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Age: 7 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 14 lbs.

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Moe, Maury, Mr. Moe, Moe Joe, Monsieur Maurice, Big Dude, Tough Stuff, Baby Boy, Pretty Boy, Reesy, Snuggle Buddy, Matrix Kitty

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-pound cat

Gotcha Date:
July 13th 2010

March 2nd 2010

Black and White

Playing, snuggles, getting petted, exploring new places, trash cans, staring at running water, freshly made beds, looking out the window at the bird feeder

Dogs eating my food or drinking my water

Favorite Toy:
Catnip dynamite toy or my big catnip mouse toy

Favorite Nap Spot:
Next to my Momma, on the second level of the cat tree, or in my rocking chair in the living room

Favorite Food:
Nature's Variety or Merrick canned cat food

Being a big boss cat, galloping, climbing above where short people like my Momma can reach, fetching toys, sprawling and taking up a lot of space


Arrival Story:
I saw Maurice online on Petfinder and went to see him in person at the Plano Animal Shelter. Maurice was the first cat I looked at and I knew he was the one without looking at any other cats. He was friendly, playful, and loves to snuggle! Maurice loves water-- and will get in the tub if you don't watch out. He is constantly playing in the water, splashing it out of his bowl, getting wet, floating objects in it! He also likes to fetch and climb-- anything and everything. He is very fond of sitting on the top of the refrigerator and climbs my hanging sweater bag like it is a stepladder-- two bounces and he is at the top of the closet! We think Maurice must be part Turkish Van or Maine Coon, he is getting so big and he has all their personality characteristics and the "bottle brush" tail and coat. He loves to cuddle, plays hard, and flops down with a "plop"! He likes to sleep cuddled right up next to me. He is very, very sweet.

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9 of 9

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I Speak of the Pompatus of Love.....

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Vomiting and Not Eating

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July 13th 2010 More than 6 years!

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Maurice's Musings

Belated DDP

August 23rd 2013 7:31 pm
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Appawrently, I was a DDP yesterday. I must be in the DDP loop. My secretary forgot to check her email yesterday and was doin' a bunch of other stuff today... she needs to stay on top of this stuff better. I'm a pawpular boy!

I's been really nice to Travis lately. I let him get in my rocker one time and touched his face just like I do to the humans when I want more pets. Then I let him get higher than me on the arm of the chair and touch my face. I even let him share the same level of the cat tree with me. The humans joke that we have a "bromance"...whatevfur dat is. Sometimes he comes into my room to see me, and I let him play with my big catnip mousey, tho I don't look too thrilled while he's doing it. Travis are pretty funny cuz he's little but he likes to even drag around the dog toys. Think dat means he gonna be bigger than me??? I sure hope not. I like being the big kitty around here.

The only thing I don't like are when he followin' me around when I trying to eat. Travis is always wantin' to eat, but sometimes I ask first. If Momma don't feed him first, he try to follow me when I's trying to get some food!!! I don't want no kitten, dog, or human stealin' my food from me. Even when it's just my Momma watching me eat, I pause when I eat to glare at her and tell her to back off. I's a real suspicious kitty when it comes to my food. I know it's real delicious, so I can't trust anyone. Travis hasn't eaten my food yet, but that Finley sure has. She sneaks in real quiet then gobbles up whatever I left over in record time! And if that weren't bad enough, if I hadn't left any food, Finley slurps up all my water!!! True, I don't drink my water that much, but it don't mean Finley should get it. It are like at a restaurant, the wait staff always brings a glass of water. It are supposed to be there, even if you don't wanna drink it! And how's I suppose to play with the water and make it spill if that silly dog slurps it all up?! Travis better not start eatin' my food. I's been lettin' him get away with a lot on account of his kittenness, but everycat has to have some limits.


A Popular Tail and Tips to Get More Food

August 20th 2013 3:37 pm
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Wow! I's a DDP again! Thank everycat fur all the nice stuff I received.

I just kinda had a lazy, relaxing day. I had a nice nap with Momma. She saw me lookin' all cute on the bed and decided to pet me for a while. Pretty soon the kitty voodoo worked and she wanted to nap. Later, I got brushed. I purred and purred cuz it felt really nice. Like a deep kitty massage. When Momma got to my tail, I tensed a little, but she was real gentle and then moved back to brushing my side. Dat are good, cuz I don't like it when my tail gets too messed with.

