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We Bees' Inspirations and Wise Tidbits

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WeBeesSwamped!! Freezers Fur Da Meezers!

August 1st 2012 3:56 pm
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Yup, the Meezers are swamped...overloaded and overjoyed at all those huge cakes on our page. We shall have to send meowmy out to get a freezer; maybe more than one...
Mol: Freezers Fur Da Meezers! MOL!

Thanks to all of our loving and purry-furry pals who are spreading the love around, as well as the cake. We are having our cake and eating it too, MOL!

No one should be on a diet tonight, it is too tempting!

In Dogsterland it is The Furst Of Dog-ust, so they are sharing their fun with us, isn't that sweet! We think so, and we are now off to start gobbling our way through all the yumminess on our page.
Nom-nom-nom...(Burp)...nom-nom-nom...does anyfur have any nipitinis or catweiser to wash these down?? MOL!

Thanks HQ for opening the pantry wide! We need to have a pawrty!


A Tisket - A Tasket - Two Cats In The Basket!!

July 25th 2012 10:52 pm
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Happy Anniversary!!

That's right furs and peeps! Meowmy and Pawppy just celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary! This one is Silver. Bright, Shimmery Silver! they need one of those medals that peeps get fur winning at the olympics?? Um...we guess not...

Well, we got to be together in furbidden territory today...that basket you see in the pics, its from their wedding, it was used to pass out the treats to all of the guests.
So we were happy to try it out, and we had lots of room in there, even with 2 of us, MOL!
Meowmy so wanted to get all 3 of us furs, fur a furmily furtrait, but Pipo was not cooperating with that idea...Minko didn't mind one bit!
Oh well, two out of three isn't bad, MOL!

And while not furry funny or anything like that, given the drought we are having, we had about 10 drips of rain this morning. Just like on the pawrents' wedding was the hottest day of the year it seemed, and oh so humid, just like today...great fur remembering!
Only today the restaurant they went to, to celebrate was air conditioned...the one 25 years ago was supposed to have been, but that was the day it decided to break was too hot to deal with it, UGH! Murphy's law likes to be around where meowmy is, MOL!
Well, nevfur mind that, Murphy's law did not do anything to Meowmy & Pawppy's is going strong, through thick and thin and furevfurmore! Till the next 25 years and longer, God willing.



July 24th 2012 5:22 pm
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Awww! That's what meowmy said today...
She was at the grocery store, and a lady was buying some things...for a cat, plus a large, soft carrier.
Meowmy asked the lady what kind of fur was going to be using these items,and the lady said a kitten.
It turns out she found a lone abandoned kitten in her garage, no mother kitty nor siblings either, and said kitten was furry tiny. She rescued it and brought it to her vet, as she already had some other cats...her vet told her the kitten was too young to get any shots, deemed it healthy enough, but advised isolation from the others for the time know the routine...a cat finds a purrson, gets put in the bathroom, or the laundry room and eventually the other furs get a sibling, MOL!
Anyways the vet thought that the kitten, a female, was only about 3 weeks old(!).

The lady said she had a pic of the kitten and she took out her smart phone and showed meowmy...awww! A white and tabby kitten, not unlike this one:
But way, way teenier!

Thank you kind lady fur adopting this wee one, into your furmily!


Athleticat Boxing

July 17th 2012 5:51 pm
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Yes we can be athleticat-ic...we run, usually as in 100 yard dashes, we score touchdowns with our mousie toys, we jump up and over like those pole jumpers do, we are great at going through tunnels, like those behind our couch, we race each other to be the furst in line fur noms, or to greet the peeps when they come back from wherevfur, and of course we have to race to stay out of dog-guy's reach, sometimes.
We can roll around like furballs, or stretch out like rubber that athleticat-ic??
Minko is great at doing pop-ups, he can jump furry high with no running seen when he gets a spook from something real or imagined...
Pipo has the fastest smacky paw meowmy has evfur seen, most used on dog-guy's ears or he would be good at boxing.
Today we had our own triathlon of sorts.
We were seen stalking each other...then we rushed up and down the length of the den, and back again, we raced up & down the stairs, we jumped onto the book shelves, and then Minko chased Pipo into the box tunnel where there is a food bowl, safe from the gobbling jaws of dog-guy...
Then we started a boxing/wrestling match...meowmy found tufts of fur on the carpet later, but she doesn't know from whence it came...but since it was in clumps she knew that the play/athleticat-ic session had ended in a big and fur real fight:(
So now Minko is lounging near pawppy, and Pipo is watching the baseball game...yeah, more athleticat stuff!
And it is Tigers, Roar! Go Tigers!

