Grouchy Tail,but that was basically a C/P from the note pad where she had been working on it over several days.

Soon, she hopes to be back to normal, meanwhile purrs and pawyers for this stinking nasty headache to go away wuld be greatly appawsiated.


WeBees Two Meezers...WeBees DDP Two Days...Double Dipped- Meezers!

May 29th 2012 6:36 am
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We were DDP yesterday, that was a lot of fun!
Now we are DDP again! Whoo-hoo!
Maybe its because there are two of us, so we need two DDP's?! MOL!So while its a lot of fun, we have double dipped the purrs factor, and the Diary Gal apurrently!
Well, anyways, thanks again, Catster!

We hope you all had a nice Memorial Day, yesterday.
Soon it will be flag Day, father's Day, Pawppy's birthday, too! Then we get the July catabratory days...always things to have fun with, life gives no chance to be bored!

Have a great week, a great summer and stay well and safe!
We are still purraying fur rain, here...way too dry. There is rain around, but it seems to bypass our area:(



Sneaky Late Night Peeking...OMC!!

May 28th 2012 12:41 am
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Meowmy couldn't sleep. So after she got out of bed and puttered a bit, she decided it would be fun to sneak a peek to see who were the spawsial kitties today...and lo and behold...we were among them! A DDP!
Thanks HQ!
Thanks Catster!

Now we wonder how long meowmy will take to get back to sleep!?! MOL!

Happy Memorial Day to all of you, too!

Thanks to all those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we here could be in this freedom we have. Lets never take it fur granted.

Enjoy this holiday; we know that we will, fur sure, because meowmy doesn't have to go to work, today. Hooray!


Happy Mews And OMC Mews!!

May 22nd 2012 8:20 pm
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Today meowmy made her six month appointment to the oncologist.
Once again there is major cause for rejoicing in this kitty den! Meowmy was given a 'clean bill of health' and was told to come back in another 6 months, after which if things keep on as they have, she will go to yearly visits!
Praise the Lord! Such blessings He has bestowed upon her!

And then just as we were about to shut things down and let meowmy go to her nest, (MOL), River and Simone added their entry about the winner of the Guess the Kitty game...and Simone that purrty Meezer kitty picked our names! River was snoopervising and read it to us on that video, so though we were stunned, we had to take his mews fur it!
After we picked ourselves up from the THUD we did, we wrote them a thanks comment...and now we are here mewing and purring again.] we shall be pestering meowmy till she picks out a prize...they have such wonderfur catnip in their things...we can almost smell it already! MOL!

Thanks River, Thanks Simone...and thanks to your Mommy fur that fun game!


The Time Has Come

May 20th 2012 10:50 pm
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The time has come for us to be back!
But we can't make all the pics for all of our furry furends...the kimi site got changed and now we can hardly use it at all! HISS!
Meowmy said that we are not the only ones feeling the fleas there, she read many comments that were venting the frustrations of the writers...sound familiar??MOL!
So we will just play on your pages and send our comments...
That's the best part of Catster anyways!

Happy Victoria Day to all of our Canadian furends!
And furry soon it will be Memorial Day, too!



Samoa Is Asking For Help With A Catster Kitty

May 9th 2012 5:58 pm
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Samoa is asking Catsters to get hte word out about Harrison.
She wrote a diary to make his needs known, and asked us other catster kitties to help get the word is a link to her diary so you can find out how you may be able to help...
Samoa's Diary to help Harrison

We hope all you kitties out there are having a nice evening!
Tomorrow we will have to put the offline reminder on our pages for about a week, we think...

Pipo & Minko greet you all!


Announcement & Plans

May 6th 2012 9:05 pm
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Well, kitties, the time has come to let it be known that we will be going offline later this week, for several days, so that meowmy can go on a mini vacation.
We know that we likely will miss occasions but if meowmy doesn't take this time off to go and visit some of her out of town furmily she will feel furry sad...much sadder than not making a pic or saying concats...which we can come by later to say on your pages, you know, better late than nevfur!

When we go away, our pages will have 'offline' added to the titles.
We may be able to 'sneek a peek' but not much else...

If you are not aware of this already, River and Simone are having a game right now, and you can win prizes, too!
Here is a link to the diary entry that has the link to the game:
River's Guess The Kitty Names Game

With a good dose of having evfurrything work out, Pawppy thinks that purrhaps in a few months we will be able to have a new confuser here. That would be so not need to use this old/slow dinosaur anymore...MOL! But hey, we surely were glad we did have it!

Well, meowmy needs to get herself to her nest...she is still fighting off a cold, and she has to go to work tomorrow.

Purrs to all!


A Heads Up...Or Is It Tails?!

April 21st 2012 8:21 pm
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Just a brief entry to Catsterland at large. In May, meowmy will be going out of town, to do some furmily visits. There may be a computer there, but using that would greatly curtail the time she wants to spend with her sister and a cousin from we will just go cold turkey as it were and stay offline for several days...OMC, Meowmy feels withdrawal already, MOL!
So...we know we will be missing out on important dates and honors...if you wish to have a pic made let us know now, and meowmy will try to get them done before she leaves...She will do Birthday and Gotcha days if you would like that, (ahead of time), but of course honors like COTD and DDP's will have to go by the wayside...sigh...
During our offline time, the titles of our pages (Pipo, Minko, WBS & MJF), will reflect that so you will know that we are 'AWOL'! MOL!

We love all our pals!


Swamped By The Purrtiest Load Evfur!

April 6th 2012 10:39 pm
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Meowmy went to work this afternoon. When she returned she checked her inbox for email as she does evfurry night...and she thought her email had been swamped by a spam storm!
But...oh happy day!
Not spam but a shower of purrty eggs, all over the pages of our whole kitty and pup furmily!
Thanks so much Catster, and Dogster for this lovely thing you have let us do fur all of our precious furends.
Since there are over 500 of them, we will thank our furends here with our loaded baskets close by!
We LOVE all of you, and we so love Catster!

Happy & Hoppy Easter!

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