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Penny From Heaven

2012 was a very good year

December 26th 2012 2:53 pm
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I hope everyone has had a wonderful year as 2012 comes to a close.

I am very thankful that we have a terrific place to live with lots of trees to climb and roofs to get up on. I love romping across the metal roof on the house so that Mom can hear me from inside. Then I call to her and she comes out while I hop down on one of the walls and then down so I can run into the house. It's soo much fun!

All the grass is brown now and there are LOTS of pecans all over the ground. Mom says she's going to rent a gizmo that will pick them all up. I hope it's not noisy. I don't like being scared.

Baxie and Lily are doing well. We've all been to the vet for shots and check ups. The vet is really happy we're all in good health and Mom is really happy, too.

Mom has had to work at home since Labor Day due to a back injury. She's going to start her long drive to work again on the 7th, but she said it will only be a couple days a week. I don't want to her go! It's been wonderful to have her here with us and I know she's loved being here. I wish she could work from home all the time.

We've all been chasing around outside today. It's a bit chilly, but the sun has been out for most of the time which makes it warm enough to romp. Lily has started chasing me up trees and I don't like that. She won't let me get out of the big pine tree sometimes so I holler at Mom to come help me. I'm always happy to see her outside with us.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year in 2013!


Me too!

September 28th 2012 2:16 pm
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I just wanted to say "hi" and let everyone know how much I love our home and big yard. It's purrrfect! I didn't know climbing trees was going to be so much fun.

Please see Lily's diary for more info. Oh, Baxie says "hi" too. She'll add an entry another day.


p.s. I've gained a bunch of weight since Mom got me fixed. I'm 11 pounds now and feel much better. Mom is happy too since I don't holler in the middle of the night anymore.


I climb trees!

May 15th 2012 5:45 pm
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You can read Baxie's diary for more info. I just want to say that now that we have a big yard with lots of trees, I've been going vertical. The trees in Arizona were too hard to climb, so I'm just now getting this climbing thing figured out. I'm very thankful that Mommy got us a new place to live that's purrfect for all of us.



From Baxie & Penny

August 19th 2010 6:10 pm
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Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know how much I'm enjoying having a new little sister around. We're having great fun chasing and wrestling with each other. I purr extra loud when she learns to do something on her own like chase the laser light on the wall above Mommy's headboard. Yes, I like to chase the light myself, but it's just as fun to watch Penny do it. Anyway....I know this is Penny's diary, so I'll let her add her entry now. Bye!

Hi! My new home is fun. I like sitting on the cat tree and looking outside at the people walking by and the birds in the trees. My new big sister is fun. She lets me pounce on her and chase her and follow her everywhere outside. I think she likes having me around. My new mommy is fun. She's nice to cuddle with and pets me and rubs my back and my tummy. I lick her nose and wash her face to tell her how much I love her. She gives me lots of kisses but I don't mind too much. Bye for now.


My new home

July 1st 2010 5:28 pm
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I sure like my new home with my new mommy and big sister. They treat me really good. My new mommy lets me go down the stairs and outside with Baxie, but she stays really close by and watches me so I don't go some place I shouldn't.

We were outside yesterday morning for three whole hours! It was fun chasing leaves and bugs and following my big sister around. I never got to go outside before, so this is great.

I'm SO happy to have someone to play with and to have a mommy who cares about me. I know I won't have to cry for help ever again.

Penny =^..^=

[Note from Mom: The loss of Baxie's sister, Zoe, has been difficult. I've been praying for the right little girl to come along to be her new playmate. Then Penny shows up last week. Small patches of copper color on this little cutie reminded me of pennies, so it was an no-brainer on her name. However, not until I set up her profile and was figuring her birthday of March 1st did I realize how this little girl was meant for's the day Zoe ran away. Without a doubt, she's our Penny from heaven.]

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