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Mr B's Fun N Frolic with Fur Report

Monsters or "Death by Vacuum"

August 14th 2010 8:40 am
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**They all sit and lay in a bunch after breakfast and a good play time**

Phantom: "Hey that big noisy thing was not so bad"

Shadow: "Yeah, you say that now, I saw you jump in the air"

Phantom:"Did Not"

Shadow: "Did too"

Marmaluke: "Not me! I just made sure I kept an eye on it though"

Orange Paw: "Yeah, You have to keep an eye on loud monsters"

Tiger: *big yawn* "Whats a monster?"

Phantom: "Well... I... Something big and scary"

Shadow: "Pops is big?"

Marmaluke: "He is not scary though."

Phantom: "OK lets Vote. Was that a Monster? Lessee... No, No, No, Yes, huh, Tiger stop that, you don't even know what a monster is! OK, No, then... 4 No and I make 5. That loud thing was NOT a monster and we will no longer be scared! Agreed! OK"

Tiger"Nap Time"

**All agree, get a head scratch from Pops and drift off**

Pops:"OK. Works well. We have had 4 days of running a small hand vacuum at the end of play time when every one is back in the cage. I have just been letting it run while I write a bit on the office computer. They were quite used to the noise and were a little wide eyed at the bigger vacuum but not really upset. I put a snack in with them when I started the vac but they did not touch it until I was finished cleaning the office and turned it off. Then they snacked and all laid down for a nap. Great. No "Death by vacuum" for this bunch when they grow up."
Pops is purring.


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