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Mr B's Fun N Frolic with Fur Report

Hey We are getting ready for you to ADOPT US! OK!

September 10th 2010 9:18 am
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Kitty Update! They are all eating very well: I prefer wet but they love dry and are given this as a snack.(they come running to the "ting ting" if I shake the jar I keep it in. This makes it simple to get them into the carrier.) All are super diligent with litter pan use and I cannot believe there has not be one "miss". All purr and like to be held. Working on holding them up like the little show cats they are. I have regularly done vacuuming so they do not have "Kitty Vac Phobia". All in all a very rewarding foster. Now I do pray we can find home for my little buddies. They are sweet but there are so many in need. Please help if you can!

Marmaluke is big and brash. He just has the biggest little voice when he wants his meal or snack. MEEEEow! He is also the most forward and plays with everyone and anyone who is close by. He is the one who sticks his nose in every ones business: “Hey I want to play too.” Then if another kitty or toy comes by he is off in another direction. His attention is of the moment. Along with his voice his purr is the loudest. He purrs for every occasion but especially when he is eating. He jumps in with both paws as soon as the plate goes down and PURRRRRing begins. He is a little jumpy yet when you pick him up as he just wants to go. I cant remember seeing him sleep when someone is in the room. He is more interested in FUN!

Shadow is the quiet loner lady. She gives a big purr whenever you get close to her and rubs her little head up and down on the closest hand. She plays by herself a lot but is not a shrinking violet when someone gives her a chance to play. She will stick with the boys flip for flop and many times ends up being the chaser after they instigate a wrestle match. She has great leaps and jumps after her toys with excitement. She likes being held and will climb to your lap to watch the world go by while she is getting a nice pet. She purrs away while sitting aloof above it all in lap heaven. She always looks into your eyes and you can see her little face just shining away happy to be held.

Orange Paw is a little lady. She is always very clean and shiny. She has a big appetite and is very aggressive with meals. She is a big kitty and may be one of the biggest little girls. She gives a big purr when ever a hand comes by and rushes over to rub and love. She likes to be held and will sit and watch the kittens roll by for a while and then all of a sudden jump down and join in. She is very soft and has a little more fur than her mates. She is very physical and flips and jumps while chasing a toy with great leaps into the air. She changes direction in a flash while playing and just loves a good chase with her fur pals.

Tiger is all better. His little sore leg is only a memory. He is running and jumping and it is hard to decide if he or Marmaluke is the Alpha of this bunch (then again it may be a lady). Tiger is always ready to jump on anyone if he thinks some fun is at hand. He also likes to do a charge across the floor and jump unexpectedly on his startled fur mate. He likes to pummel with bunny kicks and is pretty rough. He looks confused when his playmate takes off after being chewed like a mousy. He loves being picked up and his little motor starts right up when he looks at you. He is one of those rubber cats who melts into your hand and lap. He will chill for pets giving you a look with that handsome little face and then it is off to the races again.

Phantom’s name fits her perfectly. She seems to be playing different kitten roles as she runs and plays with the others. The one role she is always ready for is loving little girl. She is one of the first to come over and give a big head bump so she gets a nice head rub. She purrs up a storm and loves he little ears given attention. Clean and neat she is lean and athletic. She does not have the round belly of the others and her face is very distinctive with sharp edges that match her wonderful colors. Her little mask is simply beautiful and her inquisitive nature shines out through her eyes. She likes to be held and given a good firm pet which she instigates with a look that shows her little heart is full of love.

Thanks for reading about these great little kittens!
Maybe on has taken your heart! Lets get the adoption going!
Pops (with approval of Da Boyz)

Purred by: KIBBLES (Catster Member)

September 10th 2010 at 12:05 pm

You are all beautiful kitties and we send purrs and prayers for each one of you to be adopted and have a safe and loving 4-ever home.

Love, Kibbles, Francis, & Yoda
Purred by: Riley

September 12th 2010 at 12:42 pm

You are so adorable. I bet it won't be long before you are adopted into your new loving, forever home.

Hugs & Purrs,


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