Where's the food? What do you mean, I am not the boss???

My mommy is making me look bad!!!

April 16th 2012 12:43 pm
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First of all I have to say THANK YOU - to everyone over the past month who has given me gifties either for being KCK Cat of the Month or for my Birthday this past Saturday.....

My typist aka mommy is so far behind with all of my thank you's - I figure I'd better say them here before she gets any more behind!!!

I really appreciate you sending me such wonderful gifts and notes and fishies - I really appreciate them all so much and I appreciate your friendship even more!!!!

Love to you all!

Little D - who is now 2 years old!


Family Tag - I hate them all - unless they have food

November 2nd 2011 12:10 pm
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I have been tagged by Big Harry!

Tao invented this new game inspired by Leo Lovebug's Lovebug Tag. we've known a lot of stuffs about each other by playing Lovebug Tag. and by this game we'll come to know about each and everyfurs' families. All u have to do is write about ur family members just like the way I'm gonna do and tag the friends u want to know about! Have fun!!


Meowmy - HATE HER - except when she has food..... I really don't have much use for humans or other creatures n- unless they have FOOD

Daddy - I tolerate him - especially if he has food

Jayson - human brother - if he has food - I'll deal with him.....

The other cats in the house.... - I want their FOOD and I want to beat them all up..... but I am the smallest...... why do you think I want their food - I need to get BIGGER!!!! MOL!


My First Birthday

April 14th 2011 9:33 am
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Today is my first Birthday and boy am I excited....uh.... what's a birthday? My housemates Libby, Tommy and Lucy said I should get excited because I am going to get snackies and special food today!!! I heard daddy and mom talking about a new cat tree!!!

I can't wait until mom gets home, she said I was going to get a can of tuna all just for me too!!!!

It's a shame....I heard we only get one birthday a year.....shucks!

I also want to thank my furriends Toby and his family for my wonderful heart rosette and the lovely lady Kitcat for my bunny rosette!!!


My First Thanksgiving!

November 26th 2010 6:26 am
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Iz almost had to go to the emergency vetz on Thanksgiving!!!

Mom was defrosting parker house rolls in the dining room and had the door closed so I couldn't get on the table but, I snuck in and started to pull the rolls off of the tray and I ate 2 of them!! Mom heard me and got me out of there so I couldn't get to anymore of them.

Dad called the emergency vet in Richmond and they said all we could do was to wait and watch me and to bring me in if I went into convulsions or had a very very hard time throwing up or pooping.

I got a bad tummy ached and started acting weird, dad and mom put me in my bedroom and checked on me every 5 minutes. I would get really mad and vicious when I burpd - I didn't know why my tummy hurt so bad! I still ate and stayed quite in my room. Mom came in my room and after a few hours she found that I had gone potty in my box and passed the mean old piece of dough.

They then let me out of the bedroom and I got to eat my first turkey and gravy. I loved it!!! I can't wait until my next Thanksgiving - but I think I'll stay away from the rolls... Mom says she's sticking them on top of the refrigerator next time!!

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