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Ramblings from Josephine

What's happening to me???

February 23rd 2009 3:11 pm
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I woke up yesterday morning, and I COULDN'T SEE A THING! I'm so scared! Mommy and Daddy are scared too, I can tell. They're worried I'm really sick, but Daddy took me to the doctor this morning and I guess they said I'm blind. That's not fair! I can't *see* my Mommy or Daddy anymore? And my baby? Why? It's not fair? Mommy has to take me next week to check my blood pressure, doctor says that may have caused it and it could be reversed. That'd be awesome, so I could see my Mommy and Daddy and baby again. My baby is a hamster, and I love her so much. She likes it when I play with her, I think. I'm glad she's not scared of me! But, now when she tries to taunt me into playing, I won't know it, and won't be able to play. That makes me sad, and she'll probably be sad, too. I've been sleeping all the time because I'm just so scared and don't know if I want to try and make it around on my own. It is kinda nice to have Mommy and Daddy carry me around everywhere. I've always been spoiled, is it bad to want to be MORE spoiled when I'm going through this? It seems Mommy's glad to spoil me. And Grammy is taking good care of me when Mommy and Daddy are gone. I'm kinda glad I can't see her anymore... I used to always hiss at her when we first got here... don't tell her I didn't like seeing her though!

If any of you other kitties can offer support, encouragement, advice, for me or my family, let us know! This is a very scary thing for all of us, especially me, and I don't know what to do!


Happy Birthday Mommy!

April 28th 2005 7:01 pm
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Today is my mommy's birthday. Happy Birthday Mommy!


I sleep on my mommy!

February 23rd 2005 7:14 pm
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Every night, shortly after mommy goes to bed, I take a wild leap onto the bed (I'm an awfully small cat so this is a mighty big task in itself) and curl up on her side. If she rolls over, I adjust. Somehow by morning I end up beside her. Even when mommy takes naps during the day I absolutely MUST sleep ON her.

And I really love soft laps to lay on. I laid on my great grandma's lap and passed out in exhaustion from the wait! She had a comfy lap! I miss Daddy's lap though. His is the best, especially when he wears those comfy pj pants. I can't wait till daddy is home again.

Well, time to go harass Dinia!


I miss my daddy!

February 2nd 2005 8:14 pm
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Daddy left for Iraq a couple weeks ago. I miss his lap. He has a comfy lap. It's not here anymore. So I guess I'll settle for mommy's belly. Her belly is comfy too. I sleep on it at night. Wish she'd sleep more often so I could sleep more often. GO TO BED MOMMY!

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