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Mr B's Fun N Frolic with Fur Report

We are starting to be really special

August 6th 2010 8:33 am
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**All line up and give a big Meowzers!**

Each is starting to be really individual and they report on their new up cat moves:

Marmaluke: "I love being out. I climb up Pops arm or jump into his lap every time he opens the door! I have a big purr going and then I hit the floor! I give a little 'eerreowr' and CHARGE across the floor. Then I do it again and again! Sometimes I bump into things but so what! Eerreowr!! Zoom! Zoom!"

Shadow:"I like to be the watcher! I climb up on the play house or sit inside way down low so I can just look out. Then I AMBUSH any kit who comes by. I do the same down on the floor and then I join in the charging, but, I like to ambush best"

Tiger: "I like to purr. I like to get a head scritch! I sit with my paws over the edge and close my eyes for a scriiitcchh Ahhhh! Oh wait! Im on the floor! Lets Runnnnnn! Charggggeee!"

Orange Paw: "I am first in line to eat! I want a bigger portion for me and Phantom. I love to sit with her and then we both charge the boyz and knock them down. I meow with a little voice when I want to climb on Pops"

Phantom: "Me and Orange Paw are the two top cats! We can knock over Marmaluke or Tiger even thought they are bigger because of team-work! We girls will be the top cats here for sure! Hey Pops! Let me run up your arm and sit on your shoulder. Thanks Meow"

**They all line up**

Meow Meow bye for now!!


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