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Mr B's Fun N Frolic with Fur Report

Getting Exercise

August 10th 2010 7:04 am
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**Chorus "Feed us Pops" **
**Marmaluke is back in full eating form and chomps down a good portion of breakfast along with the Kits. They get a break to let the meal settle before play time**

Exercise time...

Marmaluke: "We all had a nice meal and are ready for exercise. We are now starting to show real hunting ability. Last week I was just zooming. This week I take a bit of time to assess my target before the attack. Not that zooming is no fun just that I hit the targets dead center now Meowers" **He sets and wiggles his bottom before joining the pack as they go by**

Shadow: "I like when I catch the chase toy and you roll me over and jiggle my belly. I am starting to purr a lot. Have to go."**She zips off**

Tiger:"Wow I really like a head scritch! Purrrrrr! Purrrrr! Opps! Gotta run. Bye!" **He jumps up and charges away**

Phantom:"He Me too! I love a belly rub. I can purr too! OK maybe I have a little less attention span... Bye" **She chases Tiger**

Orange Paw: "Hey I am the shy one. So what! I still zoom with the best of the rest. Meowzers" **She jumps up and runs to join in**

Pops: "After a good hour exercise they are all ready to get back in the wire house. They all get a drink when they go in. In 10 minutes they are all asleep. A cat pile of 4 with Tiger asleep on the play house as usual.
See you later kits."


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