Apparently my tail was real popular today. Travis was following me around some today, and I didn't feel it, but Momma said he was trying to bat at my tail but didn't actually touch it. I say good. I'll let the little guy follow me, but I won't let him bat my tail. I know it's gorgeous and fascinating, but it are not a kitten toy!

I'm still feeling pretty good. I didn't eat as much as I normally would at lunchtime today, but then again I got a light brunch after my first and second breakfast, so it all kinda evened out.

Now, I know Travis was wonderin' how to get more food out of the humans, and one thing that works for me is to beg my Momma for food real late at night or early in the morning. The humans really like their sleep, so they'll wanna feed you so they can get back to sleep. Also, if they're real tired, they're more likely to forget that you just got fed really recently. Sometimes, it can be difficult to wake them up if they're real heavy sleepers like my Momma. Here is Maurice's Patented 3-Step System for Waking Up the Humans for Food:

1. Start with meowing right in their face. Travis, you're a real loud kitty, so you may be able to meow a little further away. Quieter kitties like me need to amplify their volume by meowing right next to the human's face. If this doesn't work, move on to Step 2.
2. Jump all over them. Bounce A LOT. This helps if you're a real big kitty like me who can really disturb the humans by bouncing on them. But sometimes, those stubborn humans STILL stay asleep. I swear my Momma could sleep through an earthquake! But she's been wakin' up easier cuz she really don't like this next step...
3. Nip them on the nose. Don't make 'em bleed, but bite hard enough to wake 'em up. You can give this an individual flair by nipping the fingers if you like. If you follow da steps in order, you have a case of justifiable nipping. You were forced to nip 'em to get your food! No jury of your purrs would convict you in the world.

The key to this system is consistency. If you always follow the system, the people know what to expect. Sometimes they kinda wake up at Step 1 or 2, but are reluctant to get up to get you food. They'll be more likely to feed you at step 1 or 2 if they know step 3 will always come next. Use that loud dog Whitley to your advantage. She really likes kitties, so she may be willing to help you. If you can get her to bark when you're meowing, there's no way your Momma won't wake up!

Sometimes, you'll want extra food during the day. What works is to start chewin' on something you shouldn't. I personally like to chew plastic. It makes a nice crunchy sound that will alert humans to what I'm doin'. The humans would rather you eat food than other fun stuff like plastic, so they'll give you food to get you to stop. Blackmail is a very effective way to get food.


I's getting better

August 19th 2013 11:51 am
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Last night, I started gettin' better. I wanted to eat a little before I got subq'd and then after the people sub-q'd me I wanted to eat the amount I would normally eat for one sitting. Then I just kept on wantin' to eat. Momma never been so happy to see me eating as she was last night. She was gettin' all teary-eyed because she was so relieved to see me eat. Since about 11:30 last night, I've eaten a whole Fancy Feast can, and about 1/4 of the bigger can. I finally got enough solid food in my system to poop, so dat are good too. I been holding down all my food cuz I haven't thrown up since early yesterday morning. Momma's momma talked to the vet this morning, and he said my numbers were really healthy and better than the first time he tested my blood on Wednesday. The vet wants to see how I do without the meds today. It are still a mystery why I got sick. It could be just a tummy bug, or I could've eaten a bit of some kinda plant I shouldn't have and it gave me stomach inflammation or mild poisoning. I did go into the sunroom where some plants are stored the day before I got sick. I also could have gotten some food poisoning from a can of cat food I ate. Whatever it are, I glad I starting to feel better and get to enjoy food. I really starting to feel better too, and not just physically. When I hang out in the living room, I been walking around more, sprawling out on the floor and sharpenin' my claws on the dog's toy basket. I even knocked over my water bowl last night playin' with it.

I can't really deny it anymore: that Travis kitty are alright. I guess I been caught too many times in the past few days letting him sniff me and touchin' noses with him. He grows on you-- kinda like a fungus. It's not like I'm gonna start givin' him a bath like Jezebel (how come I never got a bath as a kitten? so unfair!), but I don't really feel like hissin' him that much anymore. He were pretty nice to me when I was sick, so I guess that helped me trust him more. Plus, it are flattering to have a little protégé. He likes to follow me around and pay attention to what I'm doin'. He even started copying me by sleepin' in the other rocking chair out in the living room. He must have figured out that I's the coolest animal around here so it would be a good idea to imitate me if he wants to be cool when he grows up. Can't say he's wrong, hee hee.

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