Meowmy hopes she will be able to see some real athletics when those Olympics start soon. Do they have those fur kitties? We think most kitties would do well!


Hooray!! Yipee!

July 14th 2012 6:14 pm
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Furstly we have had some RAIN! Yeah!
Not nearly enough, but its a start...
Thank you Lord for taking care of your creation.

And Happy Day!
We are getting notifications again, on diaries and photos.
The silent treatment is over...what a relief!

We have noticed a few other fleas, but since we are patient...mostly, MOL!...we are willing to put up and scratch our way through them...

It sure was great to hear from other kitties again, and what fun to see a full inbox!

Thanks, HQ fur all the work you have been doing to get this fixed.



Over Hill And Dale! We Saw Big Swimming Cats!!

July 11th 2012 8:50 pm
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Over the Hill, and through the woods we went, we crossed a creek, and mewed all the way, to V-E-T pawlace we go...MOL!
When we got there we had to wait a bit...and that is when we saw them!
Huge they were!
Huge swimming cats!
Undulating through the water and peering at us, like we were going to be their next meal...oh-oh!
Too scary for us, so we just went to the furry back of the carriers we were least the doors were shut.
They also had these really long whiskers...and they were bigger than us! OMC!!
Scary Thing We Saw At The V-E-T...
OK now you have seen them too...and there were several of them in that huge tank...freshwater catfish, we think we will not be going swimming ourselves in any local rivers, shudder!
Maybe tonight we will have dreams of catfish ...
Here, Kitty, Kitty!

Maybe next time we have a camp-out we can tell this story to the young-uns...MOL!
Sleep well!


Balloons, Jets, and DDP!

June 29th 2012 2:24 pm
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Balloons, Jets, and DDP!
And some other junk, too...MOL!
Meowmy thought she was going to be working yesterday and today on the 3 - 11 shift as is usual fur her, but she was able to take some vacation time! Hooray!
Right now in our town we are having the annual 'Field of Flight', a hot air balloon competition, and also an air show. The whole furmily has tickets fur all four days of this event. So while that is great fur the furmily, it means we have to be almost as patient to be on here as when meowmy is working...sigh...
Well, this morning when meowmy checked her email, there was nothing to indicate that we were DDP...but meowmy saw it when she checked into Catster! Yippee!
Then she saw that there were many other furs with 'occasions' to be commemorated, so she spent a lot of time with that before letting us get ready to play here with our furends...oh well, better late than nevfur!
We didn't see any balloons yet, they have been flying yesterday morning and this morning, too, but not here...some years they are right over us, and even land in the field across the street from our den!
We did hear the noisiest jets evfur! The Thunderbirds are here to purrform fur us Saturday and Sunday. We heard them come in, and we heard them practicing today. While we do not share the same opinion, meowmy thinks they are pawsome...we might too, if they were less noisy, MOL!

Yesterday evening, meowmy spent some time over at the airfield...the furry furst thing she did was trip over a wire and kaboom, she was flat on her face in the dry crunchy grass. OUCH! Well, all she got was a bruised knee and a worse bruise to her pride, MOL! She did go to some peeps to ask them to move that wire so that worse accidents wouldn't be happening.
After all that, the balloon launch was cancelled due to high winds...sigh...
Tonight there may be fireworks if the weather holds out. It was threatening for some desperately needed rain, but it went south of here...and who knows if the scheduled balloon launch will go as planned? We hope so, all those colorful balloons are so purrty to see as theu go up and fly.
MOL, our dog-guy HATES them! He will bark long befur anyone knows they are near, he hears the furnaces they use to blow the hot air into the balloons...

Well, we hope you all will have a great weekend, A Happy Canada Day if you live in Canada...or are 'ex-patriot' like our meowmy...and Happy Fourth of July to all US furmilies wherevfur you may be!

