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The Mythology of Purr-C-Us

Purrseus Gets to Come Home!!!

February 3rd 2012 7:44 am
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I get to go home! I get to go home! I overheard the Vet tell one of my parents (I sure hope it was one of my parents) that I passed all my tests this morning! Wow. I thought the tests would be hard but all I had to do was lay there and try not to bite the Vet Humans while they did stuff too impolite to talk about... They said I had a writer's block and an infestation of blad-purr or your-e-trek [Side Note From Mom: Blockage and Infection]. I have no idea what the infestation thing is about. I mean, I get sooo many baths, those can't be kinds of fleas! But writer's block I hear is a bad thing. It keeps amazing talented people from writing anything... So I must be an amazing talented writer! I better get composing now that I'm un-blocked:

Oh, let me compare you to a greenie;
So nutty and salty and tiny;
Sometimes when I wrestle my brother;
I bounce around ankles of my mother;
And then I fall on my hind-ie.

It worked! Now for some weird reason, the Vet said I have to wait here until 5 pm for Mom to come get me. Something about fluids? I think we have water at home. So they can't be trying to water me like a plant... I think either the house is flooded; or the Vet Humans are lying so they can get in more cuddle time. If it's the house being flooded back home; I blame that Pirate Guy! Captain Morgan's always rambling about the sea and the ocean and the bounding maine. (Huh?!) I bet he filled the bath tub and it over flowed and now the whole house is filled with water... In that case, I'll stay right here! Thanks for watching my back, Vet Humans!


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Purred by: Laura W

February 3rd 2012 at 9:50 am


we iz vree happee ta lurn ya get ta come home; tanx mew ta R pal st francis for keepin watch over ewe....

now for mews from de home front....

de car psarkman rented for ewe ta drive home in doez knot haz plates..ore bowls or a gps sew just get on de road called ree cover ee and dive like 80 bazllion miles an hour....ewe will noe ewe iz drivin this fast if ewe pass super man N him looks like him iz standin still...

due knot try to call sparkman about dinner on yur cell ewe ler dee vize ; potato's trout N beanz iz bein catered in; bee coz if de pole leese catch ewe...ha ha to that drivin 80 bazillion miles an hour huh, but itz like against de law for cats ta drive N talk on de phone at de same time

hope in all of this ewe iz feelin better N ya get rid of de in fest tay shun N writerz block...ya mite wanna stop at a rest stop on yur way home N toss em in de trash....

bee well buddy; yur familee N friends want ya home !!
Purred by: Laura W

February 3rd 2012 at 9:52 am

pee ess...ewe doez KNOT haza mew brother named psarkman who rented de car, de compooter does knot noe how ta spell


two day
Purred by: Hilda (Catster Member)

February 3rd 2012 at 11:44 am

Congrats on passing your tests!

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