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Mr B's Fun N Frolic with Fur Report

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My GotCha Day and a Huge Big Pawty!

January 21st 2014 1:48 pm
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Hope all my furend stop by our family bloggie for our Huge Pawty!

Angels Amber, Pee Girl and Big Stinker are also having special Days and this is a big 2 day event
Stop by and say hello and dry those tears for Catster!
We all shall remain Furends Forever!

Mr Buttons


Sad Times Contact Info

January 17th 2014 10:35 am
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Timmy fixed his blog but we are all cross posting

My purrsonal email is

timdatomcat at

Love you all so very much
Please visit us on Show Me Cats

or at our Blog

We are at Cathugger

We were thinking of setting up a blog and giving our Catster pals posting rights. We belong to The Tabby Cat Club and it is a lot of fun. Drop by and look it over

If I have a few takers to set up a blog? Who knows where we could end up! Meow!

I will be sending all my furends an email, I hope!
Love and Purrs from the Tomcat Family

Timmy Dad Fitz Buddy Toby Rumpy Buttons Einstein (poor little guy never got a catster page)

Some friends are going here on Facebook


Our Catmouse Day Part II

December 27th 2013 4:44 pm
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Hi Furends
If you did not start at Timmy’s Diary run over now for the beginning of our tail

Timmy's Page

So on with the show. Furst I want to thank Timmy. It sure is an honor to be a guest host for our Tomcat Home Catmouse Festivities. Here I am Mr B with FIV Kicking things off. Whee!

Things started out... Well... Dad gave me a Santa Hat!

I got into the the spirit of things though. Why not. Its Catmouse!

Hey Buttons! You cannot hog all the limelight

OK Einstein. Lets kick this show into gear

So I called all the cats to gather

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Gather in the Living Room for Catmouse Fun!

Can you believe they DID!!

Now you have to visit Rumpy's Page to Continue


A Very Special Holiday!

December 15th 2013 12:54 pm
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Yes it is.
Why you ask?

Well we have a new little fellow in our family. His name is Einstein and Dad wanted me to introduce you!

Here's Einstein!

Tiny Funny Boy!

Sleeping with Dad! What a Kyootie!

Now Einstein and Rumpy are the Best of Pals!

We do our share of play. We like to run back and forth and see how fast we can go. In fact, the little fellow plays with me, Toby, Buddy, Timmy and Fitz too.

Dad says he is our early Christmouse present. Wow. I can't wait to see what else we get because little Einstein is the BEST PRESENT EVER!

Purrs from your pal
Mr Buttons


Well let me tell you!

July 8th 2013 2:25 pm
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Being the youngest I was quite put out.

Timmy and Dad decided to paint and carpet our home.

I was quite upset let me meow to you

So we are back home. Timmy has a diary about it. Big Whoop.



I am a Big Man-Cat now!

June 3rd 2013 12:17 pm
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Hello fur pals!
I have BIG News!

I am a Big Kitty now. Dad got me my first tie. Don't I look spectacular? He says that is what makes a kitten a Man-Cat! Being able to go out on a nice date with a Lady-Cat or see about a real Cat position. Maybe head Purr-Master? Maybe Treat Checker? Hmmm?

We shall see.
Purrs (SEE, a masterful purr)
Mr Buttons


Whee its my and Fitz's 2nd Birfdayz!

May 19th 2013 10:46 am
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Well we both have the same birthday so we are having a party that is so big it is on both our pages

Our Catster pals can party here or go to our Blog or Both!

Monday Party for Ms Fitz and Mr Buttons

Happy Birthday Mr Buttons

Happy Birthday Ms Fitz

Party Favors

More Party Favors

We have really nice NipTini's

If you would like we have plenty of room to sleep over or, for those whose Peeps are the hovering type, we will call you a Cat-Cab.

Dig in there is lots to eat!

Salmon any way you like it!

Champagne for all the Lady-Cats

Grab some of these sausages to carry about in case hunger strikes

Fresh Tuna. Grab a plate!

Grab a Blue Martini! A Buddy Budd favorite.

Time to PARTY for Buttons and Fitz’s 2nd Birthday!

Find a place on the Dance floor and have a Blast!

So glad you came. Stay as long as you want and invite your friends.
Purrs friends
Love Mr Buttons and Ms Fitz


Hello from Dads new Lap Cat

May 12th 2013 9:46 am
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Hi Friends
Yeah been too long. My fault.
I have been a busy kitty.

First let me say Happy Mothers Day!
I did not know mine as I was so young when I was taken away from her. I still love her and wish her well. She is a Feral so remember to be nice to all cats. They may be some kitties Mother.

So on to whats new.

I have been staying on top as the kitchen treat checker. That means when Dad makes anything I wait patiently and see if he will give me a taste. (Hah! He always does!) This way I know if he is cooking for himself or making something for us furs. As long as I get a bit who cares. Meow.

So I also have been getting much more, well, chummy. I have moved in on Dad when he sits on the couch by laying right next to him. Of course this is when Buddy or Rumpy is not hogging up that spot. Place is crowded I tell ya.

So to make sure I do not fall our of Dads thoughts I also lay on him when he is reading in bed. Toby next to his leg, me in his lap, Tim on the Right, Buddy on his left and Rumpy on his foot. Sometimes Fitz comes in and then there are 6. Amazing that we all get along. Most days that is.

Mr Buttons (Help FIV Cats, Please!)


I get the Joke on my Bro-Fur

April 20th 2013 1:26 pm
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Hoo Cat
I have really been getting the best of Rumpy lately. Just last week I really made him wonder. See, we have these fun new cat boxes. If I duck my head down you cannot even see me inside. I just blend into the darkness. Mwa-Ha-Ha!

So I Start calling out to Rumpy. “Rumpy! Rumpy! This is your conscience. Be nice to Buddy Budd. Whoo. Rumpy”

*Rumpy is looking all over and cannot understand what is going on*

Rumpy: “What is happening? Am I going Nuts?”

MOL! I had some great fun with him that day.
Have a great week furends
Remember to give a helping hand to special needs kitties
Mr B with FIV


I am a DREAMBOAT... Well... Almost

March 10th 2013 12:57 pm
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Hi Catster furends!

Our wonderfur furend Samoa came by the Tomcat home the other week. Can you believe it? What an honor. Oh wait a second. I meant...

Samoa McBoa

She is just all that! I sat by and watched Tim, Toby, and Buddy get their Dream Boat Knighthoods! Amazing. Then she turned around and looked in my direction, I looked behind me but she said "Buttons, come here."

Oh-My-Cat! I walked over and she said "You are Dreamboat in Training 56."

I just about fell over! What a week. Thanks Samoa McBoa

So that was really fun. Then on Caturday we got some cool new boxes to play in. Timmy Tomcat has that on his page if you would like to check it out. In fact. I think we all have postings this week.

Purrs to all my pals!
Kitty O'Buttons

Remember to help those with FIV! Thanks!

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