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Age: 9 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 20 lbs.

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Sweet-Face, Sweetie-Mamas, Big-Mamas, Sweet-Bean, Sour-Foot, Sweet-Pea, but my full name is really Sweetie-Pie! You however may address me as Princess!

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Quick Bio:
-cat rescue

Black and White

I love to sleep, cuddle with Mommy, lounge around, be fawned over, wrestle with Papa and most of all...I LOVE TREATS!

Loud air conditioners,baths, not getting my way, bubbles, when my humans hold me and try to make me dance, my arch nemesis the blow-dryer, and most of all...RUNNING OUT OF TREATS!

Favorite Toy:
Despite the vast array of wonderful and entertaining toys that Mommy and Papa buy for me, I prefer to play with... socks that I steal from my humans, straws, and my ab-so-lute fave... Q-Tips!

Favorite Nap Spot:
Everywhere except my bed!

Favorite Food:
Turkey, and treats, ham and treats, raspberry sorbet and treats, fruity yogurt and treats, marinara sauce and treats, tuna and treats, and treats, and treats, and treats...... tuna!

I can sit on command,-Only because I choose to- box, stay and wait on command,-I swear they think I'm a dog- ignoring any and everyone at any time, making everyone who looks at me smile!


Arrival Story:
I came to own my humans after being given to them by my previous neglectful owner who was the lazy superintendent of the building they lived in.

I started the first year or so of my life locked in the basement of my old building by the aforementioned bum of a super who would just come by weekly to give me food and water.-The nerve!- One day, he decided to get rid of me and when Mommy and Papa found out that he was going to do so they told him they wanted me.-At least some people know how to appreciate and recognize greatness when they see it!- My life has been great ever since. My days are filled with love and treats and belly-rubs and treats...and toys and treats and...did I mention treats? It's great to be loved and not have to live in a lonely, smelly and dark basement anymore. Now I get all the attention I want and all the treats I want. Best of all, now I don't have to see that crumb-bum super anymore. Instead, I am worshiped by all who know me. -As it should be!- Now you know me too, so you can worship me as well!

Lives Remaining:
9 of 9

Forums Motto:
Life is always Sweetie when I'm around!

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Something Sweetie...:
I'm a laid back diva who is prone to sudden bursts of spastic energy that are usually over as quickly as they began! What can I say, I'm unpredictable. I'm a big girl but that just means there is more of my booty- oops... I mean BEAUTY- to behold! I am full of love and I am very affectionate and easy to love and get along with; so if I don't like you, you must be evil because I pretty much like everyone...unless you're a mouse, then I think you're delicious! Not a day goes by that I don't make my humans smile, that's good to know because I am the first pet they have had since they lost their wonderful Jack Russell, Toby three years ago. I'm happy to help heal that wound and though I never got a chance to see my dog-brother in this realm, I know he is with me in spirit. I like to think he had a hand- or paw!- in bringing us all together. I'm happy to be here with my humans because they love me so much and worship me so much that they decided to bring me to Catster to show the world how great I am. What more could a diva ask for? Oh ... I know... TREATS!

I've Been On Catster Since:
July 29th 2010 More than 6 years!

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The Sweetie Life

Helloooo Again!

June 19th 2012 9:52 am
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Hi! It has been a long time since I have been able to post. There has been quite a bit going on in my family's life which explains my absence. Maybe I will get into details in another entry but not today! Today is a special day. Today is a day of great celebration. Today is... MY DAY!!!! I can't believe I have been chosen Cat of the Day! HOORAY FOR ME!!! You like me, you really like me! I am so humbled right now!
As Cat of the Day, I will do my best to carry myself in the most regal manner! For today only, I will try to leave my personal hygiene rituals, ( i.e.: " tail" licking), for times when I am alone and not resort to such bathing in the presence of humans, particularly if they are eating! I will also try not to sink my claws into any upholstery, carpets or walls for that matter, however I can't make any promises that I will be able to uphold this restraint in the presence of idiocy, i.e. : humans! I will also make it a point to be extra cute and cuddly and grant the humans permission to bask in my elegance!
That being said, I will be sure to milk this for all it's worth! I will be demanding treats, belly rubs, chin scratches, and brushing from my loyal human subjects who will humbly obey in awe of my splendor! I will certainly live it up today! My humans are very proud of me and are so pleased with my achievement!
I would like to take this opportunity to give credit where credit is due... ALL OF YOU!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful day! Thank you for your concern during my difficulties. Thank you for being my friends. Thank you for the gifts. Thank you for the supportive messages. Most of all... THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING YOU!!! I am so happy and proud to be a part of such a wonderful and loving community! I love you guys! I am so happy to share this day with all of you!!! Well, I think I'll take a Cat of the Day nap! Bye for now!


Baths are evil!

