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What a great furry life!

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Angel Jackie...

May 25th 2011 8:11 am
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Our Jack passed away on Sunday the 22nd... It's been just too hard for me to write about it yet. But I felt it was necessary to let all his good pals know about it. You have always been with us. Jackie was my world and it's just too painful...



March 25th 2011 1:03 pm
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I'm back!!! We spent the three most amazing weeks ever in Miramar. Jack even saw the ocean for the first time in his life! Isn't that pawsome???!!! Mommy will be uploading some new pics for you to see. Hope you are all ok... I've missed you!

Tons of love... Giz & mum, Agus.-


New Year's wishes...

December 30th 2010 11:11 am
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Oh!!! Hi, everyone!!!

First, just like Jackie just did, I'd like to apologize for not being around lately. Mum has been working like mad and spending lots of time with us... We'll catch up with all of you as soon as we can :)

Well, I don't have much to tell... Just that Jackie is getting better everyday. He now weights a bit over 11 pounds and eats just about everything that gets in his way (within his restrictions, of course).

Let me tell you that summer is definitely here, guys... Temperatures have been around 95° and over during this past week (hottest Xmas ever!!!). So mommy is keeping us inside at all times. Hate that!! But I also hate melting outside under the sun MOL! Oh! Mum took me to the groomer's, so my hair is very short and comfortable now. Pics coming soon!!!

I just wanted to remind you how much you all mean to us and wish you and your lovely families a Happy New Year...

May all your dreams and wishes come true...

Tons of love,

Giz, Jackie & Agus...


I'm KCK's new Kitty of the Week!!!

November 8th 2010 10:41 am
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Thanks to my KCK pals for choosing me and thanks for all the gifts and rosettes! It's such a pawsome honor!!!

Love you, guys!

Tons of purrs and headbonks,


Jackie's latest update!

November 3rd 2010 11:51 am
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Hi, everyone! Jack and Gizmo's mommy here...

I'm glad to report that my little guy is doing so much better. His levels are still going down and he's not anemic anymore. We will still continue with the sub-Q fluids (or Lactated Ringer's solution) once every three days now, and we also have to give him one more dose of the anemia med. Just to be on the safe side... The only thing is that he is now having some kind of allergic reaction and he has two tiny bald spots on both sides. But the vet says it should go away with a cream I just bought...

Well, I just wanted to keep all of Jack and Gizmo's pals updated on his condition...

Thank you so much for the unconditional love... As I always say, it means the World to us...

Love you all!

Jackie, Giz & Agus

P.S. The sweet Kaci Sunshine has not been feeling well lately and it would be very nice if you could all send some POTP her way and lots of purrs... Her mum also has to start giving her sub-Q fluids (like mommy is doing with Jackie). Her id# is 497628. Thanks!


What a pawsome day!!!

November 1st 2010 1:21 pm
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Hi, all!!!

Thanks so very much for all my bday gifts and rosettes. It's been a pawstatic day! But more to come soon... Mum says I can have tuna fish tonight to celebrate!!! Yeah! Tuna!!!

I also did something that I've meaning to do for quite some time now and I wanted to share it with all my furryfriends. I proposed to my lovely girl, Fallon. She is my soulmate, my everything... And I can't imagine life without her... SHE IS THE ONE.

Love you with all my heart, sweetie...

Tons of purrs and headbonks,

P.S. Now, off to celebrate!!!


Purring for Lucy...

October 22nd 2010 11:05 am
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Hi, all!!!

My dear furfriend, Lucy, has to have 2 of her toofies removed this Monday the 25th. Her momma is a bit worried about her, and she would like for us to keep our paws crossed for her. Lucy's id# is 1115856.

We are all purring for you, girl!


Love and purrs,


DDP at last!!! Thanks!!!

October 18th 2010 6:58 am
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I'm sooooo happy!!! DDP two days in a row!!! How purrfect is that?! Jack's better, I'm DDP...

Love you all!!! And thanks for all the beautiful gifts and rosettes!!!



Jack's results are back!

October 15th 2010 12:00 pm
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Mum called our vet and we have good news. Jack's uremia levels went down from 382 to 119, and the creatinine levels also went down from 7,70 to 4. That's a lot!!! We still have to work on it because the highest his uremia sould be is 40 and the creatinine, 1,50. The vet doesn't think Jack will ever go back to those numbers, but he can still go a bit lower. On the other hand, he's a little bit more anemic than last week. But the vet said it should get better with all the necessary meds. Let's keep purring for sweet Jackie :)

Thank you for all the love!!!!! Have a great weekend!

Lots of love and happy purrs and headbonks,


Love you, Jack!

October 14th 2010 1:03 pm
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My furbro, Jackie, is feeling much better! Mum and dad took him to the vet yesterday and he has gained around 12 onces!! This is pawsome news and a huge progress for a doggie like Jack. He's very tiny and 16 already, so we were all very happy. Plus, his numbers were very high last week when he was first diagnosed with kidney failure, so the vet was very pleased to see him doing so well. He also had some blood drawn and we'll have the results on Friday. We are keeping our paws and fingers crossed. His numbers have to go down... We are so close now...

Just wanted to share the good news with my pals!

Tons of love and purrs,

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