Thanks so furry much to all of you that have sent messages, comments and prezzies! We love you all!


Aww, Thanks, Kind Sir!

June 24th 2012 7:40 pm
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Yes! There still are kind peeps in our world...meowmy met one the last time she went to the grocery store.
There was a rough looking dude ahead of her. He bought a few items fur himself, and then meowmy saw him buy some cans of Fancy Feast...WOW!...and two huge bags of some not of the best kind of kitty kibbles.
Hmmm...meowmy was wondering about that!
The cashier started to talk to him about her own kitty, and then she asked him how many cats he had, because she too must have been wondering why he needed to purchase such a large amount of kibble.
He said he didn't know how many he actually had!! OMC!
Meowmy thought maybe he might be a hoarder, but then he said he lived rurally and had these kitties in his barn. He said they all come to him to eat, but they won't allow him to pet them, so they are a colony of semi feral kitties. He feeds them, they thrive and he said they keep his barn free of varmints as their way of saying thanks. Awww!

And he told the cashier that the FF was for a kitty gal that was over twenty years old, the only tame one, but nevfur had come into his home. He must really love her! Awww, again!

So while this dude looked rough, he sure had a kind heart. Meowmy didn't get a chance to speak to him about our local TNR program, we think it is a local branch of Alley Cat Angels.
Maybe she needs to keep some cards with their info, in her bag just for times such as this...
And 'nevfur judge a book by its cover', sure was a true saying in this case!



June 23rd 2012 8:55 pm
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Meowmy is back at work, and seems to be fine, no more fevers and headaches.
But now we heard her say that she has 12 days off...and we know she doesn't mean the 12 days of Christmas, MOL! She said something about va-cat-ion...but we also hope that she doesn't bring any more kitty-cats in here...

We still are in solitary confinement though, still not getting notifi-cat-ions about comments...HISSS!

On July furst, Canada will be 145 years old! That is sure old, but not nearly as old as the USA..who catabrates their birthday on July Fourth.
So we will have to make sure meowmy & Pawppy hang out the correct flags on those days.

The peeps here have tickets to see the annual air show, that means a lot of noisy stuff going on overhead, its a good thing us kitties do not have to go along...

Today, meowmy was grossed out when she tried to get out an old patio umbrella.
It was well chewed up and full of stuff that looked like a rodent nest..UGH!
Meowmy yelled Yuck and Eeuuew! But she was brave and put on some leather work gloves and cleaned it all up...which means she threw it away...and no, no-one was living in there, or at least they were out doing errands when their nest was demolished!
Now if we were outside kitties and allowed in the garden shed...that would not have happened...Well, therefore the eeuuwww serves her right! MOL!


Meowmy's Mystery Solved...

June 13th 2012 9:14 pm
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Remember when we told you that the fever headache monster was paying too much attention to meowmy? Well she feels a lot better now...and all those tests came back, fine...except for one that the MD decided t do 'just in case'...well BINGO! It was the one, MOL! Well, not really MOL, but at least now we know what the issue really was.
Apparently some virus called EeeBeeVee was lurking in her, and she had to lie low and make it feel now after about 10 days of resting up...sort of...she is ready to go back to her work. They know why she wasn't there fur a while, so she hopes they treat her with some nice residents for the furst few chance of that! When you go there to work, believe us, she comes home pooped and sometimes bummed! But she does like her work, and the bright rays she sees there make it all worth it.

Just like here; we love all our furends, and enjoy seeing pics, and reading diaries. We try to hide the junky junk in our litter box, and just focus on what is fun, beautifur and becoming to kitties of all kinds, that is why we like Catster so much, we get to know so many.

Well, today was pawppy's birthday, so we watched while meowmy made a cake, and put out some decorations, sadly all out of reach...we would have loved to paw at the ribbons, and sample that cake!

And by the way...don't furget to hang out your flags if you have them, it is Flag Day tomorrow!

Purrs to all!

PS: Meowmy got a letter from Watchcat, he said they were checking into the problem with not getting the email notifications about others commenting on things we had put ours on...but of course we are still having this big flea, or maybe its another kind of EeeBeeVee...MOL!

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