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Re: Greatest Mom in the World!!!

July 4th 2010 3:19 am
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Meow everyone...

I do have the most loving & caring Mom ever. She had to go & take someone their keys after 8:00 last night. On her way to them, she saw a kitty laying on the road. The poor baby had been hit by a car & no one stopped to move him. My Mom got really upset. She went to see their friend & on her way back, she stopped. She got traffic to slow down so she could get to him, to pick him up. He had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. She knew that there was nothing that she could do to save him but she couldn't leave him laying there on the road. It just didn't seem right to her. She got him in her arms & carried him off the road. She just happened to know someone who lived out there & they recognized the kitty as a neighbour's. Mom said that she would tell them but they said that they would look after that & that Mom was a very special person for doing what she did. I happen to agree. Her doing what she did just reaffirmed what I already know, my Mom is the BEST!!!

When she got home, she gave me lots of hugs & kisses & cuddles!!! I listened while she told Nana what happened... I made sure to give Mom lots & lots of hugs & kisses to let her know that not only is she the coolest Mom but she was a great Mom for doing what she did... I even understood it when she said that I will never be allowed outside without my harness & lease...

To the kitty, please know that even though my Mom didn't know you, she cried for you & that we all know that you are now in your new forever home at the Rainbow Bridge... We all want you know that we will always think of you there...

So, my meow friends, that is why I think that I have the greatest Mom in the world... I hope that everyone has a great day today... I will since I will be spending it with my family...

Keep on purring, my friends,



Re: Great Day!!!

July 3rd 2010 4:35 pm
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Well today was a great day!!! First, thing this morning, my Mom today me that I had the Diary of the Day!!! What a wonderful happening!!! Then I got to spend the day with my Mom & Nana after they got home from doing laundry... I was on the couch beside my Mom, laying on a very soft, cushy blanket & my Nana was in her chair... What a sleep I had!!! Then Mom told me about all the great messages & requests from other kitties!!! Mommy read me all the messages & then accepted the requests for me since I was too excited to do it myself!!! hahaha

I am a very lucky kitty to have such a wonderful family & now all the wonderful friends here!!! You have made me feel very special indeed... Purr to you all!!!

Now I am off to see my Dad since he just got home from work... With everyone home now, my day is complete!!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful evening & please give your Moms & Dads lots of hugs & kisses for they so deserve them & so much more!!!

Keep on purring!!!



SamiKatt's feeling better

July 1st 2010 7:00 am
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This is Sami's mum. On Tuesday, we noticed that she was keeping her left eye closed and she really didn't want to play. We were very concerned about her since she is never sick! I was going to put eyedrops in her eye when I got home from work bu first I called her vet. They told me not to put anything in her eye but to use a wet & warm soft cloth to gently rub her eye & hold it to the eye for a few secs. When I looked at her eye & surrounding area, I didn't notice any discharge so I figured that she didn't have any scratches on her eye but that her eye irrated by a foreign object or something. I put the warm wet cloth on her eye & did what the vet office told me to do. There was a huge change within the hour & then I did it once more before going to bed. The next morning, her eye was almost 100% better. When I got home from work last night, Sami was back to her old self, playing & running around with no signs of any problem with her eye!!! That was a great relief!!! It hadn't worked, she was on her way to the vet today!!! Today, she is not leaving my side. She is laying on one of her cushy blankets beside me on the couch. Her unconditional love for us is something that we treasure very much & have never taken for granted. Her hugs (head butts) & kisses (licks) speaks volumes as to her contentment & love!!! Purr on, SamiKatt, purr on!!!

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