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Mr B's Fun N Frolic with Fur Report

Piranha Kits

August 13th 2010 11:22 am
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** They all DEMAND Breakfast Tiger takes the floor**

Tiger: "OK Pops... Lets have it. You are 5 minutes late this morning! Lets go already!"

Pops: "Ya know... Aw fer-git-it... Youz guyz are kinda demanding with all I do fer ya ya know. Look Howz about 2 cans this morning?"

All in unison: "Now yer talkin!"

**They swarm the plates like... Piranha's**

Pops: "Whew, Glad they like me, they did that in in 5 minutes"

Tiger "Burp"

**Progress Progress**
Of course they all have a really nice play time after a 30 minute break for meals to settle. They love little balls with bells and come running when the bells ring. Being kittens they chase something else in 20 seconds so a good long thin rope with a paper towel mousie tied to the end is their favorite. They Zoom back and forth chasing the paper mouse that Pops pulls across the floor. They still fall over when chasing a flying object so we stay on the floor. They are all using the litter pan and no misses for a few days...
A great bunch if I say so myself
Even Pops is purrin...


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