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Mr B's Fun N Frolic with Fur Report

Exciting cause we got new picatures

August 15th 2010 9:05 am
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Tiger:"OK so we got a little frisky after breakfast and... well... I mean it all worked out when Pops came in and fixed the house N all."
Marmaluke:"Didja see me jump to the desk? Didja? Hey how about me showing you all how to get the ball out from under the jungle gym!"
Shadow:"We knew how already! See I can just get in there too!"
Marmaluke: "You did not! I show-ed youz!"
OrangePaw:"Comon guys n gals. chill. we all had a bit to do with getting the balls out."
Phantom:"Didja see how pretty I look? Got to admit I am a pretty girl!"
OrangePaw:"Puleez. We are all quite the cats, uh, kittens"

Pops: We ate a big breakfast and then had a real high level of energy today. They were all pushing for a pet at the end of play time and were out napping in 5 minutes.
Great buncha Kits these are.


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