August 13th 2010 7:40 pm
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Hey there Catster pals! Today I am a bit miffed because I over heard one of my human's, (the Mommy one), say that I may be getting a bath! You see, Mommy thinks I may have ear mites because I have been a bit flaky and scratching my ears often. She made an appointment with the vet but in the meanwhile she thinks a bath with this special shampoo for the itchies may give me some relief. I also heard her say something about cleaning my ears. I hate that!
She's so concerned about it. She checks me constantly! I'm like, "Okay crazy lady, I'm fine!" and she's all, "No you're not, you're itchy! You either have allergies or ear mites! Just look at your face and how irritated you look!", so I say," My face looks this way because you're constantly in it! No wonder I'm so irritated!" So then she says, "Hey! Don't sass me!", and I'm all,"Whateva- I do what I want!" Then she finally says,"Well that's fine Sweetie. You do whatEVER YOU want and I'll do whatever I want, which is not give you any treats until you learn not to talk back!" Well, I have to admit, she had me there.
In light of the threat of treat-witholding, I have decided to reconsider my position on this whole bath thing. You know, there is something to be said for passive resistance. Hey, if it worked for Ghandi then it can work for me, right? I'm sure that if I give my humans a hard enough time, I will get away unbathed. Maybe I will use my die-hard method of protest, which is to make my body stiff and immobile. This is especially effective when I am refusing to move from chair or a bed that is about to be made. I call it going cat-otonic. Clever isn't it? If that fails, I hope that it's at least a jet tub that's used, with a little aroma therapy thrown in as well; I hear lavander is very soothing. Maybe a little shiatsu massage after?
I told my parents that I would much rather throw a Catster party than bathe. They told me that no cats,(or their humans for that matter), would want to attend a party where ear mites may be guests as well! They act as if I have the cooties! The nerve! Even if I do have cooties, I'm sure that because they are on me, they're glamorous! They're probably pink and sparkly with itsy- bitsy Manolo Blaniks on their feet. Mom is saying that's not possible and that there is no such thing as a glamorous cootie. She also says I need to stop stalling and get ready for my bath. Uh-oh...I feel a protest coming on. Come on kitties lets have a nap-in! We'll sing "We Shall Overcome" and form a barrier of cat-otonic furry bodies blocking the bathroom! Come on... UNITED WE STAND! Shout it with me everyone...NO WAY- WE WON'T BATHE... Someone?...Anyone?...Please?...No? (sigh)... Okay... I'll go then... But I better get extra treats for this because this is not in my contract!



August 8th 2010 3:17 pm
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Well here it is, my very first diary entry! Let me start by saying just how thankful I am that all you cool kitties and humans have been so welcoming. I am loving Catster and all my new friends.
Now that I've said that, let's get down to business. The main reason I wanted to start a diary is to give my perspective on the world and provide an outlet for expressing my hopes, dreams,and aspirations. Maybe just maybe, I can make this world a better place one entry at a time...
Okay, my humans are gone, now I can be serious! I mean let's face it, the real reason I have started this diary is to vent and dish all the gossip on my silly humans' lives! Don't get me wrong, I love them and think they are adorable but sometimes they can be annoying. Take today for example, my humans were supposed to go to that beach place. You know, that place that looks like a giant litter-box, only there's lots of water,(I think it's called an ocean), and half-naked people covered in oil and lotion lay around and bake themselves in the sun. Lots of those people actually go in the water...why would they do that, don't they realize how uncomfortable wet fur is? I've heard that some of those people wear itsy- bitsy things that show their fannies, I think they're called thongs... How is that comfortable? What if they get too baked in the sun and burn their fannies? How will they sit down?
Anywho, I'm getting off topic with all this burnt fanny stuff. As I was saying, my humans were going to go the beach. This excited me because that meant I would be alone. FINALLY! I was looking forward to the peace and quiet. A chance to relax and enjoy some "ME" time. No such luck though. I don't know what happened but they cancelled their outing and so now they are here, and have been ALL day. The nerve! Don't they realize I had my own plans as well? I had intended today to be a spa day and that means that I would have plenty to do! There was fur to be washed and fluffed, peticures to be done, face masks to be applied, and eyes to be covered with cucumber slices! Do they think I just magically wake up this purrfect? I mean yes, I am quite the looker naturally but a girl likes to take care of herself! These eyes don't de-puff themselves after a twelve hour nap you know! Is it too much to ask for a nice tranquil day of relaxation and self- adoration? Not to mention that I was looking forward to pawing through Mommy's latest issue of Glamour! I enjoy celebrity gossip and make-up tips as much as the next. Like for instance, did you know that mashed avacado and olive oil can make your hair luxurious and shiny; or that hemmrhoid cream can get rid of under- eye bags? This is vital information!
Once again I digress. My point is, because they are here they have ruined my plans, ergo,they have ruined my day. You see what I mean about annoying? I mean give me a break! You know I have half a mind to wait until they're asleep and and mosey over to their favorite pairs of shoes, hover my big butt over them and leave a nice, steaming pile of sh...Wait what's that I hear? Sounds like a shaking treat bag... It IS a shaking treat bag! Have I ever told you how much I LOVE my humans? Any way gotta go, I smell a snack!

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