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The life of an orange kittie named Cullen

How do I choose?

July 26th 2011 9:02 am
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I am facing making the hardest choice I have had to in a long time. I am moving across the country and I can only take one cat with me. (I am moving in with friends who already have two and it's going to be hard enough with 3.) So how to I choose. I love them all equally-like they are my children. And I look at each and I can see there qualities and how each are special. So yep this is hard. You wouldn't choose between your children. I am thinking of taking Cullen. I have run though so many pro/cons of each and he is the less likely to adjust well after this move if he goes to some where unfamiliar. Meeka and Sam are rather independant, while Cullen has latched on to me and is so trusting. He is also skittish to a fault and that drives me bananas. I fear that if he is sent to a new home, with strangers-it will take him a while to re-adjust. A plus to him coming with me is that one of my friends owns his sister and they have always gotten along. Her other cat can be a bit of a pain-but he is much smaller than Cullen and Alice (Cullen's sister) is the alpha in that family so I am sure there wouldn't much of an issue. I don't want to give up Sam or Meeka, but I feel less bad than if it was Cullen.
I am going to avoid the Human Society at all costs. They are a great organization, but our is a shelter that when a cat has been there too long they are put down. So they are a last resort. I am going to look at friends and family to see if anyone will adopt either. I just want to make sure they will go to families that will love them.

It's going to be a heart breaking month. I have to pack, clean and get ready for this huge move, and give up 2 of my babies. I won't be able to delete their pages, I think i'll keep them up as a reminder. :D



December 28th 2010 5:36 pm
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I think Cullen might be a little bit jealous of Meeka. At first they got along great-but latley hes been giving me this-mom i despise you from bringing another kitty into my house- look. It was funny the other day i picked him up and rocked him, and he seemed to get back to normal. (most people i know say that its strange for him to let me hold him on his back and rock him without him freaking out because its a vularable position for him) I actually think it might be because I haven't been home for a bit because of the holidays. Its been pretty busy.

Hopefully after everything settles down, our lives will get back in order. :)



Growing faster than weeds!

September 24th 2010 10:01 am
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Cullen was born in may. There is a picture of him next my netbook. that was from July when i got him. Hes about four months now. And i keep wondering to myself "when will he stop growing?" Hes much bigger than Sami, and thankfully hes been fixed and hes gental or i would have an issue on my hands. Hes become so gentle and very social around people he knows. After the fire hes become much more wary of strangers. Someone he doesnt know so well comes in he hids from them for about an hour until hes ok and knows they wont hurt him or take him away..
Hes got a little shaken up on monday because the apartment right next to mine is getting gutted and rebuilt. So the workers are extremely loud and they get here pretty early. He was sound asleep against the wall that neighbors the other apartment and they hit it pretty hard. i think he jumped so high he almost fell off his perch..

hopefully stuff will calm down soon.


life has been an adventure!

September 13th 2010 6:37 am
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That it has :). Cullen came home with me to meet his new pal Sami in July. He was approx. 10 weeks when he got here. On August 1st there was a fire that caused pretty bad smoke damage thoughout my apartment. I wasn't home at the time and Sami and Cullen were smart enough to hid in the bathroom in the shower to get away from the falling ash. When i found the aftermath the next day the first thing i noticed was Cullen. He was covered in the mess and tried to run out the door. (i honestly don't blame him) I ended up being put up in a motel for a month while they repaired everything. I wasnt able to keep the cats with me and for a while i seriously debated finding them new homes. But thankfully for me, someone told me about this place in southern vermont called Angels Amongs Us Pet Hostel. They were amazing. They took both Sami and Cullen and got him fixed and shots too. And they did it for free. i am so grateful for their help so i could keep them.

So by the 1st of September I was able to get the kitties back. Now when Cullen had left he was about the size of my net book. (i think there are pics posted of that) i was really amazed to see how huge he had gotten. He about doubled in size and is more a buff/orange color. Hes really muscley too which makes him look a big larger.

It was very funny the first night he was home. He would't let me come near him, and he kept glaring at me. Finally a little wet food won him over and now hes kinda a mommies boy. (its cute.)

Though all this i am just glad they are safe, happy, and back with me